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Visitor denied entry for bad behaviour

The building that houses the Immigration Department in Road Town.

A woman believed to be a United States citizen was denied entry when she arrived at a port in the British Virgin Islands this week.

Reports are that she was detained for less than 24 hours then booted from the territory yesterday, January 25.

BVI News understands that the American arrived at a local port on Wednesday.

It is said that the woman started to behave in an unsavoury manner while at the port and was subsequently arrested by an Immigration officer.

It is not clear whether any subsequent local restrictions have been placed on her travel document.

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  1. ReX FeRaL says:

    Why is this news?

  2. Hmmm says:

    Good. Who can go to the US and misbehave?

    • The Truth says:

      Exactly, sometimes you don’t even misbehave and they hold you up asking all kinds of foolish questions.

      • Serve 7yrs and got treated worst says:

        Immigration officers behave like the world is theirs . Serving 7yrs to their people and was treated like a dog . Passport got taken away ,spoken too like he or she rules tortola . Irma spoke with a rage to them by destroying the ports. Be wise officers . Treat others as you would like to be treated in return . World is round .

    • Sadeyes says:

      Hmm a good i hope whrm you go to america them send you back cos some of you have no behavior and dont know how to speak to people

  3. ReX FeRaL says:

    Why is this news? and drug and gun convicts being allowed to remain here after they serve jail?

  4. Soiled Son says:

    smh, those people

  5. Not2Sure says:

    I am guessing this means that a tourist came to Tortola, got into an argument with an immigration officer, so they arrested her to prove who is boss, and then deported her a day later.

    Next time we read about this will be on some travel website where she warns people never to travel to the BVI or you get arrested.

    • EastMan says:

      As a people if we don’t stand up for some thing we will fall for anything. That sort of behaviour will not be tolerated (zero tolerance).people who speak to that way do not respects nor value our society or way of life. Get rid, drain the swamp. If they don’t like it there is much more islands to visit. Let’s see if they will be welcomed. Over and out.

    • BitterPill says:

      Exactly how is that different to the TSA? Or any border security agency!

    • The real Boo says:

      Try that in the US and CBP will have you behind in a sling lickety split

  6. Vi says:

    They have this misguided mindset that because they are Americans they can travel freely without adhering to the laws of other countries. Good job immigration for making her an example

    • Ahhh My BVI says:

      Some BVIslanders have the same misguided mind set too. Have you observed the younger ones lately? They’re so called pretentious wealthy parent have them that way.

    • Really? says:

      Unsavoury is an adjective which means: “disagreeable to taste, smell, or look at.” Are we really turning away ugly tourists or just those that smell bad? Perhaps she smelled bad because of the long and often unpleasant wait in line that tourists must endure. If tourists are our life line, why don’t we let them go first? Why aren’t they greated in a friendlier way. Why don’t we send our immigration officials to a Four Season’s hospitality management training program? When we land in Tahiti we are greeted with leis. When we land in St Thomas we are treated with glasses of local rum. When tourists land in Tortola are they now being sniffed.

      • BitterPill says:


        Without intending to, you have summed up the OP nicely. A lot of Americans feel entitled wherever they go. Actually suggesting that immigration allow tourists to jump the lines when in the USA non-US passport holders are treated like rubbish is the proof of the pudding. I mean, really?

        • Really? says:

          We should DESIGN the lines to make the arrival of tourists to be more welcoming. When tourists arrive in St Barth’s they are often hugged and kissed on both cheeks (the cheeks on their face). Our tourists have to fill out duplicate forms with redundant information and then stand in long cues only to be greated by someone who typically doesn’t appear to be happy.
          Let’s introduce hospitality training to these “officials.” For some tourists these are not only the first BVIslanders they will meet but the only ones.
          “Let’s make the BVI happy again!” I propose this as the campaign slogan for the next Premier! We should measure the success of our next group of ministers based on a new set of national values: 1) our happiness 2) equal opportunity for everyone 3) education results and 4) transparency.

          • BitterPill says:

            Why should BVI immigration officers be trained in hospitality? This is entitlement coming through again. People feel entitled to a perfect vacation, to get their money’s worth. Would it be fair or even logical to ask TSA officers to take hospitality lessons? What on Earth would they do that for? Their job isn’t to welcome tourists. Their job is to keep security on the boarder. It is the same in the BVI. I agree there is more that can be done to make arrivals more pleasant. But immigration isn’t the place to do it. Sorry but no immigration officer anywhere in the world is sitting there thinking about how to make the tourist happier. That is quite a selfish expectation.

          • Indeed! says:

            Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. 90% of the arrivals are belongers, residents, and tourists. Drug runners and human smugglers generally don’t cue.
            Let’s start polling registered voters for their opinions on matters such as these. Everyone has access, albeit very slow access, to the internet. Let us express our opinion through online polls. Let us decide where recovery dollars are spent first. Let us decide if we want to spend $250,000,000 to build a longer runway as a convinence for our ministers to land their private jets.

    • Love for the BVI says:

      Your comment is disheartening, sad, and eye-opening at the same time. As a BVI-nonbelonger, Black American, someone who has traveled to the BVI for more than 20 years, and traveled extensively around the world, I would never adopt a mindset of disrespect or bad or offensive behavior toward my host country. Most Americans who have wanderlust in their blood feel this way and realize the importance of behaving in a manner that projects nothing less than respect and honor for the rules and laws of whichever country being visited.

      I think this is more critical now than ever before, as we deal with this idiot we currently have in the White House. His (and his supporters’) ideology and message of negativity, hatred, narcissism, racism, idiocy, and entitlement, has succeeded in creating this negative image of Americans around the world. Unfortunately, your comment and overall feeling about Americans having a ‘misguided mindset’ is evidence of how prevalent this message is and how successful it is spreading.

      Having said that, I can acknowledge that there does seem to be a pervasive attitude among some Americans that undesirable behavior is acceptable. This, in part, can be attributed to how 45’s obnoxious behavior seems to be embraced by some Americans. The article did not include details about this woman’s behavior, but it was apparently offensive enough to get her arrested. This would be evidence of my last point.

      We are not all like this nor do we subscribe to this ideology. I only hope BVIslanders as a whole do not adopt your perception.

      • Ralph says:

        I get tour drift. But the arrogance of many, (especially White) Americans when they travel overseas preceded Donald Trump, and mirrors the imperialism of the USA which asserts the notion that other countries and their peoples are inferior.

        Read the book “The Ugly American”, the thesis of which your second paragraph actually summarizes.

        As a Black American who has lived in the USA you cannot be a stranger to racism.

  7. Immigration Check says:

    People are thinking BVI wont bounce back and they will take whoever they can get. Bvi is desperate . Undesirables will try to get into BVI during this ‘weak’ period. BVI, hold your head up. You will bounce back well. Continue to filter who comes in. Also, I agree that people who have contributed here significantly should be given some status. However, do not let them threaten that if you do not give them status they will leave. If things are so good elsewhere, they would have already gone. Some of these people know how to smile and suck up (they are of the view that BVIslanders like people to suck up to them and if you flatter BVIslanders they will give you what they want). I work with some who hold these views and they have the money but also want the power (Belonger status) and will then kick BVIslanders to the ground. They are just grinning and bearing it until they get the status. BVI government use wisdom and discretion and discernment.

  8. Hmmm says:

    It’s good to know we still have the rights to deport people who behave badly. When can we start deporting the expats who looted and wrecked the place?

  9. NezRez says:

    This is news because people need to respect our country like they do theirs. The USA immigration would have made her take her attitude back to where she came from.

  10. New Name says:

    Why are we speaking so confidently on issues we do not have details about?

  11. Expat says:

    Since we really don’t know what she did, how is anyone commenting.
    What I do know is last week our neighbors son came here to Tortola and when asked what he was doing here he responded “To help his father” instead of “on vacation”. He was asked where is his letter to work.He said I am just helping my Dad, who is 75 years old clean up the villa and salvage anything they can. He was accused of lying by immigration and told they could deport him. Immigration told him if they see him doing any work they will deport him. The son finally said go ahead and deport me. I am only here for a week. They finally let him stay.
    I think people with power sometimes use it for the wrong reasons. Maybe we should be asking more of what did this woman do before jumping to conclusions.
    We don’t need a lot of bad publicity when we are trying to rebuild an economy based on tourism.

    • BitterPill says:

      I think that is quite a normal question for immigration to ask. Part of their job is to stop illegal workers, even if it is just a temporary position. Telling them anything that suggests you are working will cause them to probe. Honestly I think in this case the officers were fine. If you told TSA or the CBSA, “Go ahead and deport me,” they might just do that.

    • Immigration officer says:

      That’s a lie straight from hell.bring you proof of this report/blood. Ingrate.

  12. Hmm says:

    This is my view on the entire topic…..BOTH IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS OFFICERS NEED TO BE TRAINED because I’ve seen it EVERYTIME I TRAVEL…..THEY HAVE STINKING ATTITUDES LIKE THEY TAKE THEIR PERSONAL ISSUES AND BRING THEM ON THEIR JOB OR MAYBE THATS JUS THEIR FACE TO SHOW AUTHORITY BUT IT IS SICKENING….They make u feel as tho u are not welcomed here by how they deal with u….they don’t tlk period unless its a routine question and those questions too are asked in a Hoggish way and if ur a belonger , they don’t even look at u muchless tlk with u….I can go on and on about these officers but it makes no sense….if it was possible for the bvi to bring in uk officers (immigration/customs) to show them how its done and leave their a&% home, it will cause a riot but truth is , them that u meet on arrival to the bvi dont want their jobs otherwise they would act as such….another thing is that alot ah those very officers hav attitude……the bvi ppl have a thing saying ohhh expats getting the jobs etc but guess what, they know how to tlk to ppl, they smile, they do their work rather than sitting down waiting for 5 oclock or waiting for payday to come so yes they deserve the jobs….I was born n raised here so this ain no expat talking….im jus sick of ppl running their mouth and dissing ppl from outside when they know we can’t do without them but back to the topic here…….TRAIN THEM TO STOP WELCOMING OUR VISITORS IN A FILTHY A$$ WAY OR REPLACE THEIR A$$….

    • Drain the swamp says:

      All of these immigration and customs officers were trained. But for many,the training just seems to have passed through and leaked out of their brains. The solution is to fire and hire and fire and hire until acceptable results are seen.

      And if the supervisors or managers or permanent secretaries do not set and enforce standards for acceptable results, then let the governor, Mr. Jaspert, do the same to them.

  13. Hmmmmm says:

    Would have been nice to get both sides of the story. She might have been rude ect,ect. I find officers here, especially at the airport just get worse than the visitors. They make the whole situation worse by being argumentive. The situation usually escalates with both parties. The officers need to be taught de escalate a situation in order to turn the situation around, to being more positive. That’s what happens when we have tires, rude and disgruntled employees at out ports.

  14. ChBandit says:

    Been to the BVI before and I can tell you that some of those immigration officers are just horrible. They don’t know how to speak to people and they behave as if people are coming to take something from them.

  15. @ says:

    Bitter pill… Amen! The only accurate comment on here so far.

  16. what a ting!! says:

    For a country that has just been devastated and saw the outpouring of support from other islands and places it is a shame to imagine people are putting these kind of comments for the world to read.Civility to anyone-common courtesy is a basic
    skills or value one should have to work in this position. I travel back and forth in the BVI and the look of the people behind the desks leave much to be desired. Sometimes you wonder if they have to pay a fortune just to a smile when receiving your documents or it takes away something from them to be polite. If over 60% of the people in the forefront are like that then one would have to conclude the this is a very hostile country to foreigners. Even though given a chance the exp. Would want to tell you what to do but 60% of expat. tourist are not like that

  17. WTF says:

    BVI, Nature’s Little Secret is going straight to hell. Where there is no vision the people perish. Oh how badly the Honorable Lavity Stout is missed. This is not the country Mr. Stout envisioned. These people are going to eventually make our territory inaccessible to visitors. I guess to hell with tourism. SMFH.

  18. Solo says:

    I am an American who has visited the BVI countless times over the last 17 years (and my wife and I plan to continue visiting well into the future). During that time I have met some incredible people and have forged some lasting friendships. I believe that is only possible when you have respect and consideration for others. That being said, if someone shows a lack of respect for a country’s laws, traditions, culture or people, then they should not be permitted to enjoy the hospitality of the people who live there.

    I understand why Americans are often perceived as rude and entitled, and for that I have no explanation. But please know that there are far more Americans who have respect and behave appropriately than not. It is unfortunate that it is always the undesirable elements that get the press and notoriety while there are many more who love the BVI and its citizens.

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