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Political injustice killed my wife — Bunbury

Alec Bunbury delivers the Remembrance at his wife’s funeral yesterday. He was married to former magistrate, Charmaine Rosan-Bunbury.

Alec Bunbury, who is the widower of former magistrate Charmaine Rosan-Bunbury said he blames political ‘injustice’ for the death of his 46-year-old wife.

Rosan-Bunbury died at a hospital in the United Kingdom on December 31 last year after her battle with breast cancer.

Her body was laid to rest at the Greenland Cemetery following a funeral service at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Fat Hogs Bay on Tortola yesterday.

“The cancer that killed her is not the cancer she died from. It’s the injustice done against her. She took it to heart,” said the grieving widower while speaking in earshot of Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and other government ministers at the funeral.

“Her cry for justice and her fight for justice consumed her life and destroyed our family. She was hurt beyond words could explain. I watched my gentle rose wither in grief before my eyes; unable to do anything to stop her pain, and death finally creep in and took her away.”

Former magistrate was interdicted

Back in 2015 when Rosan-Bunbury was campaigning as a Territorial At-Large candidate for the Virgin Islands Party (VIP), the now-deceased woman claimed that the Premier Smith-led government victimized her.

The former magistrate was interdicted after being accused of misconduct and insubordination.

While she was alive, Rosan-Bunbury claimed her interdiction was a polictical ploy. An Appeals Tribunal reportedly overturned her interdiction but the government is being accused of hiding the case from the public’s eye.

Painful to see her cry 

While offering the ‘Remembrance’ address at his wife’s funeral, Bunbury said ‘hate, envy and jealousy’ put an abrupt end to Rosan-Bunbury’s career.

“It was very painful at times to see her cry. She cried a lot and I cry with her too. At times the anguish was heart-wrenching to see her in pain. I felt helpless watching her in tears.”

He said seven years of his 14-year marriage were spent trying to get justice for his now-deceased wife.

“All she wanted was a public acknowledgement of her innocence to clear her name and reputation, so she could move on with her life,” he said.

“I am in possession of these documents to support my statement [that the allegations against her were dismissed].”

Not too late to right a wrong

The grieving widower further called on the powers that be to right the wrong.

“It’s never too late to acknowledge and correct our mistakes. I pray that through divine intervention, this message would impact our hearts and make us reconsider our position on issues of faith and morality and do what is right in the eyes of God. Charmaine should not have died fighting for justice,” he stated.

Politicians that attended yesterday’s funeral include Premier Smith, Minister for Health Ronnie Skelton, Junior Minister for Tourism Archibald Christian, as well as members of the parliamentary opposition Andrew Fahie, and Julian Fraser.


Rosan-Bunbury graduated with honours at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2000. One year later, she completed her legal education at the University of North Umbria which is also in the UK.

In 2002, she was appointed Crown Counsel in the BVI.

She served as a Notary Public and created history when she was appointed as the first British Virgin Islander to hold the post of full-time magistrate.

Following her stint as a magistrate, she operated in her own firm (Rosan Law) and in 2015 ran unsuccessfully in the general election.

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  1. Madness says:

    This is just crazy now. OMG!

    • Diplomat says:

      Wow! A funeral should be a joyous homecoming. But this one seemed to have had much pain and grief in life and so too in death. If the charges against her were truly dismissed, why can’t the information be released to clear her name. She is gone now so do it for the family who apparently have much grief and pain. Make her whole. Decisions adversely impact not only the individual but also the familiy. Clear the air. Is not the Governor responsible for the Judiciary? If so Gus clear the air.

      • @ Diplomat says:

        Because everyone tells their own side of the story. That sound like sense to you? You’re a qualified lawyer, you’re exonerated but somehow the ‘powers’ are holding you down?

        • Really says:

          Of course there is always two side to a story and your response shows you clearly live outside of the BVI. People like you, who continue to live in denial, your treatment will be even harsher.

        • Hello says:

          I tell you how, by not accepting the decision of the tribunal and by preventing all her matters to be heard in court

          • BVI lawyer says:

            I am sorry for his loss, but that sounds extremely unlikely.

            The BVI has a complete separation of powers under the Constitution. The judicial system is administered through the ECSC which is based in Castries. Even if the Government wanted to, they could not stop her matters being listed for hearings.

  2. Stella says:

    NDP too wicked but there is a god above

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is the government corrupt?

    • Jacob says:

      Oh yea man they the most corrupt in the Caribbean. Tola criminals commit violent crime because they know they can get away with it. These politicians commit white collar crime because they can skip preparing accounts and get away with millions.

      End result – white collar crime = poverty = more violent crime = more poverty = more violent crime = more poverty = more violent crime = more poverty = more violent crime

  4. Truth says:

    Her own party, the VIP were the ones in power when her debacle started. Further, the Government is totally separate from the judicial system…

    • Hhmmm says:

      Truth, you are partially right. It was the VIP in but this crosses both parties in my opinion. But the fact is, the government and the judiciary aren’t separated. They should be but they are not. Those are the facts.

    • Whoops says:

      Finally somebody with sense… LOL o always thought there’s a higher power that controls death not men in government.

  5. Bvi says:

    So true ENVY and JEALOUSY has kept our people down and attempted to destroy reputations again and again. The dirty handed clicks avoid it for a time but the prayerful ones wait a little longer for God don’t like ugly.

  6. Myrna Fonseca Florida says:

    mr Bundery please accept my condolenses for the lost ofyour beautiful wife , I also extend it to the rest of her family who is mourning her lost, have faith sir , God will be helping you and the family to ease the pain daily just have faith. MYrna Fonseca

  7. Angela says:

    If he blames them, he should not have allowed them to attend the funeral. Maybe he allowed them to attend because he wanted them up front and center to hear what he had to say.

  8. Stewww says:

    Go have a seat with your foolishness. It was her time. Aint nobody kill her. What you want? Compensation? Honour? Steewwwwww

    • @steww says:

      …abuse of office is a crime. [If what he is saying is true] To use your office to denied someone justice would be a crime you ignorant fool. Read the laws then blog.

  9. @steww says:

    Abuse of office is a crime. Read the laws then blog you fool.

  10. @steww says:

    The word of God cant stop the devil.

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