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NDP taking recovery funds to finance election campaign — Fahie

Leader of Opposition Andrew Fahie

Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie is suggesting that the National Democratic Party government is taking from recovery funds to finance their next election campaign.

Fahie told BVI News that Premier Dr D Orlando Smith’s recent approval of $15 million to assist residents whose homes were affected by the September 2017 hurricanes is a glaring example.

According to Fahie, the monies were taken from the $65 million Caribbean Development Bank loan.

“That tells me that the money is not narrowed down [and] that all kinds of adjustments can be made.”

“So, one wonders now if these loans are being had to help us recover or are more used to help finance campaigns through very creative ways [and] calling them loans,” Fahie said.

The territory’s general election usually happens every four years and the last election was held in June 2015.

Campaign financing talk not too early?

Asked if talk of election campaign financing isn’t farfetched and too soon, Fahie said no.

He said: “Those kinds of monies take a while to access so, by the time they are accessed, it is closer to the election.”

The Opposition Leader further claimed that the public is not absolutely sure whether the full $15 million will go towards home repairs.

Nearly five months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, a considerable number of persons are still living in shelters, under makeshift roofs, and in less-than-desirable living conditions.

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    Follow the money. How did all these ministers get so rich?

  2. Truth says:

    The NDP is not repairing the homes for free. We have to pay it as a loan so really and truly we are paying back the $65 mill loan twice.

  3. Okay now says:

    Anyone who gets a loan must state specifically what the loan is for so I can’t understand how the government got a loan on our behalf for $65mill and can’t tell us in a detailed manner what the loan is for and the terms and conditions of repayment.

  4. Hmmmmmm!! says:

    What ah thing to tell the king or should I say the Queen

  5. Gene Poole says:

    History never lies.
    This man owes a debt.
    Pay Attention folks!

    • To Gene Poole says:

      You can say what you want but it takes alot to be in the public fighting for accountability and transparency on behalf of the people especially when it calls for fighting against the ndp who does nothing wrong for people like you. There’s more with Fahie than you think.

      • AHHH says:

        It takes really low threshold character to accuse with no proof in an all out effort to discredit your Gov and destroy your country. …
        NDP and its leader is in no way phased by the attempts

  6. Reply says:

    Wow. Unbelievable. This guy has gone off the deep end with all of these unsubstantiated serious wild accusations and speculations.

    How desperate can one be for power? Apart from his imagination running wild, where is the proof of what he is speculating?

    When I read the headline, I was looking forward to reading proof of this claim in the article, but all I got was some crazy unsubstantiated bizzare story that is running around Mr. Fahie’s head suggesting that the NDP government is engaged in some conspiracy to defraud the public.

    Serious unsubstantiated allegation that is irresponsible, and worthy of libel suit. No wonder he gets no r—– from his colleagues
    Based on his public statements, I would not want to be in the House of Assembly dealing with this guy. He is exhausting. I’m too old for this crap.

    Now, before people accuse me of being in the NDP camp, which I am not, please think about what this man is suggesting. This is some serious crazy talk that imo is unbecoming of any leader of this country. Any objective person will draw the same conclusion.

    And this is the guy who would become Premier? Say it isn’t so. Mr. Fahie looses credibility when he makes these kind of unsubstantiated claims and that’s quite unfortunate.

    Memo to Mr. Fahie:

    You give me the impression that you are so desperate to become Premier that you will say and do anything to do so.

    You will not become Premier of the British Virgin Islands making crap up and engaging in conspiracy theories.

    • shocked says:

      i am so shock that Andrew Fahie can make such unproven claim. at this time when we should be joining to rebuild our country, you sit on your thrown condeming every one who is not you. I am a VIP follower, but iam losing all respect for you. sometime you make good point,but right now iam crying because you are so off centered.please help rebuild the BVI, not tear it down. no matter who in office. before you speak have your facts may lose all credibility.

  7. Not2Sure says:

    I know politics is politics. But that is some pretty serious accusation to throw around. He might get sued saying stuff like that if he can’t back it up.

    • watcher says:

      Its Mr Fahies stock in trade. Wild unsubstantiated accusations every day. It does not become a serious politician if thats what he wants to be.

      • TRUTH says:


      • To watcher says:

        Oh please. Only you and a few can’t see the facts. $7mill gone for a plane to fly. Have you seen it fly? But the money is gone. A $300,000 wall for $1.6mill. A Port project over by $30 mill and can’t be justified. Millions spent on the airport runway and not a shovel of dirt thrown yet. Millions spent on BrandyWine Bay trying to turn it into a beach and still can’t get it done. I will stop there and say that Fahie is on track and he shouldn’t turn back. We the people demand accountability and transparency.

        • hell yeah says:

          true. people who are against this article are crazy….this man has balls. while we ask for proof, let us ask why the BVI is not moving forward? BVI, your politicians are getting richer and richer everyday. They have newly renovated businesses, homes, new cars, etc. Open your eyes people. There is no smoke if there is no fire.

    • exactly says:

      He may, but he may have proof that he hasn’t revealed as yet since it is a sensitive matter and depending on who told him, maybe he can’t say right now because someone might get in trouble or worst fired.

  8. Well Sah says:

    They could do all they want. One thing for sure they not getting back in. Well atleast most of them.

  9. Normalcy says:

    That’s a serious accusation right there…

  10. Fahie is Sickening says:

    This man is overdoing it now man. AM tired of it foreal… His crying like a lil child. Mr. Fahie Shut Up!!!!

  11. Z6 says:

    Hon. Fahie, let them steal what them want. WE VOTING VIP NEXT ELECTION!!

  12. Interested says:

    I have just lost the little respect I had for him.

  13. Hmmm says:

    Fahie and the news blog should be careful how they state things. We’re entering the murky waters that can lead to slander and libel if you guys aren’t careful.

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