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PENN: Gov’t not split; people just ‘talk’

From left: Government backbencher Melvin Turnbull and junior ministers Archibald Christian and Marlon Penn were captured speaking to this female resident of the Sixth Electoral District yesterday.

Junior government minister Marlon Penn yesterday sought to dispel talks of animosity between backbenchers and senior government ministers.

Talks of segregation in government’s camp came to the fore after backbenchers announced a series of community meetings exclusively between themselves and residents.

“There is all this dialogue assuming there is an issue but there is no issue between us. We are united as a government,” Penn told BVI News.

“The ministers will join us when they have time. The ministers are busy right now with their ministries trying to get things organised and get things back in order. So, we are just carrying the lead right now and moving forward,” Penn explained.

He described the animosity chatter as rumors, which he said are not uncommon in the BVI.

“It’s BVI. You hear a lot of talk every day. I’m used to hearing talk and everything. Not everything you hear is true. We have a leader that we support. We represent people as well. We represent our district and the people need to see us and hear from us. This is not something new. This is something we’ve done all the time.”

Penn was joined by another junior minister Archibald Christian as well as government backbenchers Melvin Turnbull and Alvera Maduro-Caines for a walk-through of the Sixth Electoral District yesterday.

The junior ministers and backbenchers listened to concerns from residents and offered tarpaulins to those whose homes got damaged by the hurricanes.

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