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Neglected: Carrot Bay kids suffer; residents blast gov’t

This disgruntled Carrot Bay resident voices frustration; claims government has neglected the community.

Davion Smith, BVI News Journalist

Residents in Carrot Bay said they have reached wit’s end with the National Democratic Party (NDP) government.

They claimed government has done nothing to address the deplorable conditions of their roads; adding that children in the district are also being made to suffer at the hands of the Dr D Orlando Smith-led administration.

Ahead of today’s official start to the academic year for public primary students, disgruntled residents blasted government for erecting school tents at the Capoon’s Bay field, which they said is mosquito-infested.

The Ministry of Education set up tents for students living in and around Carrot Bay after the area’s two primary schools, Isabella Morris Primary and Leonora Delville Primary, were deemed unusable following the September hurricanes.

“Can’t some temporary fix be done to at least one of these schools to house these children? Two schools in the district and not one of them functioning and you have our little ones under tents in this rainy season – tents with mosquitos and flies. Come on. I don’t feel happy about it,” one female resident said during a community meeting last evening.

“It tells me when it comes to our children they don’t care. When it comes to our district, they don’t care. When it comes to the village of Carrot Bay they don’t care… We are constantly being neglected,” she added.

Deep holes

Residents said they were also fed up with the state of the North Shore Road which leads to Carrot Bay.

The bumpy thoroughfare is riddled with potholes with at least one running about two feet deep.

Residents said the journey to the territory’s capital now takes twice as long.

“It takes about an hour to get to [Road] Town,” said one resident, while others chorused in agreement. They further questioned how visitors will access the community now that the territory is said to be open for tourism.

Community members went as far as to claim that government was deliberately ignoring Carrot Bay because it is being represented by Opposition Leader, Andrew Fahie.

Fahie said he now plans to take a more aggressive approach to have the issues in the district resolved.

“We understand that there is a money issue. But at the same time, too, certain essential services must be dealt with urgently – the road, how we dealing with the school matter, and different things,” he said.

This section of the North Shore Road in Carrot Bay was photographed yesterday, November 5.

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