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VG Easter Fest still on; Lyra George lead organiser

Scene from last year’s Virgin Gorda Easter Festival.

This year’s annual Virgin Gorda Easter Festival is still on despite the recent hurricanes, and Lyra George has been put in charge of organizing the event.

The event will be held from March 31 to April 2.

“The annual celebrations are planned and executed by the Virgin Islands Festival and Fairs Committee through its Virgin Gorda Sub-Committee. Miss Lyra George has been selected to head the blended team,” said a media release from the Ministry of Education and Culture today.

George has served on the sub-committee for several years and was described in the media release as ‘experienced’.

The George-led sub-committee has received the usual $100,000 to put on this year’s event.

Meanwhile, Culture Minister Myron Walwyn said government had ‘no intention’ of cancelling the festival.

“Unless the people of Virgin Gorda decide that they do not want Easter Festival celebrations, I will not be cancelling. I apologise for the late start in planning but I could not in good conscience focus on this while many persons were without homes as a result of Hurricane Irma,” Walwyn said.

He advocated for more ‘cultural celebration’ that showcases more local entertainment and activities for the 2018 festivities.

Students on Virgin Gorda are being invited to participate in the theme and slogan competition for the festival.

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  1. VG Resident says:

    For God’s sake! What festival? Give the people the money to help rebuild their homes. This move I cannot fathom given the devastation in the island.
    What am I hearing? God help us!

  2. Virgin Islander says:

    I thought Irma and Maria taught everyone a lesson but it appears not. Thanksgiving service a mockery of God and themselves. Only if God was like man. Can’t find money to people back in their homes but can find money to throw away. All of you people, Government Leaders, Festival Leaders and other false pretenders should be ashamed of yourselves. Why go to church asking for prayers when you need to repent. Why having festival at all, especially at this sacred time of year? Why have festival at all after a near death experience for the territory? Remember what the Premier said concerning the stance of the church? Bishops, Pastors, Church Leaders, Evangelists, WHERE ARE YOU? take a stand against this thing. God is calling on the BVI to repent. The time is at hand. Bishops, Pastor TAKE A STAND!!!!

  3. Haymaker says:

    VG Resident, I disagree with you, remember this the public purse you dealing with. Everybody is to benefit from this venture whether by participating, doing business in the village, or providing other services during the festival, like the truckers who carry the floats and bands. How you going give individuals the ppls purse. I’m in total agreement with the Honourable Minister on this one. Let’s Celebrate our Culture for Easter VG 2018.

    • VG68 says:

      Ahhh …. one needs PEOPLE to spend their money. Where are these people coming from? Jobs are minimal on VG. I doubt there are many who have extra cash flow right now to spend frivolously. Spend some of that money to help those who need financial assistance to put a roof over their heads, then the schools & the roads. Come on VG. Be realistic !!! Easter will be here next year here next year too.

    • Here we go says:

      Jesus must be in the midst, in the forefront of all that we do. Seems like we have not learnt our lesson. People look up and let God. We are called to Repent. The writing is on the wall. Mind ayo.

  4. Am Ashamed & Fed up says:

    Of these Hypocrites calling for prayers. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. 30 plus thousands of persons could have lost their lives last September and you all still find time for nonsense like festival? I thought everybody in this BVI had learnt a lesson from that monster storm but NO, here we are back as usual? I repeat you all should be ashamed of yourselves. What is it going to take for people to turn around? Bishops, Pastors, children of God it’s time to take a stand against wickedness in high places. We need NO festival in Virgin Gorda!!!! Give that 100K to the people who are still in shelters and elsewhere to help rebuild their homes. You all need to Stop this madness!!! God is not like man. Enough is Enough. Organizers go pray and ask God for divine intervention cause clearly you all need it. Repent or likewise ALL would perish. Take heed my people, take heed. The most sacred season of the year. Come on man, show some respect for our Creator. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  5. Vg resident says:

    Outsiders helping to get the homeless back in there homes and we want party…
    Where are the people going to stay?? Hardly any rooms
    Monies can help countless persons recover

    We way behind with the funds we need and we are spending it on festival….

    We are our own worst enemies, no wonder the donors didnt trust Government with their monies… stupidness just about everytime…sad

  6. Eyes wide shut says:

    I hope we see how much the indigent is cared for. We are backwards, persons that dont need the bulk of the monies are coming to benifit;

    Schools, road, sewage, homeless, bussiness, repo homes and cars, fisher men, small businesses but oh no they arent important

    Workup, drink up and fete is….

  7. Watcher says:

    I am ashamed that the govt even thinking about festival when so much has happened,God forbit we have to get another couple hurricanes like we did last sept,the island cannot take it, but here they are planning like business as usual, people are still in shelters believe it or not, windows still not fixed, roofs off still, some still without electricity and yes water as well,may God help us, and have mercy on us all, this govt needs to go and fast!

  8. Really says:

    donate some to fix Lee Public road with the everlasting river that flows through it. y’all going parade through water?

    • Very.fond says:

      When will this completed?Do expect worse cause the engineers/contractors really screwed up on this.2 wasted.This is a project without public input.Overseas engineer no knowledge of natural water run off,contrator blinded by dollar bill sign,no knowledge about our nature to help water enhancement
      Dist.rep no knowledge as whats V.G this happens

  9. Tardy says:

    Please pay who you owe from last year Easter. We need our money pleaseeeeeeee. We struggling

  10. Vg says:

    Hope you keep your word and keep it local and not bring in all outside artist for big money. Keep the momentum net in the country

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