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UK donates £1.2M to RVIPF to spend by March

Police Commissioner, Michael Matthews

The United Kingdom (UK) government has donated £1.2 million (US$1.68 million) to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

Commissioner of Police, Michael Matthews said the funds were made available late last month to help bolster overall operations and restore RVIPF facilities that were damaged by the hurricanes.

The top cop specified that the money will be used to repair police stations across the territory, buy three armed response vehicles, and train police in tactical and firearms response.

Some of the funds is also being used to hire UK detectives to help solve the BVI’s 2017 murders.

“We have to spend the money by March 31 because, of course, the UK operates on a slightly different financial process than us and their financial year ends on March 31,” Matthews said during a media conference this morning.

“We are trying to spend it as quickly as possible. I haven’t actually got the figures… [but] there is a fair bit of that money being spent as we sit here now,” said Matthews, who added that building materials and new vehicles are among the items already purchased.

The police commissioner said Governor Augustus Jaspert had a major part in securing the funds for the RVIPF.

“I have to say that I am hugely happy that at least some of the monies for restoring our estates have been made available now through the UK funding and that we don’t have to wait for local government to do all that must be done. Government presently has many establishments to get up and running and many competing demands,” Commissioner Matthews said.

The UK has appointed its own representative as Project Manager to effectively oversee spending.

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  1. Anita says:

    Good news. Hire no cronies and get the job done. We need good policing, good law and order.

  2. Heartless says:

    And still no word on the killers of 11yr old Trinity said Franklin. Come on people,I know some of you know who killed that child in such a heinous manner,pleplease come forward and help being justice to that loving child.You can’t all be that heartless

  3. Bob marley says:

    Babylon system must fall

  4. Dog man says:

    If they want it spend by March let the government have it. Good job

  5. Prophecy says:

    Not them. Uust be mad dog man
    Then they will leave the police force unfixed

  6. Cromwell says:

    Mr Mathews, whilst you continue make yourself inaccessible, your problems will continue. You only want the public’s help when it suits you, when someone wants to bring something to your attention, you just aren’t available.

  7. Diplomat says:

    No doubt, the BVI needs effective policing and needs facilities, personnel, equipment and current technology to pursue and attain it. The £1.2M or $1.69M is welcomed. Nonetheless, I have to ask the question. Was the NDP government dissed again by the FCO/Governor? Was the funding given directly to the Comish or did it go through the Premier? Is this another dissing for the NDP?

    Look like the FCO is more comfortable dealing with its own. If the CoP were a local or from a regional former Anglophone country would the FCO be so accommodating? The UK aid seems to be benefitting UK nationals. Did the NDP government earned the dissing? Are there two governments in the BVI operating on parallel tracks? Does the NDP have the stones to fight back? Is colonialism reemerging or it never went away?

    • Gary Matthews says:

      I think because policing and defense are the Governor’s responsibility that it was done that way.

    • Online Now says:

      “The UK aid seems to be benefiting UK nationals”.
      Wow, you are sick in the head. This is money paid by UK tax payers, ending up in the BVI to help police the BVI community as the BVI government made no provision to protect itself from tropical weather – i.e. insurance.

      More entitlement nonsense from a people so out of touch with the “real world”.

  8. Lashley says:

    Has anyone notice the use of massa language in the article?

  9. Bvislander says:

    funny how they quick to fund prison. I wonder if they will assist with the education system. I doubt they will as it is not in their interest. However, the prison system is. Don’t be surprise if privatizing the prison is an option. It is a big money maker.

    be watchful…

  10. @Online now. says:

    First, insurance is a privately run industry and consumers and government alike has the choice of buying into that industry or not.

    Second, government regulates the industry. It does not provide insurance for a country.

    Your notion is false and very biased. But some expect nothing reasonable from your kind, as your opinion clearly indicates.

    From the 10th, 11th, or 12th to the 19 century, your nation (UK) went around the world taking other peoples land by force, war, genocide and extermination and then claim the inhabitants land, gold and other resources as their own. That is the “real world” OnLine!!
    You enslaved for centuries without a penny a people and then left them to starve to death after you couldn’t make riches off of them. That is the “real world,” Online!
    So entitled they are to a pay back! So let’s not use reverse entitlement biases to mislead.
    None of us should be living under the political conditions we are today which is colonialism uncut.
    For example, no man of a foreign land should have access to the top highest paying and ruling jobs in another man’s country and nation and the local population has no pathway on earth of ever reaching or holding those jobs.
    But you and your country call that democracy? That is disguised hypocrisy!! That is our real world Online and it is not a right or righteous world. It is a colonialist tic notion of a right that is blatantly wrong.
    Today, these islands are still being run the way the colonialist ran them centuries ago, spend money on jails and prisons, but do not educate the masses. Build a prison to lock them up, but never a school to educate them.
    If we are such an entitled people, why hasn’t the UK come running with billions to rebuild our devastated School and education system?
    How many school buildings in the UK are currently insured against anything nature might throw at it?
    It is the same old tired dead philosophy that made that million dollars available to the prison system here in Tortola, not the methods or lack thereof of the National Democratic Party.

    • Online Now says:

      “My kind” – ha!

      I imagine the majority of schools in the UK are insured. My point was that the government could have insured the buildings.

      If the BVI won’t help itself, why expect everyone else to help it.

  11. @Online now. says:

    Biased and uninformed opinions are clearly your only means of discourse.

    Empirical evidence and historical truths are sorely missing.

    Perhaps relocation from your segregated hole in the BVI might do it some good in helping itself?

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