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UPDATE: Police don’t know if shootings related; one brother unharmed

Police have said it is “too early” to tell whether the separate shootings that involved two brothers over the weekend are related.

One brother was shot and injured in Horse Path on Friday night (February 16) while the other reportedly came under gunfire in the same area of Tortola on Saturday night (February 17).

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews told BVI News this morning that both brothers were brought to Peebles Hospital after their respective incidents, but only one was found to be injured.

Police said the brother involved in the second shooting was unharmed and was only hospitalised because he felt ‘dizzy’ after being shot at. The condition of the brother who was injured is still not known.

Police investigations are ongoing.


Information reaching BVI News are that two brothers are now believed to be nursing gunshot injuries following separate shooting incidents.

The latest reported shooting is said to have happened in the Horse Path area on Saturday night, February 17.

That incident comes about 24 hours after another shooting in that area where one man was injured around 10 o’clock Friday night (February 16).

BVI News does not know the condition of either male victims from last night or tonight.

However, usually-credible sources said both gunshot victims are siblings and they are being treated at Peebles Hospital in Road Town.

Their names are being withheld at this time but our news centre will continue to follow these developing stories.

Other shootings

Two men died in a double-murder last weekend.

There was also another double-murder last November and at least one other shooting incident days ago.

Another shooting on Tortola; man injured

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  1. Watcher says:

    What in the world is going on in Tortola!

    • Karma says:

      It has become lawless and Godless and the community choose to hide child killers and that says a lot about our society.Think about it an innocent child died and they still up and down killing each other. We can only pray that another innocent child is not killed.

  2. Enough is enough says:

    Ok, we’ve had enough of these wanna be “bad boys” ruining our beautiful BVI. We are trying to recover from the storms and they are out there making our community fearful to be out and about. Round them up!! Show them we will not stand for this nonsense! Don’t care who they are! Parents, if you know your youngster is involved in something of this nature, if you know they have firearms, or if you know they are hanging out with someone who does, report them/their friends, to the police. They might be the next victim in these senseless killings/shootings. You could be saving their lives by reporting them. Tough love! Let’s set an example. Stop turning a blind eye on their wrongdoings!! We have to stop this!!

  3. Bvilander says:

    Pray hard and fast.. the Lenten season is open

  4. FED UP says:

    This is really getting out of hand. First and foremost please get your information correct. The shooting took place at Horse Path again and I stand corrected that it is not Huntms Ghut. I could of see directly from my house in Huntum Ghut up in Horse Path where the ambulance was. These young boys on these scooters just up and down doing nonsense and retaliating after each other and got people living uneasy. I am calling on mother,father,son,daughter,cousin,aunt,uncle, grandmother,grandfather if you know something please share your information to the police. People holding information will not help solve anything and would only make matters worst and as we can see the street is cleaning it self.Please please please come out and speak out, as we would no longer be living in nature’s little secret.

    • @Fed up says:

      There was two shootings one on Feb.16 which occurred at Horse Path and another on Feb. 17 which took place in Humtum’s Ghut.

      • Kam says:

        The one lastnight was infact Horse Path though. I saw the ambulance from my residence too.

      • Response to @ Fed Up says:

        Yes there was 2 separate shooting incidents one on Feb 16th @ Horse Path the victim residence and the other one was on Feb 17th @ Horse Path also just above ZKing area in the middle of the street. I saw the ambulance clearly from my residence in Huntum’s Ghut so the news need to correct their information and stop misleading the public.

  5. Resident says:

    What game these children think they playing Grand Theft Auto 6? That gun is real. That blood is real. These are not cartoon people. When your asses facing life without parole that’s when you will realize this is not a game then you up Balo crying like a baby. The same mothers who hiding aryo bawling but still bringing cornflakes and milk and juice. Money she had to pay her rent. Me son aryo chill out this is life not a game. Get a meaningful life to help yourself and your family. Stop playing gangsta life. You wan be gangsta then go Mexico or columbia. You would see how fast you change your life around.

  6. Hmm says:

    Police boy son them he know wa them into he the loose the evidence all the time

    • And says:

      If that is true, be needs to be held accountable. My cousin is a NYPD officer and police officers have to take an oath stating if a family member be it mother,father, brother sister commit a crime you have to turn them in. If you don’t,and try to surpress any type of evidence you will be sitting in jail for a very long time.

      • @and says:

        NYC is a corrupt state also so taking an oath means nothings where they see extra money in pockets they go after it most of them resell the guns and drugs on the street so try again with your state side nonsense

  7. Pfffff says:

    Now it’s enough. Time for the UK to step In, as the police and government clearly cannot handle this.

  8. 1See says:

    People will have to take matters into their own hands . You dont see any police patroling at night . They hide until they get a phone call. Maybe you can find them at a bar strutting . Punks are out there runining the country and killing people . The police dont have the guts to take them on. It will be up to the people who care. ENOUGH !!

  9. NATall says:

    Raid the homes!!

  10. SOS says:

    Boots on the ground!!!!! We need help!!!!! This escalation is scary and if continued can set the territory back.

  11. WOW!!! says:

    The government are scared to death! These punks running Tola!? Them wanna be’s need to put the guns down and stand up and fight like real men! I bet t

  12. WOW!!! says:

    These cowards need a good ole fashioned whooping! A good boxing

  13. watcher says:

    The police are already the responsibility of the Governor and the UK not the BVI government. A tough zero tolerance chief is what is needed

  14. Diplomat says:

    Though legal gun ownership is strictly controlled and limited in the BVI and there are no gun manufacturer(s) in the BVI yet there seemed to a river of guns flowing into the territory. It seems as if every Joe, Jane, Abdul…….etc has a gun. A gun culture seemed to be prevalent in the BVI; the slightest of disagreement(s) appears to end in gun use. The prevalence of guns has spike violent and property crimes, causing the community to live in fear. How is the river of guns flowing into the BVI?

    Well, the BVI has an extensive porous border with much marine traffic and little security and deterrence. Can the BVI afford not to protect its border? No. Lacks border security is facilitating the easy import of all types of gun into the BVI. Another factor facilitating the use of guns is the illegal drug trade. Drugs and guns are twins. The trade route for drugs is South America-Virgin Islands-North America/Europe. Yet another factor in the cesspool of violent and property crimes, especially gun crimes, is the fragmentation of the social cultural norms. A holistic approach is needed to arrest this gun scourge in the community. The community is dangling off the economic cliff.

    The young, selfish, unpatriotic thugs or want to be thugs (we/community needs to deglamorize this thug culture) has no regards for precarious condition that their actions are putting the BVI in. They could care less about the future; they care only about the moment not even today. A minority has the majority living in fear. Violent gun crimes starting with the Fountain Valley Golf Course massacre in 1973 ruined our southerly neighbor St. Croix and it will ruin the VI if it is not arrested and soon. The BVI has a service- based economy and gun crimes will be the dagger in its heart if not arrested.

    What can be done? There are no quick fixes. The genie is out of the bottle and it take the whole community effort to get it back in the bottle. Social behavioral changes are needed. In the interim, proposed the following actions: 1) reimposed the unpopular and inconvenient curfew, 2) invest more resources in protecting the border (air, sea and land), 3)temporarily increased selective and warranted stop and search( trampling of civil liberties is a concern), 4) more effective cooperation with the police(police has much work to do in this area), 5) take the criminals off the street (this is not the total solution)………etc.

    • Crusoe says:

      You need to start with zero tolerance. Todays leery wide boy on his illegal scooter with no helmet and total disregard for the law and his fellow citizen, is tomorrows gun toting drug dealer, murdering people because he always got away with breaking the law.

      It has been proved in New York and elsewhere. Stop them young. teach them that if they break the law they will be punished. Educate them. It works.

  15. u kno the saying says:

    Kill two birds with one stone……them want be up and down making :uck

  16. friend says:

    Make them talk,they know who did it

  17. Clint Oris says:

    Here’s a thought NHI shouldn’t cover gunshot injuries.

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