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PHOTOS: Massive turnout at Foxy’s Old Year’s Night Party

Scores of patrons hopped over to the island if Jost Van Dyke to ring in the new year at Foxy’s Old Year’s Night Celebration.

A number of patrons were robed in Greek attire in keeping with this year’s theme, ‘Fall of the Roman Empire’.

The energy was high as patrons ushered in ‘2018’ drinking, dancing, and being generally merry to the musical stylings of acts such as Dj Dre and Dj Avalanche.

Here are some highlights captured by photographer Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson:



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  1. DJ says:

    Good for u foxy. Keep milking em with your MAGA hat.

  2. High Percentage of people are no good says:

    I am so disappointed in Foxy wearing that hat. It signifies he is a Trump supporter.

    • DJ says:

      U agree. Such a shame. Everyone has a right to support whomever, but supporting Trump is supporting so many evil wrong things. It’s unbelievable a black man in the Caribbean would even consider doing this.

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    • Bernie says:

      Do you really think Foxy gives 2 sh@ts about what you think if his hat choice ? You must be a special kind of stupid

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    • MERCY says:

      Say what you the party goes at foxyoldyears.

    • Melissa says:

      If you met him, talked to him, and understood him you would have already known that! He is one of the most intelligent, informed, and philosophical individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing and he definitely thinks the left, their racial issues, and their constant hate are all idiots and definitely suppports Trump and a government that steps out instead of in! He wouldn’t like you at all and his comments and jokes would offend you so I guess it’s a good thing!

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    • Bill says:

      Why cant he support whom ever he wishes no one is asking you to take off you Hillary mask. I know this much it sure is blinding you judgement about free speech and freedoms.

  3. Reply says:

    Great. The party goes on.

  4. Oh says:

    I thought someone said the 2nd district and bvi wasnt opened or ready for business.

  5. SMH says:

    The article says, “A number of patrons were robed in Greek attire in keeping with this year’s theme, ‘Fall of the Roman Empire’.” Please note for the record that the Greek and Roman Empires were two totally different things.

  6. B Savage says:

    Of course he SUPPORT TRUMP cause you all don’t see the real picture only rich folks.
    Trump is not racist his support base is so he feeds his base.
    The only thing Trump and all world leaders racist against is THE POOR RACE.
    Once you have wealth and liquidity your color creed etc. means nothing ONLY YOUR SOCIAL STATUS.
    Foxy is WEALTHY end of story.

  7. Blane B says:

    It was a great party…the harbor was full and awesome to dance the night away under the stars.


    Chicago , IL

  8. Slow Down says:

    Goggle or go on YouTube (if you have power/internet)and watch any of the numerous videos by Mark Taylor and/or Sadhu Selvaraj.

    These two well known prophets declare that they received a word from God before the election that said Trump would be president. Watch and see what they claim God has chosen Trump to do in America..

    Yes, Trump has been rather salty to African-Americans (Ancient Hebrews) but most of us continue to be in active disobedience so, the punishment continues..

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