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Two feared dead after early-morning shooting

Two persons are feared dead following a major shooting on the island of Tortola on Saturday morning, February 10.

The shooting happened in the vicinity of Althea Scatliffe Primary School about minutes before 5 o’clock, BVI News understands.

Residents reported hearing a few single shots then rapid and successive gunfire.

This incident comes days after another shooting near Alexandra Maduro Primary School this week.

It also follows a double murder on Tortola just over two months ago.

BVI News will provide more information as this breaking story develops.

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  1. .... says:

    Bring back the curfew

    • Theo says:

      Couldn’t agree more as nobody seems to remember exactly what this will mean if another disaster happens again.

      Most of us think the BVI is like back when there used to be 1 shooting and we were shocked.

      Now it several shootings and we still acting like what happened after Irma is a surprise.

  2. VG too says:

    Enough is enough, already!!!

    It is time to clean up Tortola. Bring in extra Police. Do house to house searches, stop and search vehicles and scooters, and get rid of the guns!

    An innocent child was recently murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and no action seems to have been taken.

    How many more of our children have to die before we as a people demand action to rid the territory of these hooligans?

    Those of you in the know, it is time to speak up. Your child could be next!

    • Priorities says:

      I totally agree with you and what was heartbreaking about the murder of 11 yr old Trinity is that people knew who did the shooting,but nobody wants to talk. Can you imagine an innocent child was killed and nobody wants to talk. We heard talk about the streets taking matters into their hand and would have gone after the killers, but I don’t know what became of that talk

    • See says:

      Agree with everything sad to say . Also change the law . Minimum 20 years for gun crime ….PERIOD . No parole and too bad if the prison is crowded . Get rid of the garbage ….NOW . We are losing our country to gutless lazy ignorant punks . St Croix is starting to look civilized

    • watcher says:

      Did you notice any increased activity from the Police Commissioner and his men? No , neither did I.

  3. Mmm says:

    All out war mehson

  4. Margo Rose says:

    All of this is very sad to read. News spreads, and the last thing the BVI needs right now is this kind of press… Someone has to start talking and get a handle on who/why…. Breaks my heart.

  5. Scotland Yard says:

    I’ve had enough now. Bring in Scotland Yarf! Enough is enough!!!

  6. Oh says:

    We don’t need to bring back anything but strict parenting.

  7. uhh says:

    Why you and the rest of the citizens who had enough don’t go do it. All of what you asking for is out of pure emotion, not that you want to be logical/methodical about the situation. The people we need to do these things you speak of are doing this for a living, NOT FOR FREE, we dont have the money/resources! God Damnit Tola this is your judgment for the lack of action from YOUR OWN! Yall want to bring more force to fight a problem that starts at homes and the schools that are ineffective? REALLY?!?! The beast done swallow most of yall children anyway so expect worse to come. Yall want to fix this issue within the next few years, start at the homes and schools while taking out yall sorry excuse of leaders who have no vision.

  8. He says:

    The police know is them west man

  9. Not2Sure says:

    So that answers the question of whether 2017’s record setting year for murders was an aberration or “the new normal”. Early February and we are already averaging one murder a month again.

    What I don’t understand is why the community continues to shield these killers among us.

  10. Olie says:

    Sad situation

  11. Island man says:

    I take the BVI at heart and this upscale in crimes is very troubling to me. The problem now, is how can we contain and crackdown on gun violence before it’s to late.
    Now the government first have to stop their interference in the police force by protecting family and friends.
    The police need to address the under age boys on bikes (tired talk about this).
    We as citizen need to alert the police on suspect persons with guns in their possession.
    Man a so sorry for my country as we are losing control of our prides and love as a people.
    BVI am sorry!!!

  12. LOL says:

    the problem is nobody comes forward with information – keep on doing so until one of your loved-ones is dead. the other problem is that nobody is allowed to discipline the youth, so they do have a free pass to do whatever they want to. concerning the police I don’t see them besides riding around in their vehicles obstructing traffic stopping in the middle of the road to chat or being crossing-guards.

    • @LOL says:

      @”the other problem is that nobody is allowed to discipline the youth, so they do have a free pass to do whatever they want to.

      If it is your child discipline him or her, don’t let them do what they want; you are the parent. It’s your responsibility not the Government.

    • Moesha says:

      Did you stop to think that the reason why people are afraid to come forward is because of retaliation if the word get out that there is rats and snitches out there. And some of those same police is in there knowing who the druggies are and what they are doing. So who is going to protect when they themselves are doing the same thing.

  13. BLESSED says:

    God be with Us. Give us Strength to go on

  14. For Real says:

    There needs to be more police stop and search on the roads. especially at nights and the weekends.

  15. Look Out says:

    Assailant(s): Black males with parental ties to the upper Caribbean Islands.
    Murder Victims: Black males with parental ties to the upper Caribbean Islands

  16. Be the choir says:

    Presently there is a significant number of youth that have no vision for their success in the country due to lack of opportunity. Not everyone has the learned or financial capability to graduate with high marks and continue with the pursuit of higher education abroad. On home soil good, respectable careers earning income in fields that are in abundance are mostly looked down upon. It is below the person to earn a living working in the average hospitality and/or tourism jobs.Look around, if the locals filled these jobs there would be less need for all the expatriates coming in. For decades employers have been reluctant to hire locals because of attitude problems. Face it, you have youth who think that starting out as a dishwasher or deckhand or busboy or janitor or line cook is below them. They do no want to spend years learning how to be good employees, learning their trade and the business and progressing through the ranks. No, it is far better to be seen as the powerful, carefree, take no sh$t from anyone, thug. Correction, they do take often, they do not hesitate to take what thry have not earned to survive. For them crime pays. The country allows crime. The people protect the criminals. The youth know this. They see who prospers. They see who is selling drugs and earning success through unacceptable ways. People who drive nice cars, live in nice homes, who are laden in gold and diamonds. They see these persons go untouched by the law. They know they too can have the same and be protected by the country that fears them most. Congratulations you have created yet another person willing to join the ranks of murderer. Faced with nothing or everything they’ll do what they must to have it all. Why not? You reward criminals and degrade the average worker.

    So you can bring in a police force of 1000’s, put a curfew in place, outlaw scooters, lock up gun carriers for decades at a time but these thugs will continue to regenerate. The only way to clean house is to change attitude. Teach the children to take pride in work. Provide them early opportunity to fill entry level jobs and encourage them to respect the position and the employer. Give them a home to live in where daddy respects mommy and they are taught morals and values. Teach them to take honour in earning a salary. Change the attitude of the employees and employers will take notice. The young will have more opportunities open and with employment there is less need to be hanging out on the street and having babies when they too are babies. Change the culture of protecting crime also. Speak out against those who are now protected. Take a stand against evil. Be the warriors for good. Fight crime on all levels by using your voices. Trust in God if you have to, that speaking out about a crime is the righteous thing to do. Whether it be against thief, murderer or corruption SPEAK OUT. Your words are the path to truth and knowledge. Your words will lead the trail for the law to have the means to charge a suspect with a crime and to face trial before judge and jury. Your voice is what is needed to have a safer home. Your voice can save a child from being a victim like Trinity or the next to choose to seek a life of crime. One voice can make a difference. Imagine the power of a collective voice. A choir is always magical.

  17. Susan says:

    Hope the best for the bvi

  18. See says:

    You want to kill this country kill the so called recovery and kill the chances of tourists making this a destination …. keep letting these ignorant spineless wannabe thugs rule the streets . Lots of police driving around during the day . None at night . Even the Bermuda and Cayman Islands police were off the record honest about the lack of enforcement of laws here . Complete lack of leadership and accountability and before you blame the frightened people in the streets mr police chief how about stepping up and solving something . Put away the damn yellow tape and tape measures and get out there and do some real work . People , you must insist on law enforcement or we will continue to loose this country . The politicians have made it clear at EVERY SINGLE TURN that they do not care.

  19. TRUTH BE TOLD says:

    The whole Crux of the matter is a corrupt judicial system, a corrupt government, a corrupt police force. Period.

  20. Send them home says:

    These gunman prisoners coming from st Lucia, send them back to their country. Why they letting them stay here because they have belonger status and business? , they importing guns in country and that’s how we have all these crime. Governed deny their letters and send them out. Most of them using children and family to show and stay here. If the family living high on the money that would beg for them to stay. SEND DEM HOME!!!!! Plus the have need with the police because they doing they job.

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