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WASTED: Gov’t departments leave bags of cement to harden

Bags of donated cement left to harden at the festival grounds in Road Town. (BVI News photo)

Negligence from government departments has caused multiple bags of cement that were donated to the territory after the hurricanes to go to waste.

The bags of cement were left in the open at the festival grounds in Road Town, which is the designated holding area for donations to the British Virgin Islands.

Several bags of uncovered cement hardened after being exposed to unfavourable weather elements such as rain.

The Department of Disaster Management (DDM) and the Ministry of Health and Social Development are said to have joint responsibility for the area and its contents.

Cement and other building materials were donated to help rebuild local dwellings and buildings that were damaged by the hurricanes.

According to a Situation Analysis presented by the DDM after the hurricanes, more than 4,000 houses were either damaged or destroyed.

A number of property-owners who the government has described as ‘underinsured’ and ‘vulnerable’ were relying on donations such as cement to help rebuild their homes.

News of the waste of building resources comes at a time when the government is scrambling to generate funds to finance the territory’s recovery.

The National Democratic Party administration said it plans to borrow several millions and solicit grants from other donors for the rebuild.

Telecoms company Digicel is among the donors who gave several tonnes of cement last October.

BVI News inquiries revealed that the DDM is responsible for securing the items while the Ministry of Health is responsible for distribution.

Below are photos of the wasted cement captured by BVI News:

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  1. HMMMM says:

    You does really see ting in the BVI. BVI News we want to hear their response. Wasting Donations is unforgivable in these times!

  2. smh says:

    what a waste.. i coulve used a couple bags of those cement.. but some people rather it rot than a poor man make use of it

  3. Thought says:

    Shameful and so many people are homeless.

  4. Terrible says:

    Imagine. I only needed 5 bags of cement. Five bags, yet they left 50 or more go to waste. This is unacceptable. Someone must be held accountable!

    Wasting resources while people begging and buying trying to get their lives back in order.

    • Concerned says:

      Accountable??? No one in the NDP is accountable. It starts from the top down. No accountability in the Premiers office, then why should anyone else be accountable???

    • WHAT.. says:

      That is the MAJOR problem with the BVI. None is held accountable for ANYTHING…NOTHING..NADA! Same story for years, long time before Irma and Maria…

  5. Diaspora says:

    This is poor optics. It does not create a fire within donors to want donate. Which donor is going to race to donate anything if this is the way its donation is bring handled? None. This does not create a sense of urgency or need. It hampers the desire to donate if donated material is going to go to waste. It is a shame that residents need material and material is going to waste. This is a case of lack of responbility and accountability.

    Moreover, more than one entity being in charge of something normally spells disaster. There are always assumption and finger pointing. When everyone is in charge no one is in charge. There must be unity of command,ie, one entity in charge. One entity needs to be in charge for the collection, storage, security and distribution of donated material, equipment…….etc. DDM should be tasked with the responsibility.

  6. MERCY says:

    Let us hear what Bere ananci story she comes up with or she will blame God for the weather.

  7. Albion says:

    Boy, that just tells you everything that you need to know about Government workers. Leaving cement out in the rain? Strupes.

  8. Saddened from afar says:

    A crying shame that protective storage was not implemented….

    • Tallfat says:

      The U.K. Officers were giving away tarps. They could have gotten some and cover the cement. Better yet they had lots of containers nearby that could have housed them. There’s absolutely no excuse for this period. They’ve taken names and addresses and numbers but for what reason. In a time of disaster politics and partisanship stand resolutely. WABS

  9. WASTE! says:

    Waste of goood cement! COuldve been used to rebuild a house by now. But them leff it to waste.. This government misson

  10. Unbelievable says:

    There is no reason for these goods to not be distributed within a weeks time. It’s not too difficult to formulate a list of persons in need and what they need. Items come in look at the list and make the distribution Unfortunately there are too many underendowed persons with little big man complex. These goods were given to the people of the BVI. Go take what is yours.

  11. Shameful says:

    My humble opinion is that the relief aid and supplies were purposely held from the needy public. If the public receive aid then the building supplies stores and supermarkets lose sales. Some aid items ended up on store shelves!

    Think about it!

  12. I FROM HERE says:

    Send home these Government workers and hire new ones!

  13. haha says:

    its so funny how BVIslanders have the most to say about Trump/US Government and look at theirs…… just as corrupt or maybe even worse.

  14. pure badmindedness says:

    Its not just the cement. I would want to read the whole report. how much baby diapers and foodstuff were left to rot. Better they rot than they give to some of us. You go to the festival grounds to ask for something you need and had to endure all kind of insults from the people who thought it all belong to them. Road Town did not have a relief center. I take that back, we had a paying relief center at ——. The wrath of God is still there hanging over us because nature isn’t done with the evil in this place yet. You feel how these nights does be like little hurricanes? We better take heed and repent of our evil ways. the word is Love and we don’t have much for each other.

  15. oh yeah says:

    If you think that bad check the amount at Fish Bay that suffer the same fate. That amount is small compare to the amount up there.

  16. Iman says:

    Thinks it is just cement alone. Most of the donated goods never reach the needy hands.These people who have a little power is so wicked. I do hope they get something much bigger than Irma soon. Need a strong intervention from higher powers.

  17. Bego says:

    Damn fool dem.It’s survival of the fitest from now on.Serious ting I’m talking.

  18. Gumption.Officail says:

    This is not good. This is so wrong in many ways.

  19. bojan says:

    They looking money and cant even give out free donations to people in need that says you have all that suppies was to be finish long time ago then ask for more not things there spoiling there is where the looting was to be taken place bunch of bad minded people incharge asusual.

  20. Realto says:

    These could have been used to fix the road by the PUB. You can still crush them and use them as fillings instead of the dirt they are using to fill the roads.

  21. One side of a story says:

    How many bags were received? How many were received in this condition? How many people received cement? Lets find out the facts first before we blog.

  22. Ford says:

    Maybe because the cement came in from Jamaica. I asked for 5 bags and was told they ain’t ready to be distributed as yet. I hope the news reach the eyes and ears of those Jamaican doners. Shameful.

  23. ???? says:

    One side of story u ave 2 eyes u can ????????????.

  24. Watcher says:

    Dont worry. It is only the taxpayers money.

  25. Road Runner says:

    This is totally unacceptable. Literally thousands of Government employees (percentage wise, more than any other country), and no one can be bothered to cover & preserve these badly needed donation – shameful is right. Too busy trying to raise millions for a new airport that we don’t need. Problem is, all of these ‘mismanaged’ funds, will need to be paid back – by guess who???!!

  26. Free says:

    Further proof that what is given away is not appreciated.

  27. Laura says:

    This is just one of the reasons I am ashamed to call myself a BVIslander. Why do we have to waste so much when we are full well informed from whence we came..NOTHING!!! God help my people!

  28. Concern says:

    It was the greedy staff who was on the distribution field giving who they want…all you have to drive in a certain time and head in the back facing the road and you would see them loading their cars, small pickups and you think thats all…water and milk even got spoil. But when walkins came in asking its always they dont have and it’s right there under the tarp. I thought the slim lady from cane garden side was bad given who she want and herself. in the end I don’t blame her … next time we need people who we can trust.

    They had a set of teams working there and I see it was hard on them doing there duties when they only going off on what they were told to do. in the end Hope have to be shame because what is being said about there food. but people read a certain magazine and you see what that packages rice really ment for ‘feed the poor’ and they think we here on island going to eat it yuck

  29. Bandit says:

    SMFH. The politicians and their friends don’t need that cement that’s why it is sitting there wasting away.

  30. Luvz says:

    These could have gone to good use by those in need. No excuse whatsoever! I for one hate to see things waste. Wow this speak volume! We as a people and country as a whole need to do much better! SMH!

  31. WTF says:

    What a f**kng shame. There is no excuse that is acceptable.

  32. WOW says:

    That ridiculous apology for a drain at Fort Burt is deep enough to put some in without even breaking them up!

  33. Looking On says:

    It’s SAD….

  34. Lol says:

    This is old news. Months now that happen. And boy they hid this story. They only saying it now to ease the hit. Because of That thing called ‘I have power/control over something and nobody can tell me what to do’ thing, that’s why this happen. More news to come.

  35. RealPol says:

    If this waste/damage of donated material is true, this is what cause resident Virgin Islanders and the diaspora to hang their head in SHAME and for those who made sacrifices to donate to the people of the BVI fume with disgust and hesitant to come to our aid in the future. This performance and behaviour are emblematic of the governing problems in the VI. It wreaks of poor leadership and ineffective management. The performance before, during and after the catastrophic storms present a poor national image.

    Elected and appointed officials performances thus far is marginal at best. Virgin Islanders must extract their heads out of the sand (we are not ostriches) and demand change. We must demand more from elected and appointed officials; we must demand performance from them. They are not put in these positions to strut like peacocks; they are put in positions to perform. We cannot twiddle our thumbs while the territory Dtruggles. Demand change changes things.

    For example, the Great March of November 1949 led Dolph Faulkner (Anegada) led to the reinstatement of the Legislature in 1950, starting of direct representation ………etc. Further, Frederick Douglass says : If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will. Who will be the change agent(s)?

    Around election season, we rollout the phrase that the VI is at a crossroad and needs strong leadership to reset the compass to change course. Time is up so who will take the mantle of leadership to deliver the change needed? The Opposition is supposed to be the government in waiting. However, it is disorganized and floundering. If a snap election is called now as was done in 2015, the Opposition would be caught flat footed.

    Nevertheless, change and action are needed and now. But nothing will change without our demand it. The BVI has a binary choice. It can do nothing and let the BVI regress to bird sanctuary status. Or it can demand change to restore/exceed the high standard of living and quality of life it has grown accustomed to and to place a strong foundation for the follow on generations of Virgin Islanders.

  36. pete says:

    I basically agree except I think that both progress and a bird sanctuary (respecting and protecting nature) can happen. Mangroves actually help protect the shores yet we still strip them out for that next marina and big development. Nature can help protect us too or we end up looking like any other concrete jungle.

  37. Wellsah says:

    That’s weird. I thought all the aid was being sold…!

    • Eagle and Buffalo says:

      All Virgin Islanders should be flabbergasted at government’s ineptitude in action in broad daylight. How do our cool as cucumber Premier explained this ineptitude and slap in donors’ face? This wasted cement could have been donated to other affected locale(s) that truly needed it and would been grateful for it. Instead, it was given to the BVI where it was wasted while residents are thirsty and hungry for assistance.

      National shame and embarrassment, causing residents to hide and hang their faces low. It pains our collected hearts to even look at this waste. These pictures are evidence of governing colossal failure. Though it is not yet in a failed state status, ie Somalia, Venezuela………etc, it is in the ball park. Though a supposed democracy, only lip service is given to consulting with the people, eg, feedback on Recovery Plan. The short turn around meant they truly did not want to hear what we have to say. It seems like a burden to consult with the people. Sad.

      “ Done deal” is the way of taking care of the people’s business. But the people deserve how they are treated, for if they did not like the treatment, they would demand other actions and outcomes. Are we happy with the performance and outcomes? If no, then let’s get off our a…s and do something. The courage, sacrifice and legacy of Dolph Faulkner, Noel Lloyd and others are severely lacking. We are too selfish; let’s do something peacefully and legally for the public good.

      Let’s lead like eagles, not careen off the cliff like buffaloes.

  38. Many says:

    are to blame? No! Everyone is to be blamed!

    Such strikes at the core psychological problem we live and see acted out daily.

    Our existential desire to help each other and see each other strive and survive is is fatal to our very existence.

    Second, the disaster management should be next in line for some serious blaming.

    NDP can delegate from the top, but if the below management and foot soldiers are inept, incompetent, bias, or simply lazy what you is what we will continue to get, straight up.

  39. meow says:

    what a about the port. food water sun come burn rain come wet them and people here still hungry if you all dint want to give it away sell for a little money .that money could buy broms map soap ect for the poor and needy . god help us that is not good for the bvi and the hungry kids

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