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Parade organisers consider pushing back event’s start time or future stagings

Scene from 2019 Easter Monday Parade.

Organisers of the annual August Monday Parade have said they will be taking steps to improve the overall timing and flow of the event, which is considered a major part of the territory’s emancipation festivities.

Co-chair of the parade sub-committee Natasha Marshall told BVI news following this year’s parade that discussions will be had about improving the event’s start time.

“In the next two weeks, the parade committee we are going to sit, discuss, look at the areas where we fell short and plan for next year. I know one of the things is the start time of the parade,” Marshall said.

“We have been discussing it — may be looking at a 2 o’clock start as opposed to a 12 o’clock start because of the J’ouvert situation. People need time to recuperate and catch themselves,” she added.

Meanwhile, one of the changes to this year’s parade was having two judging stations.

In explaining the reason behind the change, she said: “What we realized from previous years is that the village wasn’t getting the support and the people weren’t spread out throughout the entire route, so what we decided to do is to have two judging stations so that people could be able to see the length of the parade and enjoy it in every end.”

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  1. asking for a friend says:

    Are we talking about the Easter Parade or August Monday Parade??

  2. *Hmm says:

    Strups, waste of time. Every year is the same rubbish. Do we even have atleast 5 troupes on the road? Parade made up of mainly a bunch of vehicles yet it could never get going when it should.

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    • Tru Dat! says:

      This year was fantastic – colourful and vibrant, a huge improvement over last year (for obvious reasons) and lots of troupes participating. Long may it continue and yes 14:00 or 15:00 would be a more realistic start time for all concerned.

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  3. Accra says:

    Lol…. I think the jouvert needs to be Saturday morning and the parade needs to start 11am Monday morning

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  4. Lol says:

    It only ever starts between 2 and 3. Noon is so unrealistic. Make it 2pm and ensure that is stuck too. The 2nd half of this years parade was awesome. Great atmosphere

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  5. VI gyal says:

    Every year you guys talk about the same piss and the next year nothing changes.

    Suggestion: Monday Parade only. Tuesday Town Jouvert, they will ensure they fix for horse race because that is a given ” Fashion show”. You either there or not. Wednesday East Jouvert and beach village, breakfast on the beach.

  6. Why Two says:

    You only need one jouvert. Problem solved!

  7. Local says:

    A 2 pm or 3 pm start time for the parade is fine. The sun is way too hot at noon and frankly the afternoon parade is more pleasant. The Rise and Shine tramp should remain as is.

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  8. Me says:

    Maybe a suggestion like in the other Caribbean islands, have the Jouvert on a separate day to the costume parade. Gives persons more things to do on 2 separate days. They will have more time to wake up on Monday morning and prepare and we can start at 12pm.

  9. BVI Islander in the USVI says:

    I think the parade should start at 11am because there are big troupes in the USVI wants to participate. It give them time to come then catch the last ferry back. Just my 2 cents, one love.

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