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New, bigger school to be built on Jost Van Dyke

Minister of Education Myron Walwyn has announced plans to build a new school on Jost Van Dyke.

The new school will replace Jost Van Dyke Primary which was severely damaged by the hurricanes.

The education minister said the school will be built at a new location.

“We had an assessment done on the [old] school. It cannot be fixed. The structure is totally compromised and so the school has to get knocked down.”

“One of the problems with that school is it always suffered from flooding because of where it’s situated so whenever it rained you can’t use the campus. There is a piece of land adjacent to the school that was earmarked for a community center years ago. We are in discussions now with health to be able to access that land and we don’t envisage having a problem. So, that is going to be the new location for the school. It’s a bit more on an incline so the probability of it flooding wouldn’t take place,” Walwyn said.

Youth centre, preschool part of new structure

The minister also said he is hoping to build the new structure with some additional facilities.

He said there are plans to build the school with a community youth centre, among other things.

“I hope for the school to be a bigger school [than the old one] because one of the things I would have liked to have included in there was somewhat of a youth centre because Jost Van Dyke has a growing youth population and there really isn’t a place for the young people to congregate,” Walwyn explained, adding that a preschool might also be added to the new facility.

“The preschool over in Jost Van Dyke was being run by the Methodist church. That has been destroyed as well and so we are thinking about making accommodations within the new school for the preschool as well. It would be pretty much like what we have in Anegada at Claudia Creque so it should be a bigger institution,” he said.

Walwyn said the cost to build a new school is not known yet. However, it is said that The Richardson Foundation has pledged to help with the build.

“We were putting plans together in terms of what we think the school should look like and what it should contain. They are going to have their own architects draw it and everything so we are going to have a meeting very early in January just to work those machinations,” he said.

Primary students on Jost Van Dyke are currently being taught in the building that houses the school library on that island.

Walwyn said ferry operators Blue Ocean Caribbean Enterprises has also committed to assisting government with rebuilding the upstairs section of the library to create more space for students while plans for a new school are developed.

Other schools being repaired

In the meantime, Blue Ocean is further assisting in repairing Leonora Delville Primary so students on the at Capoons Bay can be moved out of tents and placed in a physical school building, Walwyn said.

As for other damaged schools, Walwyn said demolition has started for Enis Adams Primary school in Meyers/Greenbank Estate. That school is also being rebuilt.

He added: “Discussions are ongoing with the North Sound Foundation for the rebuilding of the Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary school [in Virgin Gorda]. They are in the process of finalizing the plans and they are working with a timeline of delivering the school for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.”

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  1. Resident says:

    Let’s go Foxy, Sandy Ground and Sand Castle! As well as all the other businesses. Time to invest. After all it’s the students you are depending on to run your businesses in the future!!!

  2. Aloha says:

    Sandcastle don’t want no local work there. They putting the white back in white Bay and taking the US dollar back to US.

  3. Velour Track Pants says:

    So this before or after the community center, KiKi hospital, new Police station, fire station etc.? sounds good the affluent recent transplant(s) will verbally commit to the rebuilding efforts, but at what opportunity cost for them? What are we secretly allowing them to get away with? More lands to be sold with waivers already in place for special projects or licenses for businesses? Where are the other business owners whom have been established over 10 years that should explore their corporate good citizenry?

    • Anonymous says:

      A new school is just four walls. It does not a better school make. how about changing the way our students are educated?

  4. Sam the man says:

    Myron just continues to fire out “news bites” that i think are not properly considered, costed or properly thought through but if he represents the NDP party -no surprises there and we just sit back and watch this circus continue?

    • smoke screen says:

      Most of what the NDP have been doing since Irma has been all a smoke screen – desperately trying to justify their existence when it’s pretty clear they have failed big time… Well it’s there to see and for the people to judge… all talk and v little effective action as usual….

  5. Hmmm says:

    Myron really think that we the people are still gudable?

  6. duck1951 says:

    One fact is noteworthy . the present location is horrendous whenever it rains . So a higher elevation nearby is paramount .

  7. The School Library says:

    Hmm as the minister of Education he of all people should know it’s not the school library. The Library is a Branch of the Public Library and should be treated as such. Libraries are the foundation of education. Why this government continues to treat it the way they are… our local history is just weathering away under their hands . . . Do we even have a public library? I stand corrected the libraries are not weathering away hey seems to be non existence

  8. Hmmmmmm!! says:

    New school for JVD very good. as for that library the hurricane needed to blow it out give it a good cleaning because nobody used to study it was very run down only a place to store books at the time, so JVD also needs a up to date library!!!

  9. Let see which company will be first i have my bets. says:


  10. Hmmmmm says:

    Saw a gofund me that was created from the owner of a certain restaurant on JVD abd it said that he was going to help rebuild the school, so where is he now minister. He backed out with all the money he got . Not good

  11. Hayden Cochran says:

    The businesses on zjost, Foxy, Soggu Dollar, Ivan’s, Sydneys Peace and Love should all be donating to help rebuild the school, the library and the church. Tourist money is flowing into these places..why not make every third drink go to a donation to rebuild? Heck, at that rate the tourist would find the rebuilding from these bars that are so popular.
    Has anyone even talked about that???
    Or, maybe those business do not really care about the community or school or church.

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