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Universal Chant

The single Universal Chant is the first official musical release from Shine I and is intended to be the beginning of a new chapter in the artist’s now blooming career. It is comprised of the title track, “Universal Chant” (for which the single is named) and the bonus track, “Bright & Morning Star”; a duet performed with his sister, Keshma Cameron, which tells of the struggles that the victims of love must endure to remain together.

The acapella version of the title track, was first performed at the “March and Rally Against Crime & Violence” held in Road Town, British Virgin Islands in November, 2008. Ironically, “Universal Chant” is now being released at a time when the nature of the crimes and violent acts in the B.V.I community are on the borderline of bizarre, the number of sexual offenses involving minors are steadily increasing, “cold” cases continue to remain cold, the neighbouring United States Virgin Islands experience multiple homicides in a single weekend and other Caribbean islands suffer with the torment of human carcasses being decapitated and delivered to authorities.

The American Heritage Dictionary’s definition of “universal” is; of, relating to, extending to, or affecting the entire world or all within the world; worldwide. The lyrics of this song are truly universal as they originate from a universal question:

“…what’s happening to this earth which we’re living in, when people don’t care ‘bout life?”

Irrespective of age, ethnicity or locality, this question is asked in some form or another, making this song a true UNIVERSAL CHANT!

Track 3 sample Shine-i – Universal Chant
Track 4 sample Shine-i – Universal Chant



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