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BVI Immigration one of the ‘most difficult’ in world — Volunteer

Mitch Lederman is the Project Coordinator for the non-profit organisation, All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response. (BVI News Photo)

The Immigration process in the British Virgin Islands has been described as one of the most difficult in the world.

Project Coordinator for All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response, Mitch Lederman made the remark to BVI News on Friday.

All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response is a non-profit organisation that currently has a team of international volunteers undertaking a massive clean-up campaign at Elmore Stoutt High School in Road Town.

Lederman said his team has experienced Immigration challenges in other countries but nothing like in the BVI.

“It is pretty common. We have had challenges but this is definitely the most difficult that I have seen. It’s horrible,” he said.

“Everywhere we have worked so far everyone has been so thankful for the work. People came here to work and are stuck at Immigration for a day,” the Australian volunteer added.

Time lost

Lederman said a team of eight volunteers recently lost a full day’s work in the BVI because they had to sit in the Immigration Department to get a one-month extension to continue their volunteerism.

The team anticipates that their work in the territory will last at least six months.

“It’s been very difficult. We have only somehow managed to get our hands on [time in the BVI] on a one-month basis, which is very challenging for us … which is a shame.”

He made mention of other countries such as The Philippines, where they visited to do similar work. Lederman said Immigration officials in that country gave volunteers a three-month immigration stamp; hassle-free.

“Every three months we would just walk into the office and stamp our passports and give us another three months. It’s that simple; which was fine.”

Lederman said he hopes the issues are addressed swiftly because “people love working here [in the BVI] and would like to keep on volunteering.”

The team works six days per week and is currently camping at Nanny Cay.

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  1. Fu(| says:

    Rubbish! They’re helping with Government property, i.e. the school. Couldn’t this have been coordinated differently where Passports collected, information verified and they get the stupid one month stamp? What really wrong with us in this place? Meanwhile the santo ‘domestic workers’ who happened to be working in the bars can come and go as they pleased with no issues, because they add so much value to the BVI?

    • Albion says:

      it is *absolutely shameful* that volunteers who come from overseas to help us in our hour of need are subjected to this kind of treatment.

      • God help says:

        Jesus Christ, you think these people would have come to their senses. This stupidness having these people wasting their precious time. Fix the blasted system this not the 1950s come on man.

        The world gone leaving the BVI behind. God help!!!!!

    • Watcher says:

      Some politicians and certain belongers believe that no matter how badly they treat non belongers they will always be there to do the work and make the investments to keep the privileged few rich.

      They have a very rude awakening coming.

  2. Embarrassing says:

    I truly hope BVI government wakes and smell the coffee. They should be embarrassed at treating volunteers with such disrespect, its disgraceful. Its bad enough how they treat people who come to work there let alone helping you …

    • Taperstry says:

      And then you get power hungry politicians yelling about being ready for independence when pretty much every department is over manned and under achieving? This country needs the British to come in and get everything working properly! I’m guessing most of us have been to the French and Dutch islands and seen how those islands function with proper roads and infrastructure. The BVI needs help like this now before these power hungry politicians screw up even more departments.

  3. Watcher says:

    I am glad he spoke out, come on B.V.I they are here to help us they didn’t have to come, let us show them love!

  4. Faithful says:

    When we go to the US for one day, we get an automatic 6 months stamp in our passports. Why can’t this be done for the volunteers. If I were one of them, I would pack up and go back to my country, because obviously they think we don’t need the help which we are badly in need of. Thank you Heart and Hands. There are some of us who actually appreciate the work you are doing.

  5. Embarrassed says:

    I find this to be a crying shame and a total embarrassment to the BVI. Nowhere are non-belongers made to feel more unwelcome generally, but to make volunteers who are giving up their precious time and resources to do this FOR US feel this way also is unforgivable. What an ungrateful, unkind and unfriendly bunch we are. We should all be hanging our heads in shame and taking a good long look at our attitudes

  6. Shameful says:

    Downright embarrassing! Volunteers you know. They don’t have to come here but they choose to come here to help us and this is the treatment they get? We are really really backward. We need to do something about it or we will get left behind to taste the dust of the real world!

    • Vincy says:

      That y no body no want come help them because they treating people like dogs they caunt do it for them self but them treating people like that hope they will take in d bvi an don’t go to other people country

  7. Every . says:

    country has its own policies, methods and execution of them whether improvement is needed or not.

    Immigration is a border and state security issue.

    Why must the B.V.I. be different and selective in its border protection responsibilities.

    The volunteers and the work they do and or did on behalf of the country are highly appreciated.

    If there a need for service improvement within that agency then it should be done, but no favoritism should allocated for none.

    • A man says:

      Mrs Immigration Officer, I know that is what you keep on stressing on and on during the video which plays endlessly in immigration while people lose days, but if you can’t see the need for a service improvement within that agency AND a change in policies, methods and execution, then you are blind.

      • Tallfat says:

        Does government care? Not at all! It is forengner who wish to come in, stay in so that is the peril they must face be they here a day or thirt five years. Course the usual talk is you don’t like it leave. Just a few months ago one was reminded of just how quickly life can change. The world was concern that these beautiful shores and its people might have been dealt a tragic blow. Many left their homes to these said shores to provide services free from the usual contract bit and this is what they’ve had to endure. Again what new or different?

    • Save us from ourselves Lord. says:

      You mean BVI has a lot of envy and jealousy and bad mindedness at the very top levels of government and among the politicians? They suffer from paranoia and don’t trust anyone. We are all going to suffer for it.

      They want the volunteers to stay away so they can cry they need money to fix the schools. If you put incompetent paranoid people at the helm to make policies this is what you get…in effective policies that are damaging to the same country they think they are helping.

    • @Every says:

      The people already here. What boarder protection are you talking about?. They simply want an extension to complete their work. What is so difficult in that.

  8. Yvonne Remington says:

    This is an absolute disgrace,a disgusting situation to say the least.When people volunteer to help and they are treated this way.What is the island government thinking of ?.. not thinking obviously.And they have to camp as well,no decent accommodation for them?? I am ashamed.

  9. BVIlander says:

    As a BVIlander and business owner I applaud the young man for speaking up. As a business owner I am baffled as to why the immigration and labour departments seem to be vehemently against workers coming in to help with the recovery. Why is immigration issuing 2 week passport stamps when they are fully aware that labour is more than 1 month behind granting work permits. Only to have every new worker come to immigration and spend several days in line for another 2 week stamp. I swear this govt with these senseless policies only make us look like stupid people.

  10. Diplomat says:

    BVI Immigration is not the worst in the world. For the most part, the immigration procedures in the BVI are similar to those in the region and in other locales. The processes that people complain about in the BVI are similar to those in their home countries. What countries can Virgin Islanders go to and demand this or that job or that processes should be molded to fit their needs or put the country down and expect locals to embrace them or advocate to stay? None. The BVI is a small 2X4 territory and cannot accommodate everyone; it cannot have the same rules in regards to immigration as big countries. Big countries can accept millions of people with limited impact on social, cultural, economic…………etc issues.

    No doubt the processes can and should be improved. The issue with the volunteers was poorly handled. The local coordinator for the volunteers should have/should be handling their immigration needs. As such, he/she should have collected their passports and take care of the administrative issues with Immigration.

    • Albion says:

      That doesn’t explain why they treat volunteers as immigrant workers – make them wait for 7 hours to renew “temporary work permits” every two weeks just to do unpaid volunteer work. It is totally bass ackwards.

    • Citizen says:

      Shut up and go sleep.

    • @Diplomat says:

      The policy is that each individual must be there in person to get their stamp. So tell me how you suggest that be handled. It is ridiculous how we treat people coming in to help with our recovery. Do you think any of those immigration officers are out there helping to clean up?

      • Diplomat says:

        @Diplomat, here is the quote from my post: “The issue with the volunteers was poorly handled. The local coordinator for the volunteers should have/should be handling their immigration needs. As such, he/she should have collected their passports and take care of the administrative issues with Immigration.”

    • RealPol says:

      @Diplomat, real talk. Too many come to the lil BVI and expect that it to break its back to do things that are the norm in their home countries. Your suggestion on how volunteer Immigration needs should be handled is right on.

    • Theo says:

      This would make total sense if it wasn’t patently obvious that they’re rolling out the welcome mat for those who they prefer coming in so long as it benefits them.

      So much wrong going on……..i know the next thing we’ll be told is that other jurisdictions are more corrupt and corruption is everywhere.

      Great fantastic congratulations, we’ve at least achieved something global.

    • Save us from ourselves Lord. says:

      yes you are!

    • Bvislander says:


    • watcher says:

      You are part of the problem.

  11. P venzen says:

    It is really discouraging to visit Tortola. I was borned there, I have a u.s. passport,also my BIRTH certificate,but I go through hell every time I visit,it was my father who many times had to step in on my behalf, I would rather avoid the hassle.

    • BOSANG says:

      Are you are lying? but ingrate bvislanders like you are always going to be critical.

      • P venzen says:

        First you need some education. How many people living in Tortola were not born there,but because some of us leave for economic reasons does mean they don’t care. My father and many others left Tortola,but returned and helped with the economy. You yourself many be I Tortola good econlmiv reasons. The entire island has changed, where is the hospitality that used to be go back to the 1950s,60s even the 70s.

    • I do not understand says:

      All they have to do is read and read properly. In the US Passport it indicates that the person holding the passport is not from the USA. It tells here the person is from.

  12. Sunnyvi says:

    It’s not just the outdated process for volunteers and temporary helpers, it’s the downright rude attitude of the ‘officials’ that are handling these people who trying to help … I know of one woman left in tears by the nasty dismissive tone of BVI immigration. They should be shamed.

  13. @ . says:

    Diplomat: Your points are all factually correct.

    However, many on earth still seek “special treatment when they are in the B.V. I.”

    Let truth be revisited once more for if this land is surrounded by water, then the following is also correct and true!

    “What countries can Virgin Islanders go to and demand this or that job or that processes should be molded to fit their needs or put the country down and expect locals to embrace them or advocate to stay? None.”

    And i shall repeat, NONE!!!

  14. Wendy says:

    Personally, I am of the opinion that ” BVI Immigration, one of the most difficult in the World” is a good thing. I am also of the opinion that the perceived difficulty
    Is tempered by ones expectations and perception of the BVI and its people. In the meantime, me and my mellanated self will not cast aspersions on places while travelling the Planet of White Supremacy, aka Planet Earth.

  15. Island man says:

    I have met friends at the immigration office who are awaiting time extension as a result of Labour confusion in taking 2 to 3 months to deliver a work permit.
    Just a stamp for extended days. Will take him a week because every time he arrive there are over 100 persons ahead.
    Why can’t extension be done on a faster pace? Come on it is extension for people who already working with the same company for years. It don’t have to take so much time. When people says we are 20 behind in technology we seems to be angry. I believe we are indeed behind by far! What is wrong with the BVI and our attitude? Why can’t we do better? Anyhow I do hope we are aware time is changing fast. Fly right or fall from sky. Bad attitude is always a failure. BVI am begging you to change.

  16. Strupes says:

    Well, if that’s what they were aiming for, then congratulations! They got the blue ribbon. And some of you come on here defending immigration like the man complained about the policies. Yes, have your policies but make the process more efficient. Who in their right mind want to spend a day jumping through hoops to accomplish something that should take a couple hours at most? Shameful man. BVI government and businesses need to step into the 2000’s and stop wasting people time.

  17. OTTLEY says:

    lack OF LEADERSHIP AND COMPASSION MISSING IN THAT DEPARTMEN, BUT that is what this government decided on. lIVE with it. Anyway.
    Australia is not the most compassionate. This youngster needs to talk about how his country treats the ABORIGINAL FOLKS WHO THEY MET THERE.

    • Tallfat says:

      He has nothing to answer for. He has done nothing but come here to help us. Why not ask that question of the British, Spanish, French, Dutch. Last I know is that Australia was a territor.y of uk. Does he seem to be in any position to answer your retarde question?

  18. Management Matter says:

    This is a matter of poor management. I am certain that this organization could have gotten whatever it wished from the Premier’s Office. But clearly someone simply dropped the ball here. The BVI has immigration policies that must be respected like everywhere else, however.

  19. OTTLEY says:


  20. Vincy says:

    That why people don’t want to go an help them them behave in like people don’t come from no way an treating people like dogs that y a lot of them caunt leave d bvi an go no way because how they treating people but they will pay for it God na sleep

  21. Hello!! says:

    No didn’t you know? The BVI has gold and diamond and every body specially the down island people them, want to come in here and thief the gold and diamond. (Tongue in cheek)
    I am so sorry sir and I sincerely apologise on behalf of all residents. We are so thankful for people like you who CHOSE to come and volunteer your services. Please do not let the immigration experience spoil your stat here. Work and enjoy our food, beaches, warm climate and friendly grateful folks. Believe me those if us who reside here are happy that you have come.

    • @Hello says:

      (No didn’t you know? The BVI has gold and diamond and every body specially the down island people them, want to come in here and thief the gold and diamond. (Tongue in cheek)

      -Many did get caught fleeing the BVI with gold, diamond jewelry and many other valuable items shortly after the hurricanes. Still we are grateful for volunteers local and others.

  22. Ha says:

    If I was them, I wouldn’t waste my time….I’d go where my effort is appreciated

    • Boyzblue says:

      It would be the right thing to do.. You do not like approve condone have no respect for the Immigration polcies of the BVI Soooo leave and spread the word that the BVI has tough policies .The BVI however has more foreigners than locals and many are wanting to come so how did that happen…

  23. set a thief in this place says:

    i remember just after the two hurricanes and the island was assessed with limited flights coming and going out of the territory there was a bulletin that states ” all skilled workers who can assist in rebuilding will be warmly welcomed in the land..etc”….however now that the individuals and/or groups have arrived they are being treated like crap and some are even being forced back out of the country after the sacrifices they made with no moral justice. It is really despicable of how these people make the country that every one wants to help a bad bunch… hear this, how can we be BVISTRONG when there is no muscle to do anything? hmmm I guess the word/phrase meant to be prideful with no ground base to operate from but with mere words….#publicNotice—–> tell the government to release the FINANCIAL AUDIT and give TRANSPARENCY to the public and amended these laws so that WE can really be BVISTRONG!…. be wise not otherwise!

  24. Hmm says:

    No system is perfect but I doubt of what the young man is saying is true as far as immigration been the worst in the world.

    I have been to other places like puerto rico and seen where kids going from BVI to the states to go back to school returning students who are sophomore to seniors willfully pull aside by Immigration for hours for no reason missing their connecting flights.

    Also the united states virgin islands and the USA themselves having all sort of horror stories mostly when the American Immigration comes down at the ports.

    I applaud the volunteers coming in but we must be careful and not forget that there are people who carry the mentality that they should be privileged as for as more than others even if it means not following rules and regulations to the fullest.

  25. Scary Mary says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that time and again, we cut off our noses to spite our faces. We have a world wide reputation for being unfriendly and miserable towards non-belongers.

    This sort of nonsense confirms that our “unfriendly and miserable” branding is well deserved.

    Maybe one day we will collectively wake up and realize that our faces look much better with our noses attached! Sad.

  26. Volunteer says:

    We are so depending on these selfless wonderful people and this is how we treat them? I have seen how they live in Nanny Cay in the yard on the lawn in small tents, as there are no rooms available for them anywhere. They leave a nice home & their families and come to us to live in less than basic conditions. Just go and look in Nanny Cay and meet this wonderful team of volunteers from Australia, UK, US, Columbia, Netherland and other countries. We should really be ashamed to have the World reading how we “appreciate” their help

    • ??? says:

      Selfless wonderful people you say ?
      Everything comes with a price.
      When our Gov initially refused help some of us understood….The BVI would be smart to nip this in the bud and send this organization packing.

    • Theo says:

      I wouldn’t worry about them because they’ll do their time and have a nice story to tell in the future about the tiny place that insisted they didn’t really need help out of a false sense of pride.

      The BVI needs to to stop acting like it’s a powerful rich territory when it is in a winded drunken stupor trying to act serious with all its teeth knocked out.

      We’ve pretty much become the old man down the road who has a walking stick and likes to cuss and go on and is only looking for the next bottle but insists on you taking him seriously based on the alleged glory of his young days.

      Whom I’m sorry for are those in the BVI with nowhere else to go

  27. Citizen says:

    I went to the Bahamas for one year. Before you knew it my work permit and immigration issues were sorted same day. The Bahamas is a country with strict immigration laws but common sense was there before books. BVI it’s time to catchup, You are just too slow in the procedure.

    • BVI lawyer says:

      Same in Cayman. You just send in your documents. They process them, and then send them back to you. No standing around for hours whilst waiting in person.

  28. @ says:

    BVI Immigration been a mess for years. It just got worse! Government as a whole just so miserable when it comes to customer service period. Because as usual no accountability and no country pride – just talk! When you constantly using the term “outsiders” you can’t expect much from immigration.

  29. Sam the man says:

    Respect for being honest about something that we have known about for decades – the immigration department is absolutely useless, incompetent, arrogant and just plain rude to people that come to work…they don’t hold back on issuing verbal threats to people, being obstructive not helpful and positive….shameful and the “No Direction Party” (NDP) continues to allow this to go on – absolutely disgraceful

  30. Cayman says:

    Went to Cayman Immigration last week for a temporary extension before returning to the BVI. Was treated to a smile, complimentary WIFI and guess what, they are open until 7pm on Wednesdays. Oh and I got everything that I was after within 1.5 hours. In addition, that was the first time I went to the building. Didn’t even have to attend in person to get my temporary work permit. Is shouldn’t have to be that hard.

  31. Outsider says:

    My father went to immigration 5:30 am and he was fourth in line :). Finish his transaction at 10:15 am. Only those who experience will understand the frustration.

  32. Real says:

    In other countries when workers are contracted by the government. Or working on behalf of the government. Passports are collected by gpv personell and processed. People don’t waste day in immigration and labour when they should be working. I see the same thing happening to nurses and other hospital workers. This is a shame.

  33. Regular visitor says:

    The BVI imigration and customs is a disgrace to the visitor, and tourist.
    To hear that they have not loosened up at all to help and People coming in to re-build is a scandal.
    Last time I arrives at the airport, flying in from Europe via St Marteen, the hold up was Close to 2 hours. This With a flightload of about 20 People.
    The questions were strange, the person rude and very uncomfortable.
    Keep this up, together With a lot of very rude and unplesant People working for boat charter Companies, hotels, restaurants and bars. Tourist will eventually stay away or og elswhere.
    I shure will.
    To sum up, it is not only imigration, but the Islands as a Whole, not that great Place to visit anymore.

  34. what a ting!! says:

    Unless as a country something is done to SOME of the EVIL minded people who controls the machinery of this country, we would end up “sh**ting” on our own selves. Can you imagine volunteers giving up of their time, expertise, and inconveniences of their own free will to help build back our country and their first line of contact to HELP is indifference from the authorities. People of the BVI take a good hard introspect of yourself and change your attitude and some of these BS policies that make us look bad. Some of our own locals who claim they love this country so much do not do jackshit unless they are paid and we treat volunteers like this .What is wrong with the picture her Is it a ignorant, dumb, blind set of citzens we call our selves!! A guci chain, an expensive suit, a big house, material things is that we use o hide behind our lack of knowledge. Nothing is wrong with living nicely, but is that all we have. Shallow, clueless policy makers(some)

  35. Oh So says:

    Time’s up lady!

  36. Jamie says:

    Those that are employed by the Government need to understand they work for the people and guests of the Country!….not the other way around!
    Until this Government understands this and mandates it to Government employees we will never ever progressin this service oriented world!

  37. Bizzy Bee says:

    We don’t want you here, in any way shape or form… The system is designed to dehumanize, whether its the tourist, volunteers, or guest workers.

    If they thought they could get away with it, this xenophobic government would just leave a collection box/credit card validator where people could deposit all their money, take a souvenir passport stamp, then leave the territory.

  38. Sailor says:

    We always dread checking in to theBVIs. Just sayin’

    • please.. says:

      you shouldn’t …..once you have all your documents in order and you haven’t committed any crime in any other country lately

      • Lisa says:

        Thats not true. Im a sailor and have a boat through Sundail. I used to visit USVI once and a while to see family, and now will do anything to avoid your customs. When my lease finishes. Im leaving the place i THOUGHT was heaven on earth for islands with kinder policies and more intelligent government.
        I did “adopt a family” for BVI in early October. Spend $500 in gifts and equipment….lost on island.. 3 months later for a fee of nearly 50% they get their goods. Another example of frustration and apparent corruption that stops people like me from supporting BVI now.
        I will never volunteer my time or money when this is what happens to good people.

  39. Well says:

    Every opportunity people get to trash the BVI that is what is done. You bloggers would never standup for this country. Every country have its rules and every person coming to a county have to be governed by said rules and procedures. If they were coming to work at the school they could have been given special provision but was the proper channels follow. SHUT THE UP!!! everything in the BVI is not perfect but if it was a lot of you would not even be here because many of you got in because of the cracks in the system. Back off of my country or JUST LEAVE; so we can fix it.

    • Redstorm says:

      @ Well,
      It will be most intelligent for you to speak fact. Can you get give us some place we n the same migration policy where you hav notice the crack in the system. If you cannot and are speaking things you hear others say , it could mean those things are not factual.
      The BVI is perfect and is building its way back to an excellent destination. I can only suggest that immigration start looking at polices and regulation that are applicable to the BVI and make some changes. If you notice that is an administrative issue, you have to do due deligence in acknowledging the people are who the say they are on the recovery team. Once they are identify by the officers at immigration when there is a renewal, someone should gather the passport and one person should be able to get their paper work stamped. This should have been on the check list. I am hoping they all have a checklist at their desk.We should not have to make these suggestions, they are capable , immigration is capable, now makes sense me changes to facilitate a quick move with the time extension.

  40. Treat people right says:

    Bvi is s*&t….yet when they come to sthomas they get 6 months stay in their passport…set a Wicked people

  41. Highly favoured says:

    It is such shame, you come to help and you have to go through so much crap. And the BVIlander”s all they do is sit on their royals and do absolutely nothing. One thing they good for is asking ” you born here”? They believe they above every one else and they don’t need to follow rules and regulations. People you all need to take a look around and see what’s going on because pretty soon you all will feel it.

  42. Thelma says:

    White privilege is overrated. There is much to be undone in Australia that was done and needs to be addressed so high tail it back and clean your house.
    Very insensitive to complain to BVI about their stringent Immigration policies when the hue of their skin and not a passport is the determinant in how they are treated while travelling. Be Gone !

    • Nancy says:

      You are a wicked woman who soever you will be calling on these same people to come back and help you clean your house and yard when disaster hit you .wait and see Thelma.

  43. ndp says:

    NDP giving people THAT WANT to help a HARD TIME !!! what is this !!!!

  44. Hmmm says:

    Everyone on talking crap who black GO PUERTO RICO
    everyone on talking crap who white American go uk or Antigua
    Everyone on talking crap who white UK go Europe post brexit
    Enough said

  45. Thelma says:

    There is much thanks and gratitude to all who has volunteered wholeheartedly.
    However, individual and or groups from the International community interfering in anyway in local affairs administration and Governance should be eliminated. That is a big No No.

  46. Tola says:

    That’s why Tortola will always be in a hole. Dirty minded place

    • totolian says:

      stop being so unkind. Be nice for once. What you spit in the sky will come right back to you. One true statement by the young gentleman got all of you “bigots going wild. “

  47. Proud says:

    Send he back! He think just because he and his friends want to come here and do hard work for no money in the sun, living in tents that we should be grateful! Hell No! Get he back in line and I hope he don’t queue on the shady side of the chairless corridor in in Labour in the mosquito infested Govt HQ. …. Strupps!

  48. Dog man says:

    It’s all about the money. All volunteers is here for the the money. You all really think that is free b watchful my people it coming with a cost n big one. ? the easy way to some one is to sorting there hearts.keep up the good work immigration.

  49. JC says:

    What a down right disgrace…these people left the comfort of their home to help is rebuild our much needed schools and this is the type of treatment they receive. The bible warns about persons or countries who does not treat others right. Do u think they came for ur land or ur jobs..wicked people mehson. The BVI has been treating people bad for many years..but Irma has revealed Natures Little Secret..SMH

  50. Love my bvi says:


    Just goes to show how inept, outdated, and corrupt the system is here. We want want help from those with skills or the willingness to offer assistance, yet we treat those very people with no respect or dignity. Immigration could easily process extensions, work permits, or whatever in less time than it takes for them to look at their phone. But no, the system grinds to a halt with excessive paperwork and incompetence. Add in poor attitude and an unwillingness to change and the problem only continues.

  51. TRUTH says:

    Some of these Immigration Officers know nothing about being humane to other people. One always feel like you are in their mercy. An employee of a large hospitality company was away on vacation when the hurricanes hit and could not return soon after because the house they were renting collapsed. That employee’s job was made redundant along with 100 plus others. That employee had lived and worked in the territory for over 19 years. They returned last week to sort out their personal belonging, bank business etc. The individual has families living here also. A Supervisor at the airport confiscated their passport and told them they have 1 week in the territory. The individual begged for 2 weeks but the Supervisor said “No”. How inhumane is that!!. A person living in the territory for 19 years, No criminal record. A person you can say is deemed to belong and that’s the kind of treatment they get just because their job was made redundant because of the hurricanes? BVI people better take warning. Worse is coming and its not a wish, it is reality. Too much wickedness in high places. Too much inhumanity towards our fellow brothers and sisters. Too much uncaring spirits. God is not pleased with this territory. His spirit is vexed. The innocent will suffer along with the guilty.

  52. The Minister's Responsibility says:

    This is something that the ministry should have been all over…they are doing work on the school…they should have had the foresight to give these people a hand somewhere…SMH

  53. sad says:

    travelled to the Beef Island last week from San Juan. A volunteer couple was on the flight and they had a water treatment system for a school that they were helping. Customs officer charged them duty on the equipment. I felt so bad over this. This couple are people who do not need the BVI and they do not want to stay or work here. They are doctors and they just saw the need to give of themselves and their treatment at the port of entry was horrific.

  54. islandgurl says:

    Quick fix: give immigrants a 3-5 year stamp with no extensions or renewals. Let them go back home to a place they love yet have no opportunities and don’t really want to live in anymore. This will allow the ungratefuls an opportunity to see how good it is to be in the territory. Spend one week in their country and you will see exactly why they themselves don’t want to be in their country. They have far worse things going on in their government. But hey let everyone crap all over the BVI (with an imperfect/flawed govt & legislators like every other country does) because no where else in the world has flaws. MY ADVICE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GO BACK HOME AND MAKE SOME EFFORT TO IMPROVE YOUR GOVT AND COUNTRY. IN FACT MAKE IT BETTER THAN THE BVI IF YOU CAN.

    • WOW! says:

      Must Repeat….Spend one week in their country and you will see exactly why they themselves don’t want to be in their country. They have far worse things going on in their government. But hey let everyone crap all over the BVI (with an imperfect/flawed govt & legislators like every other country does) because no where else in the world has flaws.

  55. BVI says:

    Sad indeed. We as a small territory really need to get our act together.

  56. Len says:

    Slow internet speed;..slow immigration dept. but BVI Electricity Corp. has decided to speed things up a bit by cutting off your electricity if you’re even 3 days past due..SMH.

    I cannot recognize my country anymore!

  57. Shame says:

    This is what happens when jobs are given as. Political favors. Was that person trained for the job? Lessons must be learnt from blatant mistakes. Give the position to someone trained for the job.

  58. Mike Hunt says:

    BVIslanders, go anywhere without impedance. Can even go freely to the UK without work permits.
    As a Brit i have worked on 2 occasions in the BVI.
    it was like pulling teeth to get through the bureaucracy at the Immigration Dept even though I was working with a local company.
    A certain ‘lady’ there was the biggest problem.

  59. JusforBlogs says:

    Then they still wonder y irma and maria came. These 2 hurricanes was a lesson,an eye opener and a warning. God knew everything thats happening now would have come to pass. He is just testing to see how they will deal with setuations and people in times like now and this is the result before our eyes. Well guess what “God dont like ugly” and he sits high and look low. If that will continue to be the attitudes yuall really need to amend before its too late. We dont want God getting angry at us again. We dont want him to teach us another lesson. We are barely half way of recovering we still need this year disaster free in order to completely bounce back. These volunteers left there happy homes, families and comfort zone to lend a helping hand, they firstly should be treated with respect because they are doing jobs without benefits, without pay!!! Im certain that if it was another carribean country (downisland) the gvmnt WILL treat volunteers with respect,top class and first priority. Remember these people are NOT GETTING PAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Oh Well says:

    I guess the BVI is saying they don’t need help.

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