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Outraged! Civil Service Association calls for ROI Act to be ‘shelved’

The central administration complex in Road Town that houses several government offices. (GIS photo)

The Virgin Islands Civil Service Association (VICSA) has issued a press release calling for the Register of Interest Act (2022) to be shelved until the wider public has been consulted on the Act and has their views heard and reflected in a redrafted Act.  

The Register of Interest Act (2022) was read for the first time in the House of Assembly on June 30, 2022. According to the Order Paper for the meeting, it was the government’s intention to fast-track the legislation and have it passed in one single sitting. 

VICSA noted if it was not for the strenuous objection by some members of the House, the aim would have been achieved. 

“Prior to the bill being introduced on 30 June 2022, the public service, a body with a membership of more than 2,500, was not informed or consulted on its provisions. As drafted, the Act, if passed, will influence the private lives of public servants who will be required to disclose for placement in a public register the financial interests of themselves, their spouses, partners, and close friends at the same level as the elected official,” the Association noted.  

“While we accept that the constitutional right to privacy is not absolute, it is our view that the Act is an unnecessary encroachment on the constitutional right to privacy of public officers and is not reasonably necessary in a democratic society,” it added.  

VICSA mentioned that during an extraordinary public service meeting held on July 7, the Association was informed that the government intends to have the Act apply to all public officers. 

“Many of the questions of public officers and their concerns went unaddressed and we do not consider that meeting to be meaningful consultation. We were promised individual meetings for further discussion, and none have yet been afforded to us. However, we note that the HoA is expected to resume deliberations on this bill on 14 July 2022 with the intention of passing it. We believe that public officers, as citizens and residents of the territory, have a legitimate right to expect good governance from the Unity Government and we do not believe that their actions in relation to this Act, as far as it purports to extend to the wider public service, represents good governance,” VICSA said. 

Good governance required meaningful consultation

The Association added it believes good governance requires that people be meaningfully consulted on legislation that is intended to bind them before it is passed. VICSA said this has not been done yet. 

“We also note that the inclusion of senior public officers in the Act currently is outside of the scope of the Commission of Inquiry Recommendations (“COI Report”) and the Framework for Implementation of the Recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry Report and Other Reforms (the “Framework”) of the Government of National Unity of the Virgin Islands,” VICSA said.  

“The COI Report only required that the current register of interest, which currently binds the elected, be made public. The Framework, which we see as the Manifesto of the Government of National Unity, only committed to making said current register public. As such, we consider that the passage of the Act in its current form, is a breach of the Unity Government’s promise to us and the wider public on the way it would govern and implement the COI Recommendations,” it added. 

The Association said considering its concerns on the lack of good governance demonstrated, the unjustified erosion of public officers’ constitutional rights to privacy, and the lack of consultation on the Act, it has written to Deputy Governor David Archer, currently Acting Governor, and have copied all elected representatives to advise them on VICSA executive’s position on the matter. 


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    Let’s shelf all good international practices for transparency…bunch of criminals! This is not going to change unless the UK steps up. Tiefing is part of BVI Government business

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    • @HAHAHA says:

      This is not international practice. If you think that we thieves and you live here why don’t you move to the UK where everybody is honest and always do the right thing including Boris Johnson.

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      • @HAHAHA says:

        Who is WE?

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      • Rubber Duck says:

        Civil Servants above basic grade are required to register their interests in the UK and many other juristrictions.

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        • Huh? says:

          Register where?. You all need to stop. Some Heads of departments and many below heads of departments are crooks. They all need to sign up. Pass the Bill.

      • Fire the entire civil service says:

        It’s clear that there is no interest to improve transparency, 2500 employees are all more interested in self enrichment..

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        • VIrgin Islander says:

          This is what happens when we are to generously in opening up the VI to whomever wishes to come. My fellow VIslanders we have to prepare to fight for this our country. Majority of the outsiders living amongst us are against us. They pretend to be with us but they are wolves in sheep clothing by fellow Virgin Islanders

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  2. Mestizo says:

    Pure bull crap, many civil servant are getting rich by selling privilege for money, they are also government employees. if you don’t want to be monitored, just go to private sector and that’s it.
    all government employee should be monitored.

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  3. must pass says:

    if it does not pass the UK will step in and make it law. They all running scared due to all the years giving out contracts to family and now their companies need to be named and will no longer be able to recieve all the kick backs and contracts that have kept them plump and happy all these years while the territories infrastructure is crumbling

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  4. Reality don’t grease the wheels says:

    Government Docks,Labour, Immigration whoever, if you want service at a reasonable pace, some grease palms(a church donation) so the government departments all work as slowly as possible to encourage greater and larger “church donations “ a vicious circle every customer suffers. Now ask the staff to justify their undeclared income and you wonder why you have a little riot on your hands.

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  5. Public Service... says:

    The clue is in the name… You have all taken jobs in the PUBLIC SERVICE…. If you were honest and worked with integrity there are no problems. If you joined the PUBLIC SERVICE for your personal gains then you will have a problem. This is the whole reason we needed the COI to expose the fact that the CIVIL SERVICE IS ROTTEN FROM THE TOP and PLEASE UNDERSTAND that the people of this territory are not stupid. We are fully aware that the outcry is coming from a small few who do not want their interests exposed and these are the few who will be most vocal about RIGHTS and why this is bad….they will go to all the meetings about it and shout down the legislation…. but full disclosure is what is best for the territory. Transparency is good governance – if you’re not willing to be transparent then step down because you are not working for the territory – you are only interested in yourself.

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  6. Everyone shit scared says:

    cause all the little illegal schemes will come to light! Clean up your house cause GOD is coming and GOD do not like UGLY..

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  7. Chuckles says:

    Outraged! Civil Service Association?????
    Fed up!! Registered Voters Association!!!

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  8. Wait wait don't tell me says:

    Civil Service?? Doesn’t the Civil Service belong solely to the Governor? Hmmmm am I wrong?

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  9. Anonymous says:

    This is teh first I even hearing of a Civil Service Association. Now this even come into the light. Hahaha!

  10. UK! UK! please help! says:

    Yep. I think it’s time to bring in the UK and sort this out. This entitled childish behavior is not what they mean by ‘Good Governance’.
    Do these people even hear themselves talking?? Hard to figure out what is happening in they brains….most likely NOTHING (just self interest)

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  11. The TRUTH says:

    So the public needs to know if you have an investment account & the amount. Crypto etc. Not only that, but your significant other’s as well? Nonsense. America can’t even get Trump to release his taxes.

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    • And says:

      Does trump not giving his information makes it right? Then those below shouldn’t bother them because they are led.

  12. Don't be silly people says:

    This is a good thing, have you noticed that the ROI goes beyond the scope of Public servants…. their partners are also required to disclose their interest so it infringes on the privacy rights to people outside the public service. I thought Unity Gov was a good thing but they disappoint me. Who drafted this document anyways?

    Pure rubish Premier!! How could you read this and be ok with it?

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    • @don't be silly people says:

      You don’t think it is right for the spouse of a senior civil servant to have to declare their business interests when it comes to areas in which their spouse has government funds at their disposal to spend how they please? It isn’t encroaching on anything. If they are the best company for the job there is no reason they shouldn’t get it – but this should be based on merit. Once their interests are public a lot of contracts being given out based on who they know rather than the quality of the work they do will have to stop …. this is RIGHT… again, only those with something to hide will oppose this.

  13. Guest says:

    If the Governor is that stupid or gullible and cannot see these people and their actions for what they are then the BVI is doomed………..

  14. 1st district original says:

    Let them register, it’s them thiefing, self-serving civil servants have all ah we in this predicament. Tis dem is who running 🏃‍♂️ the government unknown/ known and in cohorts against poor we. I in full agreement with it. Then is who giving themselves high scores for raises and making no sensible improving developments for the country. Book sense over common sense!

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  15. Blame says:

    for the UK takeover, suspension of the BVI constitution, dissolution of the HOA and direct rule can be laid firmly on the VICSA.

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  16. Weak HoA poor decision says:

    ReplyTo hell with what the civil servants think. The tail does not wag the dog. They can either like it or lump it. Why are they being allowed to hold a whole territory hostage? Let them shape up or ship out. The HoA has demonstrated that the more things change the more they remain the same. Same attitude as with head coach.

  17. rastarite says:

    Civil servants run their private business on govt. computers, in government time and using govt. offices. Of course they don’t want transparency…

  18. Well sah says:

    The Emme-gracious who take bribe from People in othe regions for exemption then trash their records and then they escape to the US hehe what in secret is coming to light …. The tip of the iceberg . Come in Uk clean up all the corruption. Dem who screamed the loudest have a lot to loose …. Where were they when the Drew was giving out stimulus … they claim they were under duress … sweep the streets. Clean Governor

  19. Road Town Rebel says:

    “As drafted, the Act, if passed, will influence the private lives of public servants who will be required to disclose for placement in a public register the financial interests of themselves, their spouses, partners, and close friends at the same level as the elected official,” the Association noted”. 


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