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Vision: ‘Quality’ teachers to augment refurbished schools

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Students will be setting foot in newly-minted and modified public schools several months from now and Minister of Education Myron Walwyn is pushing to have properly-licensed and trained educators teaching in those schools.

He plans to accomplish this by restoring the Ministry’s licensing programme for teachers.

The minister announced plans to restore the programme by September.

To get licensed, educators must complete government-sponsored training from an accredited training institute.

So far, the government has been training its educators through the National College of Educational Leadership (NCEL) from Jamaica. More than 20 of the over-400 local educators have completed training already.

“Education isn’t just about a fancy building. It is the quality of instructions that we give in the classroom and so, as we get new buildings, I’ve asked my Permanent Secretary to move with absolute haste to get the licensing programme for teachers in place,” Walwyn said.

New schools

The minister made the statement at the groundbreaking ceremony for the reconstruction of Enis Adams Primary yesterday.

The school is being rebuilt with resilient and modern facilities, which is a new standard of how all public schools will be built, Walwyn said.

Enis Adams will be reconstructed with internet infrastructure, solar energy panels, wheelchair access throughout the structure, and disaster-resilient designs.

Other schools that will be rehabilitated in similar fashion include the Willard Wheatley, Francis Lettsome, Joyce Samuel, Alexandrina Maduro, Althea Scatliffe, and Ebenezer Thomas primary schools.

The Bregado Flax Educational Centre-Primary Division and the Claudia Creque Educational Centre are also part of that list.

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  1. Thank you says:

    I admire the hard work and leadership shown by Minister Walwyn before and after the hurricanes. I practice myself not to get caught up in the politics of hate and divisiveness in our country. I call it as I see it. From what I see Minister Walwyn has far out performed all his colleagues including the Premier with his leadership and productivity especially post Irma. I am only one voter but I know where my at large vote is going next election. Thank you Minister Walwyn for your dedication and care for the people. I have spoken from my heart this morning.

    • Prophet says:

      ” I practice myself not to get caught up in the politics of hate and divisiveness in our country.”

      Say what now? come again?

  2. Foot soilder says:

    I cannot agree with you more. He is the most kind, compassionate, visionary politician in the party. He is working hard. Check the other Ministries and see their progress. Wrong or right he is not any “jelly fish” man. That does not mean he might always make the right decision but he stands up for what he believes in. He does not bow under pressure from anyone.Some of the parents and teachers are so ungrateful. They sit back and criticize saying school should not be opened. Some of the lazy teachers wanted to stay at home and draw a salary for nothing.{Guess who the majority of them are} every Monday morning they are absent with some kind of excuse. Do not make a statement that put all teachers in the same basket. Discipline the individuals who are bluffing the system. But they “fraid” to do so why? guess again those individuals are?
    On the other hand, some of the senseless parents wanted the schools to stay closed. Can you imagine what would have happened if children would have been free to roam? Some of the same parents crying wolf are the ones who cannot control their children and “mouth” back to them. Education in the rest of the world would not put anything on hold for our system. Discipline students can learn under a tree if they want too. Wize UP!! Stop blaming the Minister for all that goes wrong in Education. Each one has to do one’s art.Ay yo too bias and one track minded.

  3. But says:

    But what about the other schools? Should not this be the standard?

  4. John Locke Rousseau says:

    Don’t think any reasonable minded with fair to moderate observational skills should disagree with blogger “Thanks.”

    From another perspective though, good talent, dedication and selflessness will not be encouraged to enter the teaching profession here in our home town, given:

    (a) the grave yard of the profession is strewn with mangled professionals who were brutalized their entire career by superiors.

    (2) the salary, as a comparative factor to other nations, developed and developing,, taking the cost of living into consideration and the overwhelming stress of teaching today’s children must be mitigating factors relative to needed (despite the set backs of recent devastating weather systems)salary upgrades..

    (3) there needs to be a major salary upgrade if the Hon. Minister is to realize his goal of recruiting qualified, gifted and dedicated individuals as teachers.

    Today, children who were taught by current teachers, who just graduated college and law school, are making ten or more times in salary what their teachers will never make after teaching for an entire career.

    Frankly, today, most teachers feel economically devalued, demoralized and inferior to the other professions, and the reverse should be so.

    That is a stunning reality that must be figured into the equation of equality in professional remuneration.

    The truth says: teachers work for years before an increment is given and decades before an across the board salary increase is even considered, while their former students, many of whom have gone into law, make the teaching salary look like beggars collection.

    Not even God’s chosen for the career will no longer find that profession attractive, nor subject themselves to the brutality of today’s youths, administrative bullying and oppression and insufficient funds to follow through on aims, goals, purposes and needs of human life.

    Hence, the Hon.Minister will have to address the salary issue very seriously if he wishes to achieve his aim and obvious goal of raising the standards of the teaching profession here in our home town.

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