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Officials assessing whether Joe’s Hill housing project will increase

SSB Deputy Director Jeanette Scatliffe-Boynes.

The BVI Social Security Board (SSB) said it plans to revive the Joe’s Hill Manor project, but said it does not know whether the cost of the $14 million dollar project will increase.

Under the project, 53 residential units are to be built on seven acres of land at Joe’s Hill and Long Bush in Tortola.

At least four of the 53 units were supposed to be completed by December 2017.

However, Deputy Director of the SSB Jeanette Scattliffe-Boynes said the September 2017 Hurricanes ‘shifted’ the board’s plans.

She said contractors are now assessing how to move forward with the project.

“Whether it’s going to cost more or not, I can’t tell you that at this time because they are looking into it. They are looking at whether there were damages, or whether they need to go back and re-grade the road – things l like. You would appreciate that because of the hurricanes, things have shifted a bit so that’s where we are. But we are looking forward to commencing the project shortly,” Scatliffe-Boynes told BVI News.

Asked whether the project has been knocked down to square-one (most preliminary stage) Scatliffe-Boynes said: “No. I didn’t say that. We are going to be giving a statement on the way forward and the time frames and all of that. That should be coming shortly.”

Officials broke ground to mark the commencement the project in April last year.

The entire projected, which is contracted by JL Development, was supposed to be completed by December 2019.

No indication has been given as to whether contractors will still meet that deadline.

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  1. Of course says:

    This is the BVI. Of course the project costs will increase Any publicly funded project always costs at least 3 times the estimate. With all the other work available and lack of materials this will cost 3-4 times the original.

  2. BVI Airways Pilot says:

    $7 mil for a plane. $70 mil for this housing project. Check the cheese. ????????????????

  3. Nonsense says:

    Well look how they going to destroy the BVI with housing projects. The USVI and St.kitts that have these projects are festered with crime.

    I just dont know why black countries walk down the same road that they see others walk before and messup.

    There is a class of people in the BVI that insist on creating a socialist system with them on top and others below and are doing it under the guise of helping people.

    The people of the BVI dont need affordable housing they need banks to be controlled so rent and food wont be to high and mortgages dont be outrageous. The cost of living is climbing due to greed and our government refuse to bring regulations.

    The doctors have created a system of NHI to help themselves so that they could bypass the harassment of Insurance companies and serve themselves.

    • @nonsense says:

      Agreed 100%. People who don’t contribute sweat equity and their own hard work ($$s), often times don’t appreciated affordable housing…it comes to easy. And you are correct that St Thomas, throw in St Croix and every state in the U.S. with housing projects and affordable housing units, have become crime ridden ghettos because the recipients didn’t have to work hard to earn the right and therefore don’t give a damn about the immediate or surrounding community. These kinds of projects further enrich the wealthy and keep the occupants and their children and children’s children for generations to come in vicious cycle of poverty.

      We should pray this will not be the faith of the BVI’s go at affordable housing although there are a few examples already of BVI government assisted built homes where the occupants behave like Babe Kids with the homes in disrepair even before the hurricane.

    • SK says:

      Please dont comepare st kitts housing with that of st thomas that is disrespectful and lack knowledge.

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