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Resident says children fearful after Baughers Bay shooting

Sixth District Representative, Alvera Maduro-Caines at a public meeting yesterday.

The community of Baugher’s Bay is said to be in a state of fear following a daylight shooting near the Alexandrina Maduro Primary School two days ago.

The shooting reportedly happened in full view of a number of bystanders in the area at the time.

At least one person was shot and according to one resident, children in the community no longer want to go outdoors.

“The kids are scared to be outside. The parents don’t want their kids outside [either] because you don’t know what next is going to happen,” a resident said during a public meeting at the Virgin Islands School of Technical Studies yesterday.

‘The kids are scared to be outside’ — Resident.

The resident then requested that more preventative security measures be implemented.

“It shouldn’t be like this. It cannot be business as usual,” she argued.

Talk with the young people who have lost their way

Alvera Maduro-Caines, who is Representative of the Sixth Electoral District where Baughers Bay is located, did not directly address concerns in relation to the shooting but called for older folk in the community to take young persons ‘under their wing’.

“Sometimes they just need somebody to listen to them,” she said.

“I would like to encourage all of us to speak to the young ones, especially those that have gone by the wayside. Let’s try to help all of them.”

According to Maduro-Caines, the community’s youth are claiming that some older folk treat them with disparage.

The district representative said young persons are visibly afraid to have conversations with these older persons.

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  1. Reality says:

    The reality is that we know who all the bad boys are and we know what they’re into but do nothing about it because they are connected to big money and big voting blocks. Let’s all stop playing games and pretending here, people know who the bad eggs are and wait until someone is badly injured or killed to act concerned. Keep up the good work!

  2. Really says:

    Stop this instant pussy footing with these young adults. What they need is tough love. You do the crime then do the time. The country is on its knees and yet young, healthy adults can be seen traversing on scooters idly at all hours. People its time to put our foot down. They aint need any damn body to listen to a damn thing. They need reality-get going there is plenty construction to get done.

    • Theo says:

      The people perpetrating the crime are escalating their actions. The law enforcement are not.

      The cost to possess an illegal firearm or discharge one in the BVI is obviously in decline versus the penalty.

      No investment in proactive security and there will be substantial losses. All a net gain for those who flout laws.

  3. Really says:

    Pure nosense talk get really the world we livein is not like the 60’s

  4. @Really says:

    That’s exactly the problem and that’s why Hon. Maduro-Caines is asking that we try to go back to that method where the community gets involved to show caring and concern. Remember the saying….”It takes a village to raise a child.”
    This still stands true and we need to start in our homes to show love and communicate with our youngsters and that love and communication must extend to those around them, when they venture out into the community.

  5. Retired says:

    Pretty soon Tortola will be like St.Croix – a big island with a declining population because of all the crime.

  6. Drug den says:

    Gangs hang out doing deals and playing on scooters, it would be easy to prevent this for loitering, not wearing a helmet etc but as long as it is ignored it will escalate

    • Theo says:

      This is a new sub-economy which is almost fully established within the BVI.

      So many security holes and vacuums left by negligent wastage by those officially tasked with management.

      Close your eyes to reality it won’t help.

      Admit it’s spiralled out of control and proceed to get help to do something.

      Yes it is wonderful to think everyone thinks you are on top of things but that won’t last forever.

  7. local says:

    Z6ne aint like long ago, to many outsiders and new face living they and they acting like z6ne they from.BB.

  8. Gumption.Official says:

    Every district needs a program like YEP (Youth Empowerment Program and people as passionate as the people who’s running YEP. Parents and police offers can can’t always be blamed and will be wrong to always blame them. Most of the now generation made up their mind and the rest just under pear pressure. They really don’t want any issues but the pressure of the negative energy on the streets cause otherwise.

    Nevertheless every single district should have a Youth program where both local people like myself and others can reach those our trouble youths. I’m willing to work but I need help. I need others to step up and out. Especially those public figures like (basketball players, the Bike /scooter groups/ musicians/ church members etc. if those people care for our community their won’t wait until the month that’s celebrates ( awareness ) of the cause- for everyday it’s an issue in the Virgin Islands. I hope them use some of that recovering money to build (youth programs) in every district)

  9. SIR whatever says:

    Again .. Clueless

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