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Add glass when building structures — Green VI

Community Engagement Director for Green VI, Gregory George

At a time when the government is revising the territory’s building codes, Community Engagement Director for Green VI, Gregory George wants recyclable glass to be added when building public infrastructure.

He is also calling on government to implement legislation to enforce the movement.

“What we at Green VI wants is a healthier, greener BVI. So we are pushing that waste is not actually waste but a resource,” George said.

“Instead of throwing it away, use it for future roads and sidewalks, and countertops. Eventually we want the government to put in the legislation where plastics and bottles that can be recycled are taxed.”

“With that tax, you will get it back if you return the bottles to a bottling station or vending area where if you put your bottle in, you get your money back,” George said.

He was speaking recently at a public consultation on Virgin Gorda about government’s proposed recovery plan.

George noted that other countries across the globe have already moved in that direction.

“These are technologies already on stream… it’s just bringing that technology here and making it part of our daily lives,” he said.

Director of Projects in the Ministry of Finance, Dr Drexel Glasgow welcomed the idea, noting that the time was ripe to bring such an initiative to the forefront local development.

“The storms last year taught us some things and we want to benefit from those lessons learned,” Dr Glasglow said, adding that the revamped building codes should be completed the year ends.

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  1. huh? says:

    Glass? To fortify? How?

  2. Many says:

    should see this a a viable option and idea that is commonplace outside our territory.

    The tax? well considering the high cost of living and no accountability or protection in place to save the consumer’s blood from drying up, and ensuring a wage increase `across the board is mandated and enacted for the public and private sectors, along side a piece of legislation that will allow that increase to stay in the pockets of the working class and not see it evaporate up to the business class, again leaving the working and poor with nothing but high cost of everything..

    So no more taxes right now. Many, many, many folks are really struggling to provide just the basics. He who feels it knows it.

    A new tax now be a nail in many coffins.

  3. Watcher says:

    Big glass windows? Like at Scotia Bank?

  4. Watcher says:

    Does he have any idea of the process you need to implement to re-use glass bottles? It is far more energy intensive and costly than making a new one. Bio degradable plastic or recyclable plastic is a better alternative.

    • Truth says:

      Glass bottles are presently being crushed and used for counters, earth filliing , tiles etc. This is being done in virgin gorda by julie Swartz of green and clean.she has an emploder.

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