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Telecoms companies not cleaning up shabby cell sites

Images from Tortola-based cell sites that were left abandoned and in a deplorable condition. PHOTO CREDIT: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News

Minister of Communications and Works, Mark Vanterpool has hit out against telecommunications companies operating in the British Virgin Islands for not cleaning up their cell sites that were badly damaged during the hurricanes.

Cell towers and other equipment belonging to these companies were blown down and reduced to unsightly piles of debris because of the category 5 disasters.

Vanterpool said the companies have neglected to clean up even though more than four months have gone since the hurricanes.

“I can’t get them to begin to move the iron and the poles that are thrown all over the place. That is something that we are very disappointed in. We have written to them, we have given them all sorts of warning and so on.”

“I am disappointed with the lack of attention that they have given to even cleaning up their poles and irons that have been thrown all over the country,” Vanterpool said.

The Minister was speaking during a public meeting with members of the Fourth Electoral District last week.

The telecoms companies came under heavier fire at the said meeting for what is being described as outrageously poor and expensive internet services.

Vanterpool is threatening to invite outside Internet providers to do business in the territory if the telecoms companies in the local market do not improve their service.

Photo Credit: Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News

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  1. Devon says:

    What about the cables from Flow,bvi cable etc that are still laying around our roads ?

    • Fox says:

      The same Minister responsible.

      • Concerned says:

        And what about Pier Park and that area. This goverment just does not have a clue about the real world! It is all about vindictiveness, who supports who, how much can we get, how do we avoid enforcing laws we do not want to…………. Look at Trellis Bay. One of the TOP tourist places on the island and somebody is jealous so all the boats remain (with a year by notice to remove them. Disgusting after almost 50 years I am leaving.

  2. True says:

    Well said Hon. Vanterpool. The same can be said about the electricity poles and wires around the place.

  3. Albion says:

    Talking about not cleaning up – the Minister said if we stacked our galvalum by the side of the road, DWM would come by and clear it all away.

    Well, the galvalum has been stacked all along my road for months now, but no sign of DWM yet.

    Would the Minister like to comment on that as well?

  4. Online Now says:

    Why can’t he get them to move them? Why does this man keep talking like he has no power or law or regulations behind him? Like he is asking for favours.

    The more I read from our politicians, the more I realise that they are just playing at politics in their spare time. We need politicians who view their roles as full-time and take the obligations put on them seriously.

    • Sam the man says:

      well said online now – this is the conclusion of many; the part time politicians we have just aren’t up to the task never mind just playing at it….the only one I’d trust in the NDP that has heart,passion and get up and go to make things happen is Mitch Turnbull but he’s stuff to learn too for sure…I like Andrew Fahie he’s passionate for sure and gets things done despite opposition…

  5. Really? says:

    Govt doing a shabby job of recovery

  6. TurtleDove says:

    He here complaining again about something he have the power to change? Do your job and then tell us when they will have their mess cleaned up.

  7. tallfat says:

    As i traverse the territory from east to west I see and concur it’s an unsightly mess. with lines and lines of wires from BVIEC and CTV with many light post attached. In the hurry up clean the garbage littering through the place is unsightly, its seems more spreading the filt. I do agree that they should remove their waste but the mcw hasn’t done any better So is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  8. tallfat says:

    passed through lower main street (scatliffe alley) a few days ago and it was flabbergasted to see the place so filthy. Who responsible for the clean up? somebody nar do dem wok

  9. Stainlessbloke says:

    Well does this also not apply to govt buildings like the Police Headquarters?

  10. Just Wrong says:

    To say nothing of the old phone booths that are nothing but mosquito hatcheries.

  11. Boss Man says:

    So if the boss can’t get the job done let’s get a
    new boss.

  12. Worker Bee says:

    Other than in District 4, I have not witnessed any clean up being done by the Minister for Communications and Works… Zero! The roads are a disgrace. Is the Minister saving up for election year?
    By the way, which district was his? Oh… Four.

  13. Looking On says:

    …And that district will vote him back in…that is his strategy….but the 4th district constituents need to realize…

    Revisit the current agreements in place with these companies….start enforcing the written polices assuming there are any lol ….then threaten like you know how….if its not cleared by Feb. 15 $5000 fine for each day its still there….

  14. Prophecy says:

    These people has been robbing bvi for so long. U go any where in the world and u will see how much good internet cost. This reminds me when they use to charge ur cell phone credit when persons call u and the same when u call. Until competition came in that has change. However this internet issue in bvi needs to b heavily address and fix. 250 dollars for such bad net. Ridiculos

  15. Do What's Right says:

    After stealing from the people of this territory for so many decades, there needs to be class action lawsuit against them so that people can get at least some of their money back.

    • @Do what's right says:

      You gots to be
      talking bout —. Who robbed the people more than them. Even some of their own share holders were given a bad deal.

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