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Residents energize dead power lines; endanger BVIEC workers

A number of residents are putting local and imported BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) workers at risk by feeding electricity back into dead power lines.

Deputy General Manager of the BVIEC Henry Creque said residents have managed to energize power lines while using household generators recklessly.

“We have had several instances of persons hooking up generators incorrectly and the power feeding back into the lines. This is extremely dangerous. It can cause fatalities not just to our workers and the workers from our assisted utilities,  but even to residents including children because lines are on the ground. You may have the generator at your home hooked up incorrectly and you may energize the wrong lines and our children could be playing along those lines,” Creque explained.

He, therefore, warned residents not to hook up generators to their houses without professional assistance and approval.

“If you’re going to hook it up to your house ensure you have a licensed electrician install it with a transfer switch and get it inspected by the Ministry of Communications and Works. It will keep us all safe; keep us all alive,” the BVIEC deputy general manager said.

Creque’s warning comes days after Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary in the works ministry, Andrew St Hilaire, urged residents to exercise generator safety.

St Hilaire, among other things, urged residents not to operate generators indoors as this could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or death.

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