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Stop robbing poor and giving to rich, NDP told


Opposition Leader and First District Representative, Andrew Fahie has accused the Dr D Orlando Smith-led administration of modern-day piracy and is calling for a halt to the practice.

Fahie, who was at the time delivering his annual report for the First Electoral District, said the government is stealing from the underprivileged and giving to the wealthy.

The report was the highlight of a district party held for Fahie’s constituents at the Capoons Bay Recreational Grounds on Sunday.

“An abrupt stop must be placed on these political pirates that are robbing us of our monies, robbing us of our names, robbing us of our future, robbing us of our political advancements… Our government must stop taking money from the poor and challenged, which is now you the people, and give it to the rich and privileged.”

“I know there is a cry for solutions and it is well within place. The Virgin Islands Party will be bringing forward many solutions in the best interest of the people of the Virgin Islands.  We cannot and will not sit idly by anymore,” he said.

Things are not right 

The Opposition Leader said many things are not how it ought to be in the British Virgin Islands.

He pointed to government’s proposed recovery plan which he said is ‘riddled with confusion’.

Fahie is also calling for the plan to be reviewed to include Anegada and Jost Van Dyke in preparedness, early warning systems, and overall recovery efforts.

While listing other socio-economic issues plaguing the territory, Fahie said: “Some insurance companies are doing everything to avoid paying people their money, some banks are doing everything to avoid giving people their insurance money, some contractors are milking people of their money, [there are] tenants and landlords [operating] without legislation, and a government that is missing in action.”

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  1. Great says:

    The turn out to this report and party was tremendous. Fahie you are a true leader. It was well organized and and enjoyable event.

  2. On point says:

    Fahie you’re on point with this land Lord business

  3. Reply says:

    When I hear these kinds of statements from either party, in this case, the Opposition, I personally take them with a grain of salt, and chuck them up to routine political statements and accusations.

    Is the NDP government really robbing the poor to give to the rich, or this is some sort of political hyperbole by Mr. Fahie? It does not appear that way to me, but Mr. Fahie says it is. Which is it? It’s like there are two worlds going on here in the BVI.

    You read one source, and then read another, and you find yourself scratching your head and thinking out loud: Is this the same country? How can some people living in the same place see things so differently?

    I often wish there was an independent source to fact check these claims, like the press, which typically serves as the 4th branch of government to fact check these claims, and can bring some balance and truth to political statements.

    Where is the press? Who can tell us who is telling the truth, or who is telling bold face lies?

    • Maggie says:

      @ reply

      I wonder where do you really live?

      Everyone here knows what this Dr Orlando and his government is doing.

      They are the only ones and their rich friends living good through rough times while everyone catching hell. 4

      • Reply says:

        @Maggie. There is no doubt that there are people out there who were going thru a difficult time prior to the hurricanes, and are worst off today.

        For Mr. Fahie to claim, however, that the government is robbing the poor and giving it to the rich on its face is suspect. First, poor people technically don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of.

        People don’t normally steal from the poor because they technically don’t have anything. Most people who steal do so from those who have something to take from. How many of the convicted thieves in the news did so from the poor?

        Now if Mr. Fahie had said something like the NDP policies have not been good or favorable to the poor, he might have a better argument as I believe there is a serious undercurrent of poor people who are being left behind in the BVI economy.

        Then there is this:

        “Some insurance companies are doing everything to avoid paying people their money, some banks are doing everything to avoid giving people their insurance money, some contractors are milking people of their money, [there are] tenants and landlords [operating] without legislation, and a government that is missing in action.”

        There may be some truth to those statements, but is the NDP now responsible for what private businesses are doing?

        Anyway, poor folks need to understand this: Politicians can talk all they want about wanting to help the poor to get your vote, but you would be fool hardy to sit back and wait for them to improve your life.

        The best approach in my experience is no matter what these politicians say, you make the effort and investment in your own life to position yourself to get whatever you want out of this life.

        My message to young people is to stay in school, get as much education as possible, secure you a good job/business to take care of yourself and your family, and live your life to the fullest.

        Do not sit around waiting for any politician to make life better for you, because the truth is, it will not happen. Do you; screw the politician. You stand a greater chance of escaping poverty with your own actions than any politician’s promise.

    • To Reply says:

      Even the blind can see that this government is getting rich on the backs of the people.

  4. TurtleDove says:

    When you make a statement you should at least back it up with facts. I fail to see how the Government is taking from the poor and giving it to the rich in this article. No problem with including sister Islands in disaster plans and the government enforcing regulations on the books or making regulations to protect people.

  5. FACT says:

    Without Fahie being our eyes and ears we would have already been sold to the highest bidder.

  6. LOL says:

    What are the examples of this? These people serious? Wow!

  7. @ reply says:

    You got to be blind or just plain out ignorant what country or planet you living on what has this government done for it’s ppl before and After floods an storms

  8. RISE UP says:

    you know what? I always smile when I see local people driving around with the Queen’s license plate…hmmm I wonder what message are they REALLY sending………..Time to Wake up my people and return to your heritage its not going to get better……….Stop fooling ourselves….into all these confusion and lies and unite as one Israelite nation…….return to your heritage….stop living lies…..

  9. true says:

    Thank you Fahie

  10. watcher says:

    jAs per usual Mr Fahie offers no concrete evidence. Just vague generalities aimed at stirring up discontent. Heaven help the BVI in the unlikely event that he ever becomes Premier.

  11. The vip / ndp all the same says:

    Great sound bites but each govt of both ndp and vip have enriched themselves and their friends whilst in govt with petty contracts, jobs and dodgy deals. The budget each district rep gets goes towards this as well as it is easier to lose it to ‘district projects’ SO how Mr Fahie are you going to be different if you get into power? Last time you were in I seem to remember lots of money being spent on a drag racing consultation….. and some other pretty dubious choices. How exactly have you changed? Are you going to make sure all your candidates and yourself fill in the registrar of interests? Are you going to police your govt to make sure it is transparent and not corrupt? Maybe you could lead by example..don’t slag others off without giving exact examples, maybe show how you are doing better. I think you are a good politician but the BVI needs a leader who isn’t scared to change from the old ways.. Get your opposition district reps out now and get them on the street living their word not just turning up at election time… Let’s see how the VIP is going to go high – with intergrity and transparency..

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