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Noisy scooters a nightly nuisance in Baughers Bay — resident

Scooter rider in a section of Tortola. (Photo Credit: BVI News)

Noise from motor scooters has been identified as a major issue affecting the Sixth Electoral District, particularly the Baugher’s Bay area.

One resident in that community raised the issue at a public meeting with members of government at the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies this week.

The resident claimed scooter noise even disrupts her sleep past midnight hours.

“Two, three o’clock in the morning I can’t sleep because of these motorbikes. They are riding around like bats out of hell. And no one seems like they can say anything to them because they are afraid,” she said.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith admitted that the issue needs to be addressed.

“We must do something about it,” he said.

Long-standing nuisance

Motor vehicles have been a nuisance to residents for years.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force headed by Commissioner Michael Matthews has sought to clamp down on the overall misuse of scooters in the territory.

The commissioner recently called on legislators to implement stricter penalties for scooter riders such as having the bikes confiscated and crushed when they are misused.

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  1. Watcher says:

    I feel the resident pain, but lower estate is also being affected as well, I don’t know what can be done, the govt seems to be afraid of them!

  2. WowRu says:

    The big truck them too.

  3. These are perilous times says:

    This is a simple fixed as the top cop says confiscate and crush those bikes that are making the noise and the ones riding recklessly through traffic which endangers pedestrian crossing and walking the streets. Also stiff fine for scooters riders that remove the muffler packing to make the noise louder. And lastly most of the foolishness that happens as a result of scooters are carried out by the younger members of society, so invoke a higher age limit to own and use a scooter, like 25years or more. When a person is more likely to be more mature and responsible hopefully.

  4. Uninsured says:

    Most of the big trucks on the road are not licenced or insured. The commissioner of police need to start clamp down on these problems. The same big trucks make more noise than all scooters put together. The only difference is the trucks hardly operates at nights and the scooters operate all night. So it would be easier to for the commissioner to get the trucks first and then go after the scooters. It sound so one sided that only the scooters they going after and that the other road users that using the roads without licence and insurance.

  5. smh says:

    they should ban the planes from flying over head as well since they want to ban everything that makes a noise.. plus ban all them roosters from crowing.. smh.. take horns out of vehicles as well.. we have so many big issues on hand and this is what they wasting their time on.

  6. Muzzle says:

    This is a problem in EVERY area. There should be laws about removing baffles or adding anything to make the bikes louder … they are not manufactured this way. This should have the same priority as the tinted windows laws. There is no need for the noise. Period.

    • Albion says:

      We don’t need new laws. Most of these scooters are already illegal, and most of the riders don’t have helmets, insurance and all other things required by law.

      But the police don’t want to do a damn thing about it.

  7. Solution says:

    Only allow the importation of electric scooters and motorcycles (little noise).

    Zero Motorcycles
    Alta Motors

    Enforce registration, helmets, licensure of operators, driving regulations. First violation = fine. Second violation = confiscation & removal of vehicle from BVI.

    Four years, problem solved.

  8. Upset says:

    They alter the scooters and that is why they make so much noise. To them it’s cute and they are either not aware or just plain selfish.
    The police should give them one week to fix those bikes or have them confiscated and destroyed and there should be no exception. If u can’t get them adjusted, park them. Period. We are willing to put up with too much slackness and that is why the country is on a downward spiral to hell. Look at what just happened in Baughers Bay, look at the St. Georges child who was killed the other day, look at the the teacher who was almost killed. How many persons have been charged? Indiscipline is where it starts.

  9. watcher says:

    If we want a tourist industry this is a problem that needs to be sorted quickly.

    • WOW!!! says:

      Being a tourist, this is so disheartening! I blame the law enforcement for allowing this behavior! Must be something in it for them! All motor bikes will be BANNED!! How bout that!!

  10. Again says:

    So what should the police do with the trucks that make all the noise and are not licenced and insured. Did they take off the exhaust to make more noise .the concrete trucks don’t make that loud noise so something had to removed from the other big trucks .So no one is saying what should be done to get them insured and licenced.we only have the solutions for the scooters.what a society we living in

  11. Yolo says:

    Make your house sound proof put in better windows it help seal it up……it the main road is for vehicles use no matter what time of the night…..stop depending so much on the government is like tola people ain’t got no sense

  12. Island man says:

    Oh I have spoken about the shooters for some time.
    All I want is the exhaust change to the original manufacture specification. The noise is just too much. Also the under age kids should be addressed. You need to be 18 and over with a license too operate a motor vehicle be it a car or a bike. It’s the law ohh!!!

  13. ??? says:

    This issue is so simple to fix that it’s comical how out of control it has become. ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS!! THE BVI IS AN ABSOLUTE FREE FOR ALL, OUT OF CONTROL TERRITORY. It is mind boggling. Do we have a Police force or not?? Do we have parents who give a damn or supervise their children in anyway or not? Yesterday I saw about 10 to 15 little boys riding in the middle of the street in Lower Estate, some on pedal bikes and some on Scooters. Some of them on the scooters were about 10-12 years old. I had to blow my horn to get them to move out the way. This place is headed for disaster if we don’t start to maintain law and order messon. I was truly disturbed. The reckless driving of trucks and other maniacs is another matter in itself.

  14. Need better police and World media attention says:

    Let’s make it known around the world that our police aren’t doing their job…. they don’t stop scooters for not wearing helmets and look at the crime statistics… aren’t most shootings from scooter riders? They are allowed to break helmet law and probably have no insurance so they have the courage to shoot people because they never get stopped and feel safe to carry a weapon….
    I bet most scooter riders are related to police officers or those in office and that’s why it is allowed….
    Watch this country fall apart and go into a recession… that’s what the rest of the world is saying and waiting for..
    Time to get new blood in office and those that will actually enforce the laws around here.

  15. NB says:

    Simple solution to a big problem. Police should do their jobs.

  16. Contenido says:

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