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VG resident implicated for burglary, 829 grams of marijuana

Aaron Joseph

A 25-year-old father of four who has been implicated in a series of burglary and drug-related matters wants the court to extend leniency when handing down his sentence.

Magistrate Shawn Innocent is scheduled to sentence United States citizen and Virgin Gorda resident Aaron Joseph on October 24.

The construction worker pleaded guilty to burglarizing a Virgin Gorda-based grocery store on November last year.

He was accused of having possession of 80 grams of cannabis in August last year. He has now pleaded guilty to that offence and guilty to possession of the drugs with intent to supply to another.

Joseph further entered a guilty plea for another drug possession offence. That offence is possession of 749 grams of cannabis in February of this year. He also pleaded guilty to having possession with intent to supply the drugs to another.

What the court heard happened 

The court heard that in late November last year, Joseph was captured on surveillance footage breaking and entering a grocery store in the Valley on Virgin Gorda.

He had entered the business place through the back door and went to the cash register but soon found out that it was empty. He then stole some food items in the store.

Police eventually arrested and charged him for the offence of burglary on January 4.

Drug matters

On February 19 of this year, police executed a search warrant at Joseph’s home and found 749 grams of cannabis in his possession.

The drugs were found scattered at various locations such as in a hole in the wooden flooring, on the top shelf of a closet, in two bedrooms, on the porch, and in his car.

He took admitted ownership of all the drugs, telling officers “I just smoke”.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

More drugs

The court further heard that several months prior on August 19 last year, police found 80 grams of cannabis at Joseph’s home.

Those drugs were found in a clear plastic bag in the refrigerator and in other parts of the house.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.


His attorney Patrick Thompson told the court that for the burglary matter, it was not premeditated rather it was done on impulse.

He said his client is remorseful and has been on remand for at least nine months now.

Thompson, in addition, pointed out that his client cooperated with police during their investigations and before this series of run-ins with the law, he had no previous convictions.

Joseph also addressed the court where he begged for leniency and apologised for his actions.

“I just want to say I’m sorry,” Joseph told the court. “I accept the fact that I was wrong and I want to do better.”

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  1. Gumption.Official says:

    Being 25 and having 4 children I see the desperation for the acts, yet it’s not acceptable for stealing.

    The weed part is just an misunderstood taboo that I hope get fix in the future. Even though it’s been proven to not killed anyone from using it {it’s still an illegal plant} I know you and know you’re a good youth. Trust in God and don’t give up on him for he’s not giving up on you. I pray and hope something positively happened for you and your family. Keep your head up.

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    Dislike 1
  2. vg Resident. says:

    Ever since this boy come over here from St.Croix, he been c———g the young men by smoking openly in the street. He needs to go back. like he hiding out over here. When he time up let him go back. He will h— someone.

  3. Concerned says:

    If the courts are not tuff on cases like this, more will happen knowing they can beg off by pleading gulty

  4. Faith says:

    The drugs are illegal but it’s no real harm, as far as I knw it cure some sickness.I never heard a case of marijuana killing humans but cigarettes do and that’s legal. But nevertheless it’s the law they have in place.

    The burglary sounds more out of desperation. This is his first run in with the law n he have apologize as well as serve prison time for the last 9 months. He have 4 kids that needs his support in every way so hopefully he gets release n he gets another opportunity to set a good example for them.

  5. Faith says:

    The drugs are illegal but it’s no real harm, it’s actually known to cure some sicknesses. I never heard of marijuana killing humans yet cigarettes will kill but it’s legal to sell n smoke…. I never really understood that but it’s the law.

    The burglary sounds more out of desperation but it says he admitted his wrongs and apologized for them. He’s been in prison for 9 months already n he has 4 kids that needs his support in every way so hopefully he gets release with another opportunity to do right by them, himself and God.

  6. mmario says:

    I’m From Here. That give me the right to steal.

    How many Tolian’s think so. Who know the answer?

  7. mmario says:

    I’m from here man, what you talking about. I can steal sell drugs…Magistrate not from here she has to respect me.

  8. mmario says:

    That’s is how bad these local going on.

  9. hmmm says:

    you should shut up because his family is from here if you didnt know that part

  10. Savage juice says:

    Negative energy doesn’t bother me , cause positive energy follows me , you don’t kno my pain or my story , you just know my wrongs, but that’s ok cause your days of judgement eventually comes too , thanks for those who cared an I gladly appreciate it ✊????????

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