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The big vote-puller, rejecting the odds to inspire a territory

If Virgin Islands history had any say in what candidates would emerge as victors of recently-concluded general elections, At-Large representative Sharie de Castro might not have been elected to sit in the House of Assembly as a legislator.

That would be because of the 28-year-old’s age and gender, since not very many young persons, let alone women have served in representational politics in the history of the Virgin Islands.

But the odds that history said should have been stacked against her were fashioned into opportunity by the de Castro.

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That ability seems to be something the Andrew Fahie-led Virgin Islands Party (VIP) discerned when it recruited the young legislator to contest the 2019 elections. The result is de Castro — the youngest person to contest the election — capturing the single largest number of votes in the entire territory.

Of the total 38,251 votes cast in the Territorial At-Large arena, de Castro won a commanding 4,778.

Asked what she thinks led the majority of voters to rally behind her at the polls, de Castro said: “I just think people bought into the message. My message was inclusive. I just also wanted to get people to understand that we all have a part to play. I have a part to play. You have a part to play and my part ain’t no bigger than anybody else’s part.”

“If we all do our part, we will be able to piece together the future of the Virgin Islands,” said de Castro who noted that she was ‘grateful and humbled’ by the people’s support.

The now-elected legislator is one of eight VIP candidates that caused the VIP to win the election.

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  1. Supporter says:

    The very best to you Ms. de Castro and the entire VIP team.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the young lady!

    Further, what is predestined is already written in history.

    Indeed, if history had anything to with it she would be cleaning some english man house right now, or cutting sugar cane to shipped back to the UK, all day for not a day’s pay.

    So man should look to history and judge it as it unfolds it self.

    With regards to recent political history though:

    Sadly, some will go through the next four years very tentatively, because some know that some of the newly elected have ran and now have and will be seeking to enrich themselves.

    Such a position was made clear and it will not change now that are elected. It is a pity the electorate were not aware.


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  3. Laura says:

    Never before has the BVI populace seen so many fresh faced young people vying for the political helm and evenmoreso women. Women are changing the face of power and showing young women in our country that they too can lead in politics. I personally can’t wait to meet the future leaders they inspire!

    Stay true to who you are Sharie, push forth with your agenda for change and shine brightly, our future generations and country need your guiding light.#BVIpride

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  4. Ausar says:

    I knew you would win.

    And you did!

    We’re counting on you to make us proud, Shaaarrriiéeeeeee!!!!

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  5. love ❤ from dc says:

    By her own words…this is a great example of an emotionally intelligent leader at a young age. Stay focus my sister and you will be the next premier.

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  6. Rest Haven for HOES says:

    Nope everybody was caught up in the “HATE MYRON AT ALL COST” movement so they were drunk with anger at the polls.

    They soon will realize a heap of FOOLs got big vote and will have to lead a ministry. some of them DUMB NO P**K. I will trust them with my mail not my future.

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    • MMS says:

      @Rest Heaven for Hoes::: Maybe we elected a heap of FOOLS but last time a bunch of educated criminals were elected and look at what they did to the country

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    • Mailman says:

      Hello, do you know that the mailman is in possession of a lot of powerful & damning information?

    • So true says:

      Would not of stand a chance in a normal election. we wanted NDP out and she got a chance as a result.

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    • Was it Silly Season 2 ? says:

      @Rest Haven for HOES, your comment seems to suggest you might be missing something resulting from the eviction of the NDP. Sister Joyce in her song, “Drain the swamp” described our country as having been Bulldozed by the actions of our former government; and she is absolutely correct. Hurricane Irma can’t be completely blamed for the shambled state we find ourselves; nor can it be blamed for the Shadow Government UK installed upon us, with its leader costing us upwards of $300,000 a year. Who in their right mind would vote for a shattered government (chopped in half), with its leader under investigation, possibly on his way to Balsam Ghut as well as its MCW possible being under investigation also?. Who in their sane mine would give up the opportunity of having 2 representative in the 9th, (2 islands/populations) separated by water but with same land mass as Tortola, for the self-employed absentee representative just ousted? Just wondering…

  7. Watching On says:

    She will do well once her m****r stays out.

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  8. foolish says:

    I understand what you people in the BVI did but it was foolish. These people have no experience nor did they get a chance to understudy anyone. while they might not be corrupted, they might do none sense in the offices. This was not the time to make foolish decisions like this. I do agree however, change was needed.

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    • @foolish says:

      The now experience was once a novice. You have to start somewhere. All they need is a good team surrounding them and our prayers and support. Stop being a pessimist and be optimistic.

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    • Give it a Rest says:

      @foolish. What makes you have all the answers. Not everything can go your way

    • What Time Is It? says:

      @Foolish, Would you tell these inquiring minds who did the past Premier understudy before taking up premiership of our once unbroken and prosperous country? and also who walwyn, Marlon, Mitch, Hubert or Alvera understudied? Had your apparently dismantled government won, positions were already marked out and the representative for the 6th would have become Minister of Education; no doubt a nice loving lady. Talk about experience. Isn’t lack of business experience why our government gave away our $7.2 million for a plane we don’t own or have, nor the money? Isn’t it lack of experience why MCW in one year contracted some 13 consultants, costing tax-payers several millions? or lack of experience why over $20-million was spent on lawsuits? By now the point should be crystal clear; and FYI (for your information), your beloved team isn’t coming back; ever. Until all our minds Blanks out. Lol

  9. That’s the problem says:

    In the BVI the not so old and the not so experienced always get sidelined and badmouthed but some forget that all at some point were young or green and started somewhere. Even after 8 years we saw some “greenest” with the last Government.

    Please stop all the nasty and unnecessary comments and give positive contributions as our country, it’s leaders and the people need that right now. Outlr loyalty right now should be to the BVI. If we all have this as a priority the country and everyone will be better off.

  10. We watching says:

    There’s a lot of wrong going on less than a week in but one thing I know Hon.Sharie De Castro was to be premier…country give her the most votes

    Not because your a leader of the party you can be the premier!!!

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  11. Eatingall says:

    Well she might be Premier if some don’t turn down that plate.

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