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Pride, culture a $2M priority for BVI recovery

The government has named ‘pride and cultural identity’ as the sixth priority area in its proposed recovery plan for the British Virgin Islands.

Government initially listed five crucial areas which would each get a share of the $721.3 million that will be used to fund the hurricane recovery efforts.

These areas are: Business and economy, infrastructure, human and social services, natural resources and climate change, and governance.

According to the plan, which is in its preliminary stages, ‘pride and cultural identity’ has made the priority list, and $2 million of recovery funds will be pumped into this area.

Specifically, the $2 million sum will be invested in the territory’s museums, national parks, historical sites, and other heritage sites.

Government is inviting residents to review and give feedback on the proposed plan.

Persons can provide feedback to the Disaster Recovery Coordinating Committee at, or submit feedback in hard copy at the Committee’s office in the Ritter Building on Wickham’s Cay II.

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  1. Albion says:

    Only thing that really matters in that plan is where the Government says: “even though everyone agrees it is a terrible idea, we still plan to spend $300 million that we don’t have extending the runway”.

  2. Socrates says:

    No problem on investing/restoring attractions and focusing on heritage tourism. However, as a result of the devastation caused by Irmaria, have a strong concern about spending approx $300M of limited resources on extending Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (TBLIA). Does the BVI needs and can it afford to extend TBLIA at this time? Should the focus be on more critical capital projects?

    Further, given that a majority of residents are not for extending TBLIA at this time, why is government bulldozing its way ahead to extend the runway? Is the strong desire for legacy purposes? Is it to attract direct flights? Is it for the exclusive use of a few wealthy friends? Should the many incur hundred of $M in debt for the benefit of the few wealthy friends? Who will win, the many or the few? Should the many express their disapproval at the polls?

    Does airline economics support sustain direct flights into the BVI from London, Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Atlanta or Miami? What is the status of the $7.2M given to BVI Airways, a broke airline, to start direct flights from Miami to TBLIA?

  3. Watcher says:

    There are alternatives to the runway extension. One is the short take off and landing solution using the same planes as BVI Airways were to use or Embraer equivalents. These planes can only fly to Miami. Not Europe etc.

    Or there is the possibility of a stop to refuel flight using propeller planes to provide a direct service to Miami with a refuel landing in the DR or elsewhere. That would still be quicker and more convenient than the current options.

    Direct 300 seat flights from Europe or the USA to an extended runway would pose other problems. The airport cannot deal with 30 passengers currently without making them wait an hour for immigration. New facilities and lots more staff would be needed. Really cheap flights might also attract the same kind of tourists that the cheap cruise lines did. Not what the BVI wants.

  4. sam the man says:

    This recovery plan is a joke….nobody wants an extended runway – it isn’t needed…why turn the BVI into St Thomas? “Nature little secrets” is exactly what it should be little and secret to be discovered….The NDP just seem to be intent on selling the soul of the Island for profit sadly…I would suggest Mitch Turnbull would be a much better Premier even though he is young and has lots to learn, he wears his heart on his sleeve and is passionate about his BVI….

  5. Big Phil says:

    I hope that some of the money will be used to restore and upgrade Sage Mountain National Park. Other than constructing an unnecessary visitor center, this place has not seen any money or maintenance for many years. Signage has been terrible for a long time. I have run across lost tourists there, and while that is a little entertaining, it certainly detracts from their experience in the BVI.

  6. Ting Te Talk says:

    People listen keenly. If Government is already saying they will attempt the run way extension with money they don’t have, doesn’t that mean something or somewhere else will be cut short? If that is the kind of mentality this Government is coming with when trying to rebuild this BVI, all I would say is “Poor BVI”. This Government is only trying to make good on the promise it made to the original Initiators and we all know who they are. It’s a MUST no matter who is for or against. A promise is a promise, but a promise is a comfort to a fool. New year and same mentality.
    can’t wait for 2019.

  7. Clean the country first says:

    Get rid of the thousands of tons of rubbish and waste sitting all over the country first before you talk of recovery: get Cox heath cleaned asap and in addition get rid of all the written off cars and old waste that has been sitting in the country for too long- get the horse before the cart Premier – and not the cart before the horse

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