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Premier wants zoning regulations for roadside parking

Premier Smith

While acknowledging the longstanding issue in which persons inconveniently park their cars along roadsides, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith has announced plans to implement zoning regulations in the British Virgin Islands.

Zoning, effectively, is the process of dividing parts of a town or piece of land into various parts or zones for residential or industrial purposes.

These categories are then subjected to different restrictions for use and development.

The Premier wants zoning policies that will make it mandatory for persons to build homes and business structures with allotted parking spaces, among other things.

“We have lots of laws on our books but we are not being as vigilant in enforcing them as we should and this is something that I have been concerned about,” Premier Smith said.

“We have to take them more seriously and to ensure that the laws are really followed and [that we] put in place other things that need to be put in place like zoning regulations.”

The Premier said there have been calls in the past for zoning regulations. He said ‘the time is ripe to do that now’.

The Premier was responding to concerns by residents of the Sixth Electoral District about structures being erected without parking allocations.

One resident urged government to roll out the new building policies and order a halt on any housing project that is not following these regulations.

“God has given us a second opportunity to get it right. If we don’t have ordinances on the books, I think somebody needs to go back to the drawing board,” the resident said.

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  1. Sam the man says:

    As usual just continue the reactionary fire fighting , No Direction Party messed up Road Towns proper strategic planning years ago with absolutely no proper coherent plan for parking – its too late the horse has bolted, ran across the field and has jumped over the cliff!…All talk as usual

    • Hmmmm says:

      Stop the BS! Since H.L. Stoutt passed the BVI has been in a tail spin, VIP and NDP are both to blame and it’s time to get our act together. Time for real enforcement, proper parking garage, paid parking in certain places, towing violators no questions asked and proper public transportation.

  2. Albion says:

    The other things they need to do are (1) mark narrow roads clearly as “no parking” and then enforce it. Too many selfish people block up traffic; and (2) stop people from slamming no their brakes on the divided highway any time they feel they want to pick up or drop off a passenger. Especially taxi men who drop off school children in the middle of the divided highway and tell them to cross two lanes of busy traffic to go to school.

    • Worker Bee says:

      Perhaps the Hon. Minister for Communications and Works could start by clearing the territory’s highways and byways of debris, some of which has been there since August Monday!
      Dead power poles and fallen cables and phone lines litter our islands, together with broken transformers and other odd bits. When is the Minister going to get on with his job?
      We used to have folks clearing the verges of our roadways all the time, did they all evacuate off island? The verges are now seriously overgrown and it’s causing the roads to seem narrower than they already are.
      When – Oh when, will the government take charge?

  3. SMH says:

    So you approved building structures without proper parking, and now you are here kicking up about where people park for the same buildings. SMH

    • Spot on says:

      Hit the nail on the head SMH no proper strategic thinking as for NDP they have been in power for too long and continue to fail to address this issue, no point bleating about it now, its way too late, Road Town is over crowded and a total screw up as its had no coherent parking strategy….

    • Worker Bee says:

      I can’t wait to see a territorial government say “No!” to a voter. That will be a first.

  4. BOSANG says:

    The BVI does not enforce any darn laws. Whey someone does they railroad their career and get very personal with them and their families.

  5. OK says:

    Every building is not going to be able to provide parking especially in the centre of town. You should be improving public transport…..not making it easier!!!

  6. watcher says:

    Why is there no proper bus service? Is it to keep hundreds of often beat up, dirty, too small , rip off taxis on the roads?

  7. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Fail to plan and plan to fail. Plan but fail to execute/enforce equates to plan failure. The government seems to be bouncing from pillar to post not operating from any comprehensive plan. It seems to be reacting on the fly to every issue/question that arises at these districts meetings. Solutions to problems made in haste normally ends poorly.

    Non-emergency problems needs to be cycling through the normal planning process. There are always several solutions to a problem. As such, the most probable solution is normally employed to solve the problem. Government has a myriad of problems to solve and it needs to prioritize how they are addressed.

    In regards to zoning for parking on the street, government let the mule bolt from the pen and now trying to the close the gate. Property owners both residential and businesses tend to build on every square inch they own, making no provisions for parking. Invariably, customers and employees park on the public road ways. The parking problem in Road Town, capital of Tortola and the VI, is acute. Finding a parking space in Road Town is frustating and challenging and o=nce has to have the patience and faith like Jobe to cope with the severely parking shortage. Everyone acknowledges there is a problem but nothing is done about it. Many commentators and bloggers have raise the issue yet nothing is done.

    Question? Who issues permits for these facilities? Are minimum parking requirements included but just ignored and not enforced? Are inspections performed while work is being put in place? Does every building being constructed require a certificate of occupancy? Are construction rules enforced for some and not others?

    • Theo says:

      Everyone acknowledges there is a problem until a no name nobody says something should seriously be done. Everyone beats that person into submission under the guise that they’re “negativity” is what is bringing down the territory.

      Then when it’s election, the candidates and everyone suddenly behave like all of this is news and something will be done about it. If you vote for them of course.

      BVI need to start acting right. So much waste all for nothing more than being a bit more careful and forward thinking.

      The only investment going on is for the few and it doesn’t even look like they really know what they’re doing with that.

      I pray they’re not thinking because they’re better than a lot in the BVI they’re somehow in top of the world.

  8. The real Boo says:

    lol what a joke. Planning Authority mandates who can build what where. Then when, case in point, the old lady doesn’t get what she wants, she makes a call.

    They then overturn said Planning Authority’s stipulation on parking etc. And good ole lady builds whatever she feels like with no parking.

    Are we born yesterday? What we need is implementation of said laws on the books and to leave Civil Servants and professionals to do their jobs without political interference.

    Can we say we need said government to stop overturning the decisions of the Planning Authority?

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