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Priority shift: $$$ now available for farmers, fisherfolk

Dr Kedrick Pickering

Minister with responsibility for agriculture Dr Kedrick Pickering has said the government has now made monies available to address the post-hurricane issues facing the local fishing and farming communities.

In December, almost three months after the hurricanes caused considerable damage to all sectors including the aforementioned, Dr Pickering had told residents in Carrot Bay that fishing and farming were not a priority.

Dr Pickering said at the time that agriculture workers would likely have to wait until the second quarter of this year before they receive any form of financial aid to jump-start their trade.

However, the minister announced this week that plans have changed and farmers and fisherfolk will not have to wait that long.

“When I was here [in December] we had discussed some issues pertaining to fishermen and the farmers. I can now report that the Premier has made some monies available in those two areas,” he said.

“So, with respect to the dock and other issues… you can go and get some things done and then we can make some progress.”

The minister did not specify how much funding was available, nor did he provide further details.

Pickering was addressing concerns from a resident in the fishing village of Carrot Bay on Monday.

The resident said a dock that was installed in the village before the hurricanes had been destroyed. He further pleaded for a quick fix to the problem.

“It is very dangerous how it is now,” the resident said at a public meeting on government’s proposed recovery plan for the BVI.

Disasters devastated agriculture

The hurricanes had wrecked several local fishing boats and levelled farmlands by wiping out crops and livestock, as well as destroying poultry coops and animal pens.

The minister explained back then that funds allocated to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour — under which agriculture falls — are being used to retrieve vessels that sunk during the hurricane.

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    A few weeks ago this minister made it clear to us that he doesn’t have a dime to help farmers and fishermen and don’t look for any help any time soon now he’s saying otherwise. They really playing around with that $65million loan.

  2. drake says:

    Political strategy. Don’t be fooled

    • @drake says:

      You are so correct. Don’t be fooled by the fancy talkers.

      • Wow says:

        People: “We need help, we really need help in the area of agriculture.”

        Govt.: “Well that’s not priority at this time!”

        People: “Govt really needs to rethink what it’s doing and look out for the people! Fishermen, farmers etc are part of the economy too and need help to recover!”

        Govt.: “Ok ok, we had another look at it and realize that we should indeed put some funding towards agriculture!”

        People: “NONSENSE, this is all political nonsense, we don’t want it!”


  3. CENTS says:

    Seems that common sense returning to these group of people…this is good…prayers do really work.

    • BVI says:

      It is always good to think and rethink and see and do what is indeed best for us. I really pray that the farmers and fishermen will do what the money is intended for and that we will see and reap the benefits. Looking forward the new thrust in this very important sector of our economy. While they are at it – Please redesign and reconstruct the market in Road Town. It need to become more user friendly.

  4. Want2Kno says:

    How many $$$Million have been pumped into that never ending and eroding Brandywine Bay Project?

  5. Mick Mars says:

    Big man just remember elections next year and looking to cover all bases. The damage is already done, I’m afraid.

  6. Boo says:

    lol Picko good save…lol

    We know you don’t give a $hit but thats ok

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