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There will be no local Deputy Governor soon — Fahie

Deputy Governor Rosalie Adams said she is exiting the post on February 28. (BVI News photo)

Locals have been sitting in the Deputy Governor’s chair for years but Opposition Leader and First District Representative, Andrew Fahie now fears that is about to change.

The current Deputy Governor, Rosalie Adams is expected to retire from the post at the end of February.

Fahie has suggested that government is allowing top local positions to be handed over to UK natives and persons of other nationalities, and believes the post of Deputy Governor is next.

“Call it a conspiracy theory if you must. But, it is my personal belief that it was not in the best interest of those with constitutional authority to put an end to the games. The Constitution gives them the sole responsibility to call for commissions of inquiry [but] they refused and they played it to a fiddle!  Now, today, what do we have locally? No Attorney General. No Director of Public Prosecution. No Accountant General. No Commissioner of Police. No Superintendent of Prison. No Financial Secretary, and soon, no Deputy Governor,” Fahie said.

He made the statement while delivering his annual First District report at the recreational grounds in Capoons Bay last evening, January 21.

New Deputy Governor

No announcement has been made about who will replace Adams when she steps down as Deputy Governor next month.

Adams was first appointed in the post last August.

She replaced Vivian Inez Archibald, who was first appointed Deputy Governor on September 15, 2008. She served in the position for eight years.

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  1. no accountability says:

    country broke and these politicians are still crying. lock them up!

  2. A says:

    very dire situation indeed!

    “what do we have locally? No Attorney General. No Director of Public Prosecution. No Accountant General. No Commissioner of Police. No Superintendent of Prison. No Financial Secretary, and soon, no Deputy Governor,” Fahie said.

    For many, many years many have been publicly voicing the same concerns, yet nothing politically, or nationally was done.

    How can a country call itself a country, but not just that, a DEMOCRATIC country when all of its highest ruling positions are not held by its own CITIZENS?

    How can such an obvious wrong be corrected? What political and or constitutional changes have to be made.

    The experts should get involved seriously on this issue. This is a POLITICAL, ECONOMIC and NATION TAKE OVER/COUP from the top down.

    This is no hypothesis. This is a reality unfolding before us, and we are helpless in curtailing or stopping it.

    I was told at a very young age that the “man” would return and take these beautiful lands from us. It is now in “silent progress.

    What more evidence is needed?

    The Honorable Minister is quite right with the facts presented. What now can he and others do politically to avert the inevitable?

    • Albion says:

      I think the position of the DG is different from those other positions. I suspect that Mr Fahie is doing a bit of scaremongering.

      It will be a cold day in hell before they appoint a non-local as DG.

    • @A says:

      Take over/coup, you say. The Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory, it is not an independent country. It’s hard to have your cake and eat it too!

  3. My take says:

    If at no time belongers cannot take up major positions in this country then why are we educating the youth? This has to stop.

    • Not2Sure says:

      I believe it is the other way around. The need to employ expats in senior positions arises because there are not enough qualified BVIslanders coming through.

      The solution is more education and better education. Not less.

  4. Truth says:

    Under the NDP leadership this country and it’s people has regressed.

  5. lawyer says:

    Where is the succession planning?

    The people in power always try to eliminate any potential successor, because they want to be in the position forever. We need to extend an arm and help our brothers and sister to reach the level we are on or even push them on if we are not able to go.
    We all should feel proud when our bothers and sisters succeed, not jealous!

  6. Laura says:

    Every organization, public or private, owes a significant amount of its success or failure
    to the development of high-caliber employees and leaders.Succession planning is vitally important for ensuring the continued success of any kind of business and is particularly prudent in a time where boomers are reaching retirement age – taking with them years of knowledge and working relationships, which can and should be handed down before they enjoy their well-earned retirement. The BVI needs to ramp Up succession planning in an ongoing, dynamic process, not a static, one-time objective. So whilst Hon. Fahie has drawn attention to the problem, the Government is solely to blame for the problem created not people with talent applying for jobs.

  7. Lodger says:

    No official has stated that the next deputy governor will not be a local. Advertising the post for a UK national would have started some months ago.

  8. TAKIM says:

    I am a Montserratian by birth and a Virgin Islander by virtue..or let’s say a Belonger…I am deeply concerned that this is not only the case with Tortola by my country as well..we are both under British Rule and most if not all of our key positions are taken up by other nationalities or individual’s of another first as a people we need to look at society and what are the problems…education is the foremost and we should look at the future of our country, which are the young and maybe start from there…God Bless you and thanks for reading my post..Thankxx

  9. @ says:

    The locals aren’t stepping up to the plate in some cases. In some cases its the very locals that keep other locals back. Why hasn’t Roslie been grooming someone all this time?

  10. watcher says:

    I believe the Premier and all the ministers are locals. So all the bosses of these positions are locals. Also many people who might be qualified for these roles are off working abroad.

    And the Deputy governor will certainly be a local. Some people love stirring up trouble where none exists. And we know who they are.

  11. Time will tell says:

    Why does he not ask the right question or give correct information?? The question that should have been raised is “Why are qualified locals not applying for these posts?”. Andrew knows fully well that the locals who under-study these foreign officials are still not up to the task, and in most cases are simply not interested in the job. What then should a goverment do? What did his government do when faced with this delima? THE SAME DAM THING!! Andrew thinks we ALL forget. Unfortunately, there are some of us who are easily led and fall for this banter time and time again. Tricked into casting the almight VOTE

  12. You says:

    can eat your cake and still expect to have it, but I will not look in the septic tank for mine.

    When any country’s highest paying and most powerful positions are ALL held by non-belongers, that is a very, very serious problem for any country.

    He who sees it differently should continue to eat his cake, what is left at the bottom.

    Here is not the place or space for a political and historical lesson or lessons, so let’s just say that that whole situation is wrong, the colonialist know it, and they are skillfully coming back in all the highest positions to reap their financial BENEFITS, DUE TO THEIR COLONIALIST STRONG WRONG HOLD ON THE TERRITORY.



  13. Bull says:

    Andrew talk about more important issues such as our weak immigration enforcing policies. People are doing crime here and are still allowed back into the country.

    You never take a stand on an issue outside of NDP and the civil service. Talk about the water rights the fishermen are losing to foreign investors.

  14. what a ting!! says:

    Slavery was abolished years ago in the territory!!

    Why hasn’t the younger generation of locals rise up educate themselves and train their offspring’s loyalty. Instead,making money is their top priority.The younger generation has no time for family to teach their young one moral values and the things that matter in life: love for God,love for your fellow men; love for country, obedience to law and authority, respect for family and the public in general, respect for government property,respect for family commitments, (marriage) and the home in general. Instead: priority is: hanging out in bars, making fast money, womanizing, swearing at family members (wife at husband and vise-versa) in front of children. Giving away well earned money on the streets to women out of the home. SOCIETY pretends all is well and look the other way while foreigners take up the good jobs so WHO TO BLAME !!

  15. Diplomat says:

    Will the VI ever see one of its own appointed as Governor? Or it is the province of UK nationals to represent Her Majesty? Ok. No Virgin Islander will be appointed Governor. Nonetheless, a Virgin Islander should be appointed Deputy Governor. Are they not a number of qualified Virgin Islander who can serve as both Governor and Deputy Governor?

    Is colonialism, neocolonialism and imperialism reemerging or they never went anywhere? Is it a just coincidence that a number of high level positions are being by UK nationals, ie, COP, SOP…….etc? Are Virgin Islanders proving that they lacked the talent, skill……to lead and have to be rescued as was previously the belief ?

    By now should not the VI have been capable to staff most positions with Virgin Islanders? If there is a shortage of qualified of Virgin Islanders whose fault is it? Is the crab-in-bucket syndrome killing Virgin Islanders?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can someone please publish a list of qualified BV Islanders so that they can indicate interest and be vetted. Offer attractive incentives for those abroad to return home. Don’t get it twisted – expats are given sweet incentives to accept these jobs in the territories.

  17. Onlooker says:

    Can someone please publish a list of qualified BV Islanders so that they can indicate interest and be vetted. Offer attractive incentives for those abroad to return home. Don’t get it twisted – expats are given sweet incentives to accept these jobs in the territories.

  18. voter's thought says:

    Hon Andrew there is two votes in my home, we voted for the NDP last election we are so disappointed, we are following you, however you speak without giving some kind of proof or solution, and we are worried if we will be out of the fire into the frying pan. Please sir give some proof and also good solution for every pitfall of the NDP.

  19. By says:


    Do some not know history of the Western kind?

    When those questions can be truly answered truthfully, then one would consider eating one’s cake and having it to.

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