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New anti-corruption law coming to govern public spending

Governor Augustus Jaspert

Amid the slew of scandals linked to public projects that have dogged successive administrations in the BVI, the government has signalled that it will be seeking to pass an Integrity In Public Life Bill in the new legislative year.

According to Governor Augustus Jaspert who delivered the Territory’s Speech from the Thorne on Thursday, the Integrity In Public Life Bill “will promote and enhance ethical conduct standards by consolidating laws relating to the prevention of corruption and the award, monitoring and investigating of government contracts and prescribed licences”.

According to the Governor, once the law is passed, the government will establish a public body that will be responsible for enforcing integrity and working with law enforcement officials to hand down sanctions where corruption is identified.

The law is a novel one in the BVI and comes amid years of public outcry against the lack of transparency regarding public spending. 

Some notable scandals which have affected NDP administrations include the BVI Airways scandal, Pier Park cost overrun and the ESHS Perimeter Wall Project in which was investigated by police and handed over to the Director of Public Prosecution for consideration.

Scandals linked to the VIP include the Neighbourhood Partnership Project scandal, a $115,600 Cadillac Escalade for Premier Andrew Fahie and the hiring of personal bodyguards for Premier Fahie after winning the General Elections in 2019.


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  1. TruDat! says:

    Settling in with snacks and drinks to see how this plays out…should be a whole lot of fun.

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    • Oh brother says:

      This is more drama by the media picking & choosing out of all the legislation mentioned to be brought forward for a scandalous headline.

  2. Sounds says:

    Sounds like a law to go after the wolves but it also is going to be administered by the wolves. There needs to be a law, like in the US where all business is done and open to the public. Way too much is done behind locked closed doors.

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  3. Watchman says:

    The Premier’s car and bodyguards was a corruption scandal? This is dishonest and poor reporting at best.

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  4. Yawn says:

    How is buying a new vehicle a scandal when the old one was badly damaged after crashing into a fence. If anything a few people complained about is labeled a scandal almost everything will be considered a scandal.

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    • @Yawn says:

      Your mom says she liked the johnny cakes i gave her for breakfast

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    • Ausar says:

      The scandal comes in when the person who crashed the car, was never held responsible for their actions!

      We need to know the NAME of the “crasher”, and whether they’re enployed by the government or not!

  5. Rubber Duck says:

    Not before time. Tenders to, and all payments from the goverment should be on the public record. It’s our money, not theirs.

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  6. Disinterested says:

    Why is buying an Escalade or hiring security guards scandalous? Are they illegal or morally wrong? To me, no. Was the governor getting a new high end vehicle at taxpayers expense a scandal?

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  7. @ Yawn says:

    Questions that need answers:

    1. Where is the new vehicle now?
    2. Why isn’t the Premier being driven in it?
    3. Why is he driving himself in rental vehicles that HE owns?

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    • YES YAWN says:


    • Yawn says:

      Well if BVI news or the opposition took the time to provide the answers to these questions and the answers are unacceptable then it could be labeled a scandal. Buying a vehicle is not a scandal especially when the old one was damaged.

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  8. Accountability says:

    Needs a law to fine CORRUPT Government workers similar to the financial services industry where fines are up to $75,000 for money laundering.

  9. WOW says:

    You all picking on the Premier vehicle bought last Year and leaving the expensive Governor vehicle bought this year in the middle of our struggles with Covid-19. Some of us still in mental slavery.

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  10. Diaspora 3-D/360 says:

    Corruption is a horrific and indefensible behaviour by public officials. There should be a zero (nought, 0) tolerance for it with a high cost for anyone that is guilty of committing it. Public corruption is sewer dragging, low life behaviour; however, when it is committed against the poor and in resource-poor countries, it is more horrific. In some countries, corruption is the norm but it should not be in the BVI. It must be rooted out root and branch.

  11. schemers says:

    anti corruption will not work in BVI

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  12. Anonymous says:

    who will investigate the governor?

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  13. ReX FeRaL says:

    Neither The governor nor the government wants to deal with incorruptible government employees. Thats the darn truth..

  14. @ says:

    This is long overdue! It is shamful how our local politicians are easily caught up in g***d when they get into public office. Perhaps if we had a stronger criteria for who could run for public office other than who is popular things would be better.

    As for @anonymous the Governor is already being held accountable by the UK. It’s the local government has no accountablity because they keep voters in the dark about what they really doing. If we all kicked up more that would also change a lot of things.

    Such as board members profiting of government projects!

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