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Official auditing relief distribution was probed for missing aid

Superintendent Sylvan McIntyre of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

The official hired to conduct an audit of relief distribution in the British Virgin Islands was reportedly the centre of a probe on missing relief items in Grenada years ago.

When Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada back in 2004, Superintendent Sylvan McIntyre was put in charge of relief equipment and items to assist residents.

A number of those items reportedly disappeared causing Grenadian authorities to investigate Superintendent McIntyre and other officers about the missing items.

BVI News understands that no evidence was found that linked Superintendent McIntyre to the missing items. The probe was said to be inconclusive and the Superintendent reportedly was transferred to another department.

Several years later, Superintendent McIntyre has been hired to investigate the processes used to distribute aid in the BVI after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

“A significant amount of aid was provided [to the BVI] and must be accounted for,” said McIntyre while commenting on the audit.

The superintendent is a representative of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), which has offered to assist in financing the audit.

A media release from local government said Superintendent McIntyre will be in the BVI for two weeks.

Local government went on to described him as a key member of the Regional Response team and Regional Needs Assessment team who has been with CDEMA for more than 15 years.

Independent audit to be conducted on relief distribution

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  1. Sam the man says:

    The question is who’s he related to in order to get this post in the first place? nepotism remains a massive issue in the BVI and is one of the reasons the right people aren’t in the positions they need to be to make a difference…

    • I am no cowbird says:

      It doesn’t always have to be family ties. If you are a friend of persons in authority, you usually can land a job very easily, whether you are a BVIslander or not. If you can kiss a$$ and beg hard enough, you can land any job in the BVI. They seldom hire the right fit for the job.

      • Grenada says:

        Tha man was cleared, why you people so wicked?
        Why you people have such bad mind?
        Why you people have so much hate for changes.
        This didn’t even make news in Grenada back then.
        Why bent on spoiling the reputation of the good man. I know the superintendent personally and his is an upright man.
        BVI you people will never go forward, all because of the bad mind of the people.
        Wicked and corrupt people. Why publish something like This?

    • Island man says:

      I must admit, the BVI is indeed corrupt. You people will take time to ensure that you discredit a man simply to take away his dignity. All because he is appointed to investigate your wrong doing. Come on people of the British virgin islands this is not the right approach.
      Am quite certain if this Officer was involved in such the Caribbean on a whole would have already dismissed him.
      Hurrican Ivan hit Grenada over 3years ago, don’t you think something would have done about that by not. I have heard this Officer is very credible and have trained people all over the Caribbean.
      What is wrong with us? Do we have a curse of hatred to people from the islands?


    Good reporting! Follow the money! Why do so many ministers who have spent their entire careers in govt service own so many private companies? Where did their massive wealth originate?

  3. Okay says:

    This is what happens whenever anyone gets too close to wrong doing in the BVI especially by government. They make you look like the bad guy to take the spot light off of them and their wrong doings.

    • Mr Shovels says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. They’ll do anything to discredit this guy and distract us from the fact that a lot of aid went missing and even ended up for sale by certain people

  4. Diplomat says:

    Another blogger asked the question whether the audit was a self assessment for good governing purposes or was driven by perceived poor and questionable management of relief supplies yet there is no clear answer. Did DDM request the audit? Did the Governor request the audit? Is CDEMA the default agency for auditing disaster relief? What is CDEMA role again and what is its grade in fulfilling its role?

    CDEMA can fulfill the same role as US’ FEMA but it needs to be effectively structured with define roles and adequately funded/resourced. Each regional country at least the former Anglophone countries and OTs should contribute at least 10% of their GDP to run CDEMA;UK can fund OTs portion.. Of course, there must be strict transparency and accountability.

    Investigators must be beyond reproach otherwise there will be questions and doubts about the findings good or bad of any investigation. Inconclusive is a 50-50 possibility. An unbias finding of no wrong doing is strong and powerful. On the otherhand, entities under investigation will look for ways to cast doubt on an adverse findings, ie, Russia investigation in the US, casting of DACA personnel as criminals……..etc.

    The NDP government should be nervously concerned about the number of investigations, call for reasonable investigations……..etc. The lack of timely financial statements is feeding the beast. Hopefully, the former and current Auditor General can bring closure to this deficiency in accountability.

  5. Kinte says:

    Just more thieves in goverment setting themselves up for a windfall

  6. Bling! says:

    Man is and has two basic characteristics;


    (2) Greed

    If the common folk can only realize how the latter plays itself out on daily basis.

  7. Saddened from afar says:

    First of all, are there not competent (BR)Virgin Islanders within the territory that can do the job? This investigative reporting reminds me of a comparable situation that occurred in the neighboring (US)Virgin Islands. A business entity from the US mainland was slated to do work on a stadium in St. Croix, when it was found out that the entity had a checkered pass that ended the job perspective.
    Although the human behavior is worldwide, why does it appears that in the Caribbean it’s greater that we assign the “fox to guard the henhouse?” Being given second chances and being innocent of guilt and or accusations are great, but we need to be very mindful that the “right” person is qualified.

  8. No evidence says:

    People did you read the article????

    The man was cleared!!!!! Mercy why these bloggers so miserable buddy.

    • Reply says:

      I was waiting for someone to come along and say exactly what you said.

      The article specifically said, and I quote “no evidence was found that linked Superintendent McIntyre to the missing items.”

      All it took was the past unproven claim for some people to begin to sully the man’s reputation, and bring up other unrelated issues.

      Misery loves company; it appears too many of my fellow bloggers squalor in misery. Nothing ever positive to say. The feed on this stuff for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

      Not even when someone has died and people are expressing their condolences can you get a positive comment out of some. There is always one of the devils busy body children that will come along and talk bad about the dead.

      So if people can talk bad of the dead; they are capable of talking anything of the living.

      This place is impossible. Bunch of sick people running around yapping.

      • @Reply says:

        @Reply, who made you master of other people’s opinions. Opinions are like a..s holes and everybody has one. Express your opinions and respect other people’s opinion as they should yours.

        • Reply says:

          Ignorance. Nothing is wrong with disagreeing with an opinion especially when those opinions are clearly off based and factually incorrect. Its a normal discourse of discussion.

          Dont like mines? You are entitled to disagree and keep it moving. I stand by my opinion.

  9. Spice says:

    Mr. Mc Intyre leave these people in their ignorance and cancel your trip to educate them.
    They are not willing to change.

  10. Brad says:

    Rat guarding cheese

  11. selo says:

    This is excellent reporting…public officers who control resources for the population must be held to account… the fact is:
    “The probe was said to be inconclusive and the Superintendent reportedly was transferred to another department”.

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