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Struggling Man accused of aggravated burglary

Clarence ‘Struggling Man’ Mactavious

The well-known restauranteur accused of aggravated burglary and damaging the property of his Dominican Republic girlfriend after learning that another man lived with her has been granted bail.

Clarence Mactavious, the owner of the popular Sea Cow’s Bay restaurant called Struggling Man’s Place, did not answer to the charges when he appeared before Magistrate Shawn Innocent on Wednesday. That is because his matter is indictable, meaning it is triable before a judge and jury at the High Court.

The 64-year-old accused man, who is also a taxi operator, allegedly broke into the woman’s abode and attacked another man he found inside the apartment. That man was said to be her roommate.

13 stitches to head

The court heard that about 11 pm on May 12, Mactavious entered as a trespasser at his girlfriend’s Long Bush apartment through a window. He was allegedly armed with a baton.

The roommate was awakened by the sounds of broken kitchenware while in his bedroom.

When he opened his bedroom door, he claimed that the accused man struck him more than once on his head, and arms.

It is alleged that just before the roommate managed to escape further blows, Mactavious allegedly told him: “I am going to shoot you.”

The roommate received 13 stitches from wounds to the head, the court heard.

The court was told that the woman had left her home to get something to eat just before the incident but was alerted by a neighbour to return to the residence.

When she arrived, she saw that there were blood and broken items on the floor.


The court heard that the roommate had moved into the two-bedroom apartment approximately two weeks before the accused man’s girlfriend moved in.

He was required to pay $200 which reflects half of the monthly rent.

The court was told that Mactavious ‘assists’ his girlfriend with her half of the rent.

According to allegations, the accused man was not informed that the apartment was a shared rental. He only later heard that his girlfriend had a ‘man’ living in the house with her.

The court was further told that Mactavious and the woman were in a relationship whereby they occasionally visited each other’s home.

Two-part bail – cash upfront

Meanwhile, in court, Magistrate Innocent granted bail in the sum of $20,000 to the 64-year-old accused.

Mactavious must, however, pay $5,000 cash upfront in order to take up the bail offer.

The remaining $15,000 was a signed bail bond with one surety.

As a condition bail, Mactavious is to submit all travel documents and was told to not to leave Tortola without permission from the court. He was also ordered not to interfere with witnesses.

Mactavious who is also a taxi driver is to report to the Road Town Police Station every Monday and Friday between 6 am to 6 pm.

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  1. Cat's Meow says:

    I always heard the saying “the struggle is real” now I know how true that is ????

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  2. ungratefulb***g says:

    he shouda buss her a**e too

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  3. Devon says:

    His taxi license should be taken away if found guilty. ..

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    • Gumption.official says:

      @devon I disagree with you. If it was involving his vehicle etc I might have. In this case I can’t agree with you.

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    • Luvz says:

      Why should his taxi licence be revoked? His work as a taxi man has nothing to do with this matter. Did he ran over someone or anything of that nature?

      Please don’t loose focus now…

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  4. LOL says:

    Dem Santo….

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  5. No excuse says:

    No different from those punks who think that killing others is the way to resolve differences. But he “bahn hea” so he’ll prob get off with a slap on the wrist…SMH

    And, yes, he should lose his taxi license too. Or, run the risk he lose his cool with a pasenger or another person on the road, and then what?

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    • Strupes says:

      Why yo dont talk bout that thiefing jamdown who stole the money from pussers?

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      • No Excuse says:

        While it’s not right, the Jamaican you referred to allegedly stole money. There wasn’t anything in the article about him breaking and entering with a baton and causing bodily harm in a fit of apparent rage. And, for the records, as much as said man from Jamaica made restitution, I believe taking $ 10K that is not yours deserves more than a suspended sentence.

      • Hmm says:

        The Jamaican accused of stealing but beating someone with a baton and threading to shoot.

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  6. Be wise says:

    They going to learn. Any bet it was a Spanish man. I have nothing against the Spanish community but a lot of the women use local men and still have there Spanish man on the side. The Spanish men play along with it because they benefit too and brag about it too.

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  7. L says:

    There is still no evidence that she was cheating on him. He was her roommate. He was living there first.

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Ces la mème chosè, mème bète mème pwelle

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  9. Too old! says:

    He is too old to be in this kind of drama. Jealosy and controlling ways are bad emotions. No one owns anyone even if you are paying their rent.

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  10. For real says:

    Well sir you waited till you get old to Mel a** of you self

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  11. resident says:

    these — aint loyal

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  12. Eagle eye says:

    You struggled to find an apartment for her.You struggled to hear about a roommate in your rented apartment.You struggled to get through the window when you should have a cause her main man to struggle from those baton licks being the side you have to struggle to make now mite have to struggle against pumpkin.

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  13. Land tax says:

    If I paying rent I should have a key.

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  14. Hmm says:

    A mingo woman’s man is always her “roommate”.

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  15. Again? says:

    I thought that you had changed your bad ways. Repent.

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  16. Not Again? says:

    How can you let this happen again if it was a mistake the first time? Now it is a habit.

  17. Anonymous says:

    When would these Tortola men learn that these expat women do not love them but only their money? A lot of these ladies have big mansions and living lavishly off of their dime and they don’t even know. That’s like the “American dream” for these ladies, come to Tortola, find a jacka**, take his money, set up your family and self back home, then leave to live a lavish lifestyles back home. These women might seem like they are winning now however, karma is a big b***h. The same way they getting it is the same way they would lose it. What ever happened to the females who went to college, making a good penny and creating their lavish lifestyles on their own? tsk tsk tsk

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  18. Auntie Mary says:

    Ayo Tortola fools think them Spanish woman want Ayo? Dem dig out Ayo eye then go home to dem Spanish man. Dem only see Ayo money Dem don’t see Ayo stupid dumb a**. My friend should be ashamed of he self.

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  19. Sad says:

    Typical mango woman..nothing new. Always using the stupid bvi men..

  20. Puyaca says:

    Spanish p– p– sweet mehson real meat. Clean p– p–

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