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Vanterpool’s ‘slanderous claims’ undermines local economy, will deter foreign investors

Premier Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie believes Tuesday’s ‘tirade of abuse’ delivered outside the House of Assembly by newly sworn-in member Mark Vanterpool undermines the local construction sector, the national economy, and the territory’s image.

Vanterpool had accused the Premier of having been involved in money laundering and, among other this, contractual impropriety since becoming the leader of government business.

In a public response on Thursday, Fahie described Vanterpool’s rant as a reckless smear campaign aimed at assassinating the reputation of himself (the Premier) and several others.

“Mr Vanterpool’s recklessness can and will also adversely affect our ratings on the International Transparency index and deter foreign investors,” Premier Fahie said.

“There was no regard for the truth or facts as outrageous fabrication and malicious falsehoods formed the basis of Mr Vanterpool’s fictional play. This was clearly a pre-planned, stage-managed affair that was designed to seek maximum attention and grab news headlines.”

He continued: “During the course of his slanderous rant, Mr Vanterpool attacked several prominent persons and entities especially in the private sector in what was a clear agenda to de-stabilize and dislocate the government’s efforts at reviving the economy by providing jobs for the people of the territory via work issued legitimately to local contractors.”

Baseless allegations

During Vanterpool’s statements on Tuesday, he questioned whether certain government contracts including those on the Elmore Stoutt High School were issued to the contractors as compensation for money owed personally by the Premier in his private capacity.

However, Fahie said the allegations were baseless and tasteless.

“It was all part of a plan to hijack the House Assembly and distract from the magnanimity and graciousness of the occasion in light of the government’s decision not to pursue the appeal in Mr Vanterpool’s case in the public’s interest. It is a pity that Mr Vanterpool chose the occasion of his swearing-in to try to score cheap political points. He simply could not rise to the occasion and conduct himself as a statesman,” Fahie said.

I have nothing to hide

As for Vanterpool’s claims that the Premier laundered money into the territory, Fahie maintained that his hands are clean and that he has nothing to hide.

“I wish to make it abundantly clear … my heart is pure, you, the people of the Virgin Islands, affirmed this when you chose to elect me and the members of my government to office on February 25, despite having heard these stale trumped-up accusations before,” he said.

The Premier bemoaned that Vanterpool launched his attack without giving a second thought to the repercussions of his actions to the national economy.

“His preposterous allegations will adversely affect the reputation and integrity of the local construction sector and discourage the use of local contractors with the attendant benefits of job creation and stimulation of the domestic economy. This vicious and damaging attack on our local construction sector could not come at a worse time as the BVI’s services sectors are trying to restore confidence and trust that they can honourably and competently execute projects that would be executed through Recovery and Development Agency and central government,” he continued.

Fahie further said the contractors can freely seek legal redress for defamation. However, he noted that the government will not be bullied, distracted from its mission to restore the BVI, or repositioning the territory in the global competitive markets.

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  1. Sad state says:

    Every single word from Mr. Vanterpool’s mouth is true and that is why none of you would try to take him to court. For the things that Mark said anybody would have taken him to court if they were untrue. Premier you know it and those who care to know know it as well. The wool was pulled over the eyes of the BVI people during elections. You and your cronies lied, lied and lied some more. We now have a country with the likes of yourself, Claude Cline, Bevis Slyvester, Julian Willock, Hamlet Mark and other g*******s calling the shots on our future. It’s a sad time for our country. Very sad.

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    • @Sad State says:

      Because something might be true doesn’t mean it’s wise to blurt it out in public..

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      • Agreed says:

        I totally agree with you!

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      • Really? says:

        What is the difference between the way Mark trashed the Premier and the way the Premier trashed the Airport? He is in a position to issue a public statement to defend his name but the management of the airport have to deal with streching of the true and some out right lies and cannot do a damn thing to defend themselves. We are truly in trouble.

        Never have I seen a leader of a Country belittle a Department or one of its private entities the way the Premier did the Airport.

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        • Haha says:

          Don’t be an @$$. The Premier spoke facts. Nearly every thing that Mark spoke about was propaganda and speculations. The Premier was investigated that’s a fact. Everything else was pure speculation to paint a picture that Mark wanted us to see. You should not make statements especially publicly about stuff that you cannot prove that’s how you get charged with libel and slander. How can Mark prove the stuff that he is saying when he clearly wasn’t involved or present for most of the stuff that he spoke about? It is never wise to speak about stuff based on what someone may have told you as well because the judge doesn’t want to hear he or she told you as a reason for spewing false information.

          Did Mark meet mamacita? Did he see persons with money strapped on their bodies? How can he be sure of these tales that he spoke about ? Someone told me a story about Mark and a young lady and involved her top being removed and cover ups and payoffs in government. The story had been widely shared. Should this be broadcasted publicly as the truth. I would say no because it was never proven or reported so what Mark did was irresponsible and despicable.

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          • @HAHA says:

            How can the Premier speak facts when they dismantled the Airport Authority Board without notice and sent a bunch of persons looking for confusion as opposed to moving things forward? The information the Premier has put out there about BVIAA is far from the truth and it won’t be long before the real truth is revealed. Hon. Fahie and his team put the country in the hands of inexperienced persons being put in place to lead things that they have zero clue about and it will backfire badly.

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          • Dust storm says:

            Well if that’s the case, why didn’t he answer the questions about his security? We are still waiting for answer’s

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        • Hamilton says:

          Say what? Jus pass the whistleblower law and introduce transparency and we be fine.

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      • Huu says:

        Why not? its the people’s right to know, The Premier and the Speaker are public figures.

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      • Really? says:

        The damage was done when AF meet with the previous governor and tried to distroy DR.Smith so he could over throw Fraser as leader of the oppersition. He was consistent for years spreading accusations. Now the tide is shifting and he is upset? Go fly a kite man all of them are the same.

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    • To sad state says:

      Speak for yourself. People like you only operate out of hatred. Also it is still early so who is to say that Mark will not be sued.

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      • LA LA says:


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    • Common sense says:

      You political puppets are something else.

      Let’s assess this with some common sense. This alleged investigation was in 2003. Andrew has run for election several times including in 2019 – Mark and his other NDP members have not once challenged him as a candidate who is unable to run and have never proved these allegations to the people. 16 years later Mark in a yard in Road Town throwing these same comments. Now anyone with sense can tell that Mark is desperate and trying to throw out some stones because he knows the bombshells that will be dropped on him and others.

      You talking lawsuits – wait and see – only couple days pass since he slandered a number of people. He better lawyer up.

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    • OZYMANDIAS says:

      Pick your poison. I rather Fahie than Walwyn who would have the entire government and population a HEDONISTIC and Q***R playground were officials computers on … all day.

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    • OMG says:


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    • Rubber Duck says:

      M Vanterpool made the remarks out side the house in the full knowledge that he could be sued for making them.

      i think he is daring them to sue him.

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    • NDP says:

      Your back mark and his NDP con team, what have they done for you and your kids future, how many wrong doings and enriched themselves while in office, wheres the plane an wheres the audit for cruise pier.

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    • Yes says:

      I taught the NDP was bad but Andrew and his Gang will Kill this country, Just Waite and see.

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    • treetop says:

      f is just a cry baby always crying he always wants to criticize people n dont want to take none but you will get you plate full so brace up.

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  2. Boss says:

    You painted your self to be above board to the population. However, a number of your decisions in my opinion shows that to be a folly! The appointment of Mr Cline, the Speaker and others to statutory boards who clearly are unfit, security detail, conflict of interest etc. I said to myself you know what give them a chance….. but I honestly can’t defend this direction. Butch,Shereen,Sowande Collective responsibility! keep that in mind once the taint is attached there is no going back!

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    • @Boss says:

      I agree with you 100%! I am still in shock at the appointments being made by the Government especially on the important statutory boards that we need to progress the Territory. Quite a few people were calling on the UK to step in and take over and while I do not agree with them, they may just get their wish at this rate. This goes to show when you think something is bad, you don’t know how good it is until something far worst comes along. NDP had their issues but I would take them back tomorrow over this gang and their behavior since being elected. When will someone in that camp stand up and say enough is enough? Are they all cowards? These actions will taint them as members of Government so let them continue to play blind, dumb and deaf.

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  3. DiMaggio says:

    Say it ain’t so boss. Just pass the whistleblower law that you promised.

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  4. Replay says:

    I’m going to go back to Mark’s statement and try to find the lies…….

    WHELP – none were found.

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    • @Replay says:

      Obviously you are too stupid to know when you are being lied to.

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      • Replay says:

        I’m sure we can all say the same about you.

        If there are lies, the Premier and whomever else should go ahead and sue, they have all rights. But the trouble with that is, were there lies? Since everyone knew most of what was said but we are too polite to hold people accountable while them same people so darn brazen to pretend that they don’t know the past.

        Get real Blind Bartimaeus.

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      • Truth Hurts says:

        There’s no need for this type of attack, calling someone stupid is backward, this is not who we are as a people. We don’t have to agree with Hon Mark Vanterpool, to respect the opinions being expressed by our fellow country men.

        Please desist from these types of attacks!

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  5. Goodsense says:

    you realize he encouraged everybody else to go to court but he hasn’t indicated that he also intends too..

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    • @Good sense says:


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    • It's About Time says:

      Let him take Mark to court so we can get the full picture of what really happen in 2003. Myron lost his seat because he was to soft to hit the minister for the 1st with Gutter Politics but look how it all ties in today? Your past matters.

  6. My take says:

    Mark should appologise to this territory.

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  7. SMDH says:

    It is clear that marco and his sister and certain members of their family feel that only them should prosper.

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    • People wake up says:

      I am clear that mark is trying to hide something big when you see him do something like this. This is a smoke screen.

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  8. Parasites says:

    It is a sad time for us for real. The neighborhood project involving Claude Cline and then minister of education needs looking into. There are glaring evidence of theft in it. Why has nothing happened. The same now Premier was involved in the airport scandal that caused the current chairman of the airport authority to go to jail. The now speaker has done countless wrongs in the civil service ending in his dismissal from the service. Hamlet Mark, a Grenadian political hit man known for dirty campaigns characterized by distasteful memes worked with the VIP during the campaign and now has now moved to the BVI to be the mouth piece of Andrew Fahie and write all his speeches putting in words that the Premier cannot even pronounce. It was the same Andrew Fahie who had a lot to say about Glover park with the NDP and now he has West Park Global doing the exact same thing for him. What a hypocrite. Look out BVI, when this group gets together, nothing good will come out of it.

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  9. Not good says:

    All the contractors on the high school project are ndp supporters so I don’t know how mark could scandalize their names like that. This man is extremely out of place.

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    • Lilly says:

      All the contractors on the high school project are supporters of whichever government is in power. You people need to stop thinking that you know who supports who.

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      • :) says:

        Why would the secretary and deputy treasurer for NDP be supporters of VIP. It makes absolutely no sense at all especially when you dedicate your time and resources for NDP just to vote and support VIP.

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  10. Fourth district says:

    Mark WILL NEVER get my support and vote AGAIN

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    • @fourth district says:

      Something tells me you never voted for it and you’re not even in his district. Go siddung with your lying mouth

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  11. @reply to sad state says:

    You didn’t read the Premier’s statement yesterday obviously. Do your homework before you blog! That’s you all problem. When you don’t do your checks you allow scoundrels in the house.

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  12. Move on says:

    Let’s move on. This is stale. Premier keep pushing forward.

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  13. The Truth says:

    So now Mark is measuring stick of truth & justice? LMAO. Who put the battery in his back? Hmmmm

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  14. OneStopMall says:

    Are the claims true? Because if they are then Andrew do the Honorable Thing.

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  15. vip heckler says:

    I refuse to comment on this but whatever in the dark is coming to light now

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  16. LOL says:

    Thats right Mark expose the nastiness

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  17. granny says:

    ” only when the wind blows yo see fowl bottom “

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  18. 4th district massive says:

    Mark please don’t go close to that man because those body guards got orders to _ _ _ _ _

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  19. Really? says:

    What is the difference between the way Mark trashed the Premier and the way the Premier trashed the Airport? He is in a position to issue a public statement to defend his name but the management of the airport have to deal with streching of the true and some out right lies and cannot do a damn thing to defend themselves. We are truly in trouble.

    Never have I seen a leader of a Country belittle a Department or one of its private entities the way the Premier did the Airport.

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  20. Reply says:

    Reading the Primer’s response here is laughable at best.

    I would argue that when the Premier, as Opposition Leader, stated publicly that the NDP government was most corrupt, he was doing exactly the same thing he is now accusing Mr. Vanterpool of doing. He was specifically,
    “adversely affect our ratings on the International Transparency index and deter(ing) foreign investors” with his own slanderous statements.

    While I am not here to defend Mr. Vanterpool, as he is more than capable of doing so himself, it is also laughable when the Premier states that Mr. Vanterpool”.. simply could not rise to the occasion and conduct himself as a statesman.”

    I would argue that it was his government appointed Speaker that was dragging this matter out in the court until reality hit them that they had a loosing hand, and could not conduct himself as a statesman.

    As for the allegations against the Premier relative to money laundering, this is now new. If the Premier thinks he was slandered, he may wish to seek relief in court…an avenue they have no problem misusing.

    Now, let me say from my observation what I believe is the single most important factor that is deterring foreign investment in the BVI, look no further than the myopic and xenophobic policies of BVI government past and present.

    The BVI is so far behind some other Caribbean countries relative to economic development, and a large part of that has to do with the policies that each successive government is adopting and co-opting by voters. There is simply an ant-investment mindset in this country. Anything or anyone from outside is a problem for many.

    Take a look at St.Marten among other Caribbean nations, and one will see the stark difference. Create governmental regulations and policies than make it hard for investors to come to the BVI and what you get is what we have now. There is nothing Mr. Vanterpool can say that can rise to the level of or compete with anti-investment governmental polices.

    Many in our country simply do not want anyone to come here and invest period, and that is where the problem lies.

    Anyway, it’s interesting reading this response now that the shoe is on the other foot.

    As the saying goes, today for me, tomorrow for you. Can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

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  21. Quiet Warrior says:

    Having won the D-4 rep seat in the 2/25 general election, Mark Vanterpool submitted his resignation on March 05. Mark’s intended to resign and he resigned; he had the right to resign and he executed that right. The learned jurist errored in ruling that his resignation letter was invalid. Subsequent to the erroneous judicial ruling, the Speaker appealed it.

    The process should have been allowed to run its course. Instead, though the Premier said that the decision was up up to the Speaker, he grew anxious and impatient and weighed in with an olive branch and the process was stopped. It seemed as though the Speaker wilted under the governmental influence.

    Nevertheless, for the Premier’s extending his olive branch, he got some vicious body blows with a 2X4. It is well known that when you play with snakes, especially rattlers or anacondas, they will bite you or squeeze you to death. The Premier is a FAMU Rattler so he should know: Strike, Strike and Strike again.

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    • @Quiet Warrior says:

      IF indeed Mr.Vanterpool assisted him with financial support, then your premier is the snake.

      That epistle he wrote is nothing more than a DEFLECTION.


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  22. WHAT TO EXPECT says:


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  23. Old Time says:

    Have many friends, treat them well
    But never to them your secret tell
    Cause when those friends become your foes
    All over the world your secret goes.

    Like 15
    • Reply says:

      Interesting words. People ought to be careful who they kick on their way up the ladder because those very same people are the ones who you will be meeting on the way down when that day comes.

      Also, the best secret is one kept to oneself, and when you got dark secrets, be mindful of who you kick because the person(s) you kicked might just kick back, and harder.

      That being said, it looks like Mr. Vanterpool is spilling some serious sour sop tea. I am down for a large cup.

      Fasten your seat belts. Looks like we are all in for a bumpy ride over the next 4 years.

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  24. Fair Game says:

    How could we forget that less than a year ago our now Premiere use to slander the now opposition party with all kind of allegations and still do. DR D Orlando Smith left office months now and Honorable Premiere just can’t seem to get his name out of his mouth. Hon Fahie bold face called Mr smith a thief and a liar. So if you ask me its all fair game. Dont throw stones if you live in a glass house.

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  25. Please Go says:

    Andrew you and you poppie show government is a disgrace. When a leader owes so many like you do can never make sound decisions. Those that u owe becomes the ones making the decisions. Andrew you need to see a therapist

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  26. tizonlyme? says:

    So nobody aint realize the slight of hand? Mark cant account for over $50,000,000.00 Thas 50 million for those who aint too bright. Why Mitch and Skelton peel off? Who to blame, ting tuh talk, play deh tape! Whoever guilty, … all a dem need going jail!

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  27. Jackal and Hide says:

    This man has got to be kidding me. People of the Virgin Islands do not, I repeat DO NOT fall for this. This is the same man when NDP was in government did all he could do to call the government and therefore the people of the Virgin Islands corrupt. Did he care about the economy then? The Premier at the time even mentioned this. Did he care about foreign investors then? We need to grow up and stop doing this to ourselves as voters of the VI.

    Tell this man to stop the lies, please.

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    • Reply says:

      Exactly. Unfortunately some cannot see or care to see beyond their partisan political sides. They turn a blind eye and pretend they are deaf when its convenient, but thankfully there are some of us who pay attention and call out these politicians as we see them.

      I personally have a minus zero tolerance for hypocrisy and will call it out whenever I read or hear about it regardless of who the hypocrite is.

      Anyway, the lingering question is: Was the current Premier involved in money laundering as was alleged years ago? What was the outcome of that reported investigation?

      This inquiring mind wishes to know. Mr. Vanterpool is not the only one quering.

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      • Haha says:

        @Reply you are clearly a hypocrite and are selective when pointing your criticism. You pretend to be enlightened and neutral but you are clearly against the current government.Mark’s entire tirade was hypocrisy 101. Mark made many assumptions and false statements that you chose to ignore and not “call out” as you claim.

        Mark suggested that the election possibly was tampered with when the independent and international team of election observers made no such observations. Many voters, politicians and election committee praised the process from voting to counting and had little negative feedback but now here comes Mark months after the election claiming that the process was flawed.

        Mark was minister when Willock was a part of his ministry. Mark had the power to deny or accept any contracts in his ministry. Why bring up the fact that Willock may have given his mother a contract and why would Willock felt so comfortable to ask Mark about it. Why didn’t Mark bring this up years ago and why is it only a problem now when he didn’t see a problem when he approved whatever was done.

        Money laundering is a crime in the BVI. Mark seem to be aware of a possible money laundering scheme that was done years ago and chose to keep the information to himself instead of tipping off law enforcement. He knew how the money was transported to the US. He know the name of who is being paid. How can we get whistleblowing laws when Government Ministers turn a blind eye to money laundering. If I witnessed a murder years ago and remained silent and only bring it up after the murderer offends me that doesn’t make me a hero that makes be a coward, hypocrite and a snake.

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        • Reply says:

          I have been called a lot of things on this forum for my candid blogs, so let’s add hypocrite and selective critic to the growing list. No problem. I’ll live.

          I expect push back when I blog because I call it like I see it without fear or favor, and I know that will not sit well with some because by and large many of you are partisans political or personal.

          I have no such allegiances, and my blog opinions are not intended to be personal or political. They are my opinions solely based on my following the news.

          I have been blogging here for a long time, and I have noticed that if someone does not agree with some people’s line of thinking or the people they like, they are quick to disparage them. I understand this and I am unfazed by it really.

          I quite frankly don’t care if someone likes what I post or not so long as I continue to write things that I believe in. Taking an opinion that does not jive with yours or someone else does not necessary equate to my being against our government.

          That’s the price I expect to pay for stating my candid opinions. I can say categorically that I read these articles, follow the news like everyone else, form an opinion, and state them regardless of the person or political party. I have no agendas.

          I understand that some of you would like people to side with you, but when you see things objectively as I do, sometimes we will agree and sometimes we will disagree.

          Now, if it appears that a post of mine seems to be against the government, it is not intended as such. I may be against something the government may be doing (e.g. the non-liability agreement they are asking residents to sign to obtain masks). However to say I am against the entire government will be wrong.

          If the government or a person does something that is in my opinion worthy of praise, I will so state. I have done so in the past, and I will most likely do so in the future. Indeed when this government won the election, I congratulated them the minute the results were in.

          This is a young government with a new generation of leaders, younger ones I might add something I have always looked forward to. That’s a sea change from the past, and that’s commendable imo.

          As a person who cares about our country I do want this government to succeed as I have for all previous governments, but that does not mean I will be turning a blind eye to anything they may be doing wrong that I have a difference of opinion.

          A true friend is one who tells you the truth. A good citizen by extension is one who tells the government what they are doing is not only right but wrong when needed. When it comes to our government, sometimes they need to hear from others than their usual chorus or party supporters.

          Moving on, as I mentioned before, I am not here to defend Mr. Vanterpool in anyway. Again, he is more than capable of defending himself.

          Now, with regard to the issue of Mr. Vanterpool vs Mr. Willock, truthfully I am not aware of what has transpired between the parties. You have made some valid points relative to Mr. Vanterpool not revealing what he knew back then. That imo was wrong. Perhaps we may not have known about this if this matter between the speaker and him had not surfaced.

          Be that as it may, do know that I will call out anyone be in Mr. Vanterpool, Mr. Willock, the Premier, the government proper, or the average person who make the news.

          If people are uncomfortable with that, they can do as you have done, and state your case.

          Finally, just that you know that I do not lose any sleep over anything written or said on these blogs. It’s just not that serious for me. I hope it is not that serious for you as well.

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          • Haha says:

            You cannot be partial and only respond to one side or one specific excerpt from the entire tirade. You deliberately ignored all the other things that Mark rambled about because you had every intention to join the bash the Premier party although nobody in their right mind should think that Mark’s behavior was decent or proper.

            We should be curious about the offshore alert but Fahie was only investigated but never charged. This was in 2003. The fact that he was never charged means that the case is closed because this isn’t a complex mystery like DB Cooper. Only people with negative agendas against Fahie will keep bringing it up. An Investigation is not proof of misconduct or guilt and people know this but choose to ignore because it fits their agenda. It would have been more damning if he was charged with a crime because that would mean that the FEDs in their view thought that there was enough evidence to support a money laundering case. Again, he was never charged and has been to the USA as recently as May for a summit so that should be a comfort for smart people.

            If Mark or anyone that have information that the FEDs missed there is a hotline where they can share information. If anyone believes Mark they can still call and share what Mark said. The FEDs will have to make a record of the information even if they do not take it seriously.

            The police is investigating Myron in regard to the handling of the High School Wall project. After it is closed and he is vindicated will people still continuously bring it up and label him because there was an investigation? I’m sure his critics will but the sensible ones will just drop the matter.

            A better question would be why did Mark leave NDP to join VIP around the same time of the allegations and why didn’t he say anything after he rejoined NDP the following term.

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          • @Haha says:

            You cannot be partial and only respond to one side or one specific excerpt from the entire tirade. You deliberately ignored all the other things that Mark rambled about because you had every intention to join the bash the Premier party although nobody in their right mind should think that Mark’s behavior was decent or proper.
            You have inaccurately assumed I read or heard Mr. Vanterpool’s “entire tiread” as per you. I did not. I am not down with all these details as you apparently are.

            So the premise of your criticism of my opinion is inaccurate. I am not ignoring anything because I am not aware of what you are speaking of.

            My initial post was solely based on the content of this specific news article and my recollection of news events. You clearly are aware of more information about what has been occurring than myself.

            As for what any parallels with the former Education Minister and future claims against him, please note that I am not a card carrying member of any political party or a friend of any of the parties we speak of.

            If a news article surfaces in the future that I respond to, it will be similarly based on the content of the article, and my historical recollection of the news.

            At any rate, I appreciate your response. Reason being that despite I don’t care when I post if its voted up or down, it is useful in terms of discussion to know what people are disliking or even liking about them sometimes so that if I choose to respond I can do so appropriately. Thanks for giving me that rare opportunity.

            Finally, whatever agendas there may or may not be, count me out. I am not apart. Blogging here is just a hobby I partake when I feel like it, nothing more, nothing less.

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  28. legal says:

    Premier should run through his public statements in general with a lawyer beforehand. Some of his statements have a different impact than what he intended.

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  29. Old, retire says:

    Mark has sown seeds of poison in the community. I resent him for that. When we should all be discussing how we coming together as a community, we now discussing Mark garbage. He seems to have no clue about the bigger picture. Simply put, it is not about him. He is old news, his mentality is old, his propaganda and allegations are old and tired, he should just retire. We could do without his seeds of poison. My grandmother used to tell me you reap what you sow.

    As for all this mamacita drama, where is his mamacita … Why are people calling him the TT minister – and I know they don’t mean trini & tobago? Why has his district continued to look like a shanty Town for all these years? Why for time the roads remained in such deplorable conditions under his ministerial leadership. Why everybody pointing to Anguilla when they call his name.

    The best thing he ever did in all his tenure was to resign. Maybe it’s time to do it the right way this time. I hate to see men behave like they are less than men. It is a sign of many things…in his case, it is high time to retire, with a big piece of humble pie and a glass of ‘shut the hell up’.

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  30. smh says:

    What will undermine the economy and our HEALTH? This right here:
    You need to forget about Vanterpool and everything else until you take care of this killing field.

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  31. 2 Grand says:

    while some things must be dealt with puplicly there’s a saying loose lips sink ship. when the titanic was sinking all on board were in danger.

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  32. Hmmm says:

    Before a certain man took government in 2011 his store was empty. When they took over the government in 2011 their store was full again. Now that they are out of government again in 2019 their store is now empty again.

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  33. Pray that I’m wrong says:

    I guess he didn’t know this when he used to be doing it. Even after the hurricane when the country was looking international aid, this same Andrew Fahie was at the top of his voice telling the world that the BVI is corrupt. You all don’t remember? And he did this without one shred of evidence. Well Mark have the evidence of financial shenanigans. Andrew Fahie is the biggest hypocrite and liar I’ve even seen. I really hope that this country will correct the terrible mistake it made because it destroys us. We will live to regret it. Trust me. Andrew Fahie and his gang of Bevis, Claude, Willock and the others will destroy the BVI.

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    • @pray that I'm wrong says:

      Andrew and the above mentioned is going to bring this Country to its breaking point. Andrew don’t have the experience to run the Country. Claude and JW is the ones running the Country. I don’t trust anyone who wears ill fitting suits.

      • 100 % says:

        If you would notice,Claude is always proposing things on his show and then the Premier follows suit.Claude and JW is running the Country.wonder when those two is going to get their bodyguards.

  34. Mr.Premier says:

    Stop the B****A**NISS. NOW I AM BEGINNING TO SEE WHY YOU HIRE 24 HOUR SECURITY GUARDS TO PROTECT YOUR FAT A**. Stop the fakeness. You know exactly what you had hands in. Now to throw the heat off yourself and look like the humble I can’t mash ants. I see right through you Mr.Premier. You are not as humble and nice as you project yourself to be.Looking like a d**n fool walking around with bodyguards.That is a sign of…..

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  35. When!!!!! says:

    Where are the Press conferences from this government!!!!!

  36. All I will say says:

    When you are doing something, you do it by yourself and keep your mouth shut.

  37. England says:

    Is sitting back looking at everything.when they had enough, they are going to pounce like white on rice in the middle of the night.with all this drama that is going on,no one is willing to invest anything in the BVI.

  38. Bushtea says:

    I’m sitting with my Bush tea SMH with this mess?

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  39. Don't Blame says:

    Mr.Premier, Mark is no angel but, you are no angel either. Please don’t try to shift everything on him for calling you and your gang out. Sometimes it’s best to not provoke a sleeping dog. Honestly, if Mark goes down, a whole lot of people is going down. There is something quite odd about a leader of a Country that you can cover in less than two hours walking around with 24 hour security guards. Very odd.

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  40. Caleb says:

    I have one concern but first, how are the members of those boards chosen by government? Some of those are clueless and i suggest the attorney general chambers, the fSC (or some body with the knowledge) be tasked with providing these people with training on their fiduciary duties as they relate to the organization they are attached to, before they attempt to take up their duties.

  41. cdc says:

    Mark need to leave the Premier alone and go run his supermarket properly. He needs to have respect. He have a bunch of dirty liens so he better go and sit down…….

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