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Tourism boost anticipated this year — Christian

Junior Minister for Tourism Archibald Christian

Junior Minister for Tourism Hon Archibald Christian has said he is anticipating a boost in the local tourism industry this year.

Speaking yesterday during an interview with BVI News, Christian said the marine sector is already showing signs of bouncing back. He added that plans are also in the pipeline for new resorts to be built in the territory.

“We don’t have the final numbers as it ends in 2017 but obviously there will be a slight dip because, for three months, we were basically shut out. But the resiliency that I have seen in two and a half months gives me a lot of hope,” he stated.

“If you look out on the horizon right now, you will see a lot of chartered boats which means the marinas and boat companies, obviously are continuing to bring back their clients. You see the mega yachts increasing as times goes by. So, I believe that the numbers may have dropped in 2017 but they are going to pick up,” the junior minister remarked.

He continued: “I think the biggest sector that will benefit right now would be the sailing sector. As we speak right now we can see that it is happening, what the numbers will be is anybody’s guess, but I am optimistic that the sailing sector we will see the biggest increase in terms of numbers over the next few months.”

New resorts coming

Christian said though many major resorts and hotels were destroyed by Hurricane Irma, new structures will be erected.

He did not specify when the new structures will be built but said the local employment rate will rise as a result.

“We are going to have one or two new resorts that will spring up, but I don’t have the details to tell you exactly where those resorts will be. But I know for sure that some new resorts will be coming up on the horizon,” noted Christian.

“I think that is good news for the BVI because they will be brand new hotels,” he added.

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  1. What says:

    Archie Electricity is not even restored yet on the west side and north side, The tourist districts. I mean what is wrong with you all. You all aint seeing reality. We dont need new resorts we need electricity back and the roads fixed.

    The west end jetty aint even operating you all could have had a trailer and a wooden building opened with stalls for Immigration customs something temporary and nice with a Caribbean flavor taking about two weeks to put up.

  2. Wait, what? says:

    “We are going to have one or two new resorts that will spring up, but I don’t have the details to tell you exactly where those resorts will be. But I know for sure that some new resorts will be coming up on the horizon,” noted Christian.

    Why the F–K is he talking then!!!!! He basically said “I don’t know but I know for sure!” WTF!

  3. :( says:

    They love to throw out this cryptic stuff about a new resort here, or a new resort there, but then say they can’t tell you anything! This Government loves everything in the dark!
    How about a little support to the businesses already existing that are rebuilding in order to save a bit of this season and be ready for next? Any new resorts built will not be ready until the 2019 season at best! Focus on the ‘here’ and ‘now’ for our economy not things that may or may not happen long after you’re voted out of office!!

  4. Bohica says:

    This is absolutely fantastic news! You can almost feel the buzz of everything coming back alive again. Especially since he mentioned that the sailing community will have a big increase over the last few months (Sep, Oct, Nov..I reckon), that is a mighty impressive feat my friend.

    But wait, there is more great news too, not 1 but perhaps 2 brand new FIVE STAR (I reckon) resorts will be built rather quickly. It will be a sight to see all the building materials for these resorts transported on our broken roadways, perhaps they are going to airdrop in the timber?

    2018 and the Carnival carries on……

    • Hmmm says:

      People going to actually come here in the months of sep, oct a year after the worst hurricane in history??

    • Watcher says:

      I know the deatails of three charter companies each with about 50 boats pre Irma. Two have 5 boats left and one has none. Replacement boats will arrive but they will each operate this year with about 10 boats and next season with 20-25. It will be several years, 4 or 5 before the fleet reaches previous levels. Assuming it ever does.

  5. NDP says:

    National Dreamers Party

  6. vg resident says:

    No one seems to be helping me with getting work permits approved to get my workers into VG to rebuild my villa. STOP with spending 300M for an airport expansion with NO airlines interested in coming into Beef Island. I talked to Jet Blue zero interest. Your government needs to face realty and help with the existing situation. The road to my villa is impassible and your talking about a runway expansion.

    • Watcher says:

      They wont. The labour department is the greatest drag on the prosperity of the BVI. In spite of government assurances there has been zero change in attitude since Irma.

  7. Talk talk Talk says:

    News said tax exemption extended till March went to the Port paid over 300 bucks…Customs received no orders to exempt tax from gov. Now this? I guess when fish could fly…

  8. Watcher says:

    The truth is that few resort hotels in the BVI make a profit. That is why some had closed pre Irma and why certain owners are in no great hurry to reopen after Irma. Some, mostly on the outer islands, operate simply because they are the trophy businesses of rich people and not because they offer a great return on investment or even make a profit.

    BVI cannot compete with low cost countries like the DR in the mass markets and cannot compete with such as St Barts at the high end because of stifling bureaucracy preventing innovation, and labour laws that prevent the recruitment of the best personnel.

    There are also quite a few resorts that needed massive updating even before Irma and that was not in general being done. I have no idea where they think these new resorts are going to be coming from.

  9. sam the man says:

    Tourism boost? are you mad? the Island is on it’s knees and you spread this nonsense! it’s going to take a few years to recover to where we were – get real and to be honest many resorts will not re-open as there isn’t the demand for poorly operated resorts – Irma has provided the opportunity to take some money and close resorts…

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