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UPDATE: Multiple assailants during shooting, says ‘eyewitness’

Police cordoned the scene where yesterday’s shooting happened in Baughers Bay.

Eyewitnesses are claiming that yesterday’s shooting incident near Alexandra Maduro Primary School in Baugher’s Bay involved multiple gunmen.

One male victim was reported injured and taken to hospital after the incident but a self-described eyewitness recalls seeing two persons with injuries.

The ‘eyewitness’ claimed that one of the injured parties fled the scene on a motor scooter.

Reports to our news centre are that the area was relatively populated moments before the shooting.

“I heard about two shots and I looked out and I saw people running,” the said eyewitness recalled.

“Some guys ran in a blue small car and they drove off. And then some other guys ran in a brown Jeep and they drove off as well. I saw this guy pass on a scooter with blood running down his side. He had gotten shot.”

The alleged eyewitness further said the injured rider motored away with a pillion passenger who was seen concealing what appeared to be a weapon. The other gunshot victim remains in hospital.

Meanwhile, the ‘eyewitness’ who was a visitor to Baugher’s Bay said the experience was frightening.

“It’s really scary. Up to now I cannot believe the time that happened.”

The shooting is said to have happened several minutes after 5 o’clock on February 6.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after. Investigations are said to be ongoing.


A male victim has sustained gunshot injuries following a shooting in the Baughers Bay area of Tortola on Tuesday evening, February 6.

The gunshot victim is now being treated at Peebles Hospital in Road Town.

His medical condition is not known at this time.

Meanwhile, BVI News understands that the hospital has been placed on police lockdown as a result of the incident.

Details of the shooting are still sketchy but more information will be provided as this breaking story develops.

Police at the scene of the incident. (Photo provided)

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  1. God Help Us says:

    The World is Getting Crazy EVERYDAY ‘

  2. Hi hi says:

    Lil boys learn the hard way

  3. Brea says:

    Bwoiii hurry geh better I ball long eye tears yeh

  4. Guest says:

    Bunch of lil f*g$$ts that get hold of a gun and trying to use it for the first time…

  5. ForTrue says:

    From the CSY dock area I and other persons who were there at the time heard three gun shorts, so according to the eyewitness there may very well be another injured person out there.

  6. Richgdgy says:

    Get rid of the cruise ship druggies!Supply and demand of drugs equals CRIME!

  7. BoyBlue says:

    Description of gunmen: Black male with parental ties to the upper Caribbean Islands.
    Description of victims.
    Black make with parental ties to the upper Caribbean islands.

  8. ??? says:

    Parents and especially fathers are failing this society in a major way an suh….if this is the best we can do in raising young black men. It’s a disgrace.

    • Guest says:

      Where the hell does “an suh” come in? Why can’t you learn proper English from chatting s***?

    • smith says:

      The government is a big factor in the way these children are acting. They will tell you you can’t beat your child if they misbehaving or you can get arested ..this is why tortola is the way it is

      • Parents are to blame! says:

        Why are you blaming the government, that is absurd. Fathers are missing from the equation, going around breeding left and right and taking no time to raise their children… spending their money on having a good time and strip clubs. The mothers are often leaving the children unsupervised because they are either working too many hours or want to enjoy the fun lifestyle also. Letting American TV and values raise our children. No discipline in the house. And discipline does not mean child abuse! You can discipline in many ways. Parents take responsibility for the children you bring on the planet… it is becoming a burden for the society. If you can’t spend the time and money to properly parent, do not have children!

      • sub zero says:

        It is much more than that. If you are developing a country you’re to develop it with the people of the country making sure families are being developed with the country. If families are at the bottom of the bucket. society quickly breaks down and become a septic thank of Sh and a breeding ground for crime. Then after a while not even the Officials and families would not be safe. for they will be just held for ransom. For if my child is hungry I will do anything to feed them or my self, even if it means robbing or whatever. Think about this politicians if we not happy you would never sleep well.

  9. eyes on says:

    these little _____ tail messing around our country with these nonsense like cat and standard.

    • sub zero says:

      Stop blaming the children Start from the problem for if the head of the country corrupt how the hell you expect any better from society. When you see a bunch of unfairness Steeling of tax payers money mishandling and other crap going on and GV having no accountability while getting a way with their white CL crimes. How many family has suffered when or tax money being paid to make a better life for all is miss used. Community programs to help struggling individuals and so on. For all the years of Financial services industry what have we to show. Not a thing. In stead we have the smallest but most expensive bridge, Roads, walls, Cruse ship p, petty contracts and much more where money has disappeared with no accountability or prosecution. Crime is crime no matter what level or who it is. God don’t like ugly and vengeance is his. He not finish with BVI yet. This time he going shake the very foundation from under us. And to you politician who had relief tarp on before your neighbor Bad leader. A good king would make certain his subjects is taken care of before him self. This shows me exactly who you are

  10. Haymaker says:

    Too much Lawlessness in this little island, where are the police, can’t rid of these guns. This place needs a shake up including the top brass in the force.

  11. B Savage says:

    Evrybody shooting but nobody dying.

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