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Pay water bills by this month or get cut off

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The Water and Sewerage Department is threatening to disconnect residents if they don’t pay their 2017 water bills before the end of January.

The warning came via a statement from the state-owned department yesterday.

“Customers are advised that outstanding amounts for Water and Sewerage services for the period January to August 2017 (and previous years) are to be paid by Friday, January 26, 2018,” the statement said.

Service disconnection will resume on February 5, the department added.

Residents living in areas still without piped water are also being told to pay up.

Following the infrastructural damage suffered by the department because of the September hurricanes, services from the Water and Sewerage Department were disrupted.

By mid-October, a considerable percentage of the territory’s water supply was restored. However, several months later, there are still communities including, some within the First Electoral District, that are still without water.

Meanwhile, residents in the following areas are being told to settle outstanding water bills:

Baugher’s Bay, Purcell Estate, Johnson’s Ghut, Lower Estate, Long Bush, Road Town, Wickham’s Cay, Slaney, Duff’s Bottom, Fish Bay, Kingston, Sophie Bay, Brandywine Bay, Whelk’s Point, Maya Cove/Hodge’s Creek, Fat Hog’s Bay, Spring Ghut, Long Swamp, East End (all areas), Long Look (all areas), Vanterpool Estate, Greenland, Beef Island, Great Mountain, Butu Mountain, Fort Hill, Belle Vue, Hope, Manchester, Long Trench; Valley, Virgin Gorda (and surrounding areas) and Anegada.

Persons can make payments to the department’s office in Baugher’s Bay, Water and Sewage said.

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  1. Native Son says:

    Is Government included as well?

  2. So... says:

    We are being threatened to pay but still there is no information as to where we going to pay..hmph!!As if we go anywhere they say go and goin have a normal flow of activities. (set of incompetent….)

  3. Bills says:

    Can I get a bill? Keeping asking for one a getting the same reply about not having a meter even though, I keeping telling them I have one. Next they tell me the system got damage by the hurricanes and unable to get one. Which is it. What is the true amount owed by homes and business.

  4. vi says:

    Is the office at Baughers Bay functional? Where can we go to pay these bills? As far as I know those buildings in B. Bay were destroyed.

  5. Watcher says:

    Privatise this insane screw up. Sell it government to raise some money. Install an operator who has a clue.

  6. Carrot Bay says:

    What happen to the water in Carrot Bay. I think we have been very patient.

    Water & Sewerage refuse to sell water for personal use (at least this is what I was told), we can’t get the water trucks to deliver to your personal homes because they are “supposedly working for Government” and you all won’t even try to work on getting the reservoir up and running. How fair is that to us?

  7. Queen b says:

    I went to inquire about my outstanding amount on my water bill I know my last bill was paid up to July of last year however I can’t get water and sewage system time I went and clear up my bills so I can be on track monthly but they still saying I owe for so and so month when I clearly ask the customer service representative if I on track which she said yes now hearing another thing. Secondly how can water and sewage bill me for Oct Nov Dec and since Irma I don’t have any meter ? Can it be readable still?

    • Agreed says:

      Them in there is a bunch of thief…they keep giving we bills for 600 and something dollars and the more we paid the more higher it’s go I wonder where in heaven I could go to fix this bs cause this make no sense…we went recently and them hit we a bill for 720 dollars I wonder if they charging we for all the frigging months we been paying before Irma hit the BVI…This is ridiculous…

  8. Respect says:

    Please call 468-5834 give them the Land Lord name and the Lease Number. they will in turn tell you how much you owe.

  9. RT says:

    I am really tied of water & sewerage guessing how much to charge me for water, because my meter does not work and they don’t have a replacement.

  10. SMH says:

    They should just scrap all previous water bills and start from January. No! way these bill will be accurate.

  11. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The Water & Sewage Department(WSD) challenges with water bills fall on the shoulders of both WSD and customers but especially with WSD.

    WSD must read meters and issue timely and accurate bills. The excuse that the computer programme is down is nothing but an excuse. Manual billing should be in place as a backup system. WSD must set reasonable timeframes for customers to settle bills. Though disconnection should be used as a last resort, it is a tool that should be employed. Moreover, the longer a bill is in arrears the more likely it will not be paid. If a bill is not paid in two months, chances are it will not be paid in 6 or 7 months. Customers responsibility?

    WSD needs money for operations and maintenance, debt payment and capital improvement. WSD for the most part is a self supporting department. Its primary revenue stream comes from customers paying for the product received, ie, water.

    Thus, customers need to pay their bills in a timely manner so that WSD can continue to operate effectively and efficiently to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner and in a reliable quantity at the lowest cost. Customers with legitimate and reasonable issues should go to WSD to discuss possible arrangements. Team should be in place to deal specifically with delinquent customers; team should operate outside of normal business hours to avoid customers having to miss work.

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