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Stop ALL construction works now – Building Authority

Persons looking to rebuild sections or elements of building structures must first get permission from the Building Authority.

The government-sanctioned Building Authority is ordering that construction works on all buildings across the British Virgin Islands be halted immediately.

The order does not include ‘temporary remedial measures’ being done to secure or protect buildings damaged by the September hurricanes, the Authority said.

Residents must now obtain permission from the Building Authority before starting or continuing final remedial work on any building structure in the territory.

Chairman of the Building Committee Board Tony Scatiffe said the stop notice was issued as a safety precaution as well as to ensure that rebuilding is done in a ‘proper manner’.

“There have been many instances where persons are looking to replace timber roofs with concrete roofs. This, in particular, must not be undertaken without the guidance of a qualified structural engineer to ensure the existing walls/columns are able to withstand the forces of earthquakes. Simply placing concrete on a structure could pose a serious risk to occupants,” Scatliffe said.

The building authority gave the order in a public announcement late Thursday afternoon.

“Residents are asked to continue to follow all existing processes and to be guided by the laws that are instated for the safety of all through the period of rebuilding,” the authority said.

The Building Authority, which has relocated to the Public Works Department in Baugher’s Bay, said applications will be reviewed in a timely manner.




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