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We must jealously guard our lands from expats

Government member Delores Christopher

Representative of the Fifth Electoral District Delores Christopher has called on legislators to protect BVI lands from expatriate buyers.

Christopher said while she has no animosity towards expats, BVI lands need to be secured from outsiders.

“I’m putting it out there: I ain’t against nobody. A lot of other people come to live among us. It’s been happening forever. But, we must jealously guard our culture, our traditions, our land, our whole lifestyle. Don’t let nobody take it away with their bright ideas. We have bright ideas too,” said Christopher who noted that her family owns land in the British Virgin Islands.

“The Jennings family; five brothers bought the whole of Bell Vue Estate. My grandfather was one of them. So when you see me fighting to preserve some certain things here I have reason to do it. I fighting for my people and my land. I fighting for my heritage. I got to fight. I can’t just sit down and watch it,” she said.

She made the statement days after Premier Dr D Orlando Smith announced that government will be amending the territories residency and Belongership policies.

According to the Premier, the current policies have ‘deficiencies’ that have been longstanding.

He said those deficiencies would be addressed by the first quarter of next year.

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  1. Irma says:


    Read Guyana’s Kaieteur News 1/1/18.
    Concerning Barbuda’s debacle. hmmmm.

    • @Irma says:

      Thanks for the reference. I posted it below for ease of access for others to read. I think Deloris also meant to use the word Zealously. I, However, don’t agree with her undiplomatic fashion. There are better ways to get your point across. Clearly, the author, of the article in Kaieteur News, used a softer and an educated approach, which is much appreciated and more palatable. Instead she kicked up a dust storm between locals and expats, even when her family is guilty of what she is speaking out against.

  2. Watcher says:

    For any investors thinking of bringing their retirement pensions or investment from Europe or The USA or elsewhere:

    Read the above attitude from a member of the govt. Then read what the Cayman Islands says..

    From the Cayman Islands govt website

    “For the wealthy retiree we have a category just for you – a Certificate of Permanent Residency for Persons of Independent Means. We love people in this category and there are a lot of you here in Cayman, so you will be in good company!

    There are also Permanent Residency categories for those who invest substantially in businesses in Cayman..”

    Where will your investment go. .

  3. Offended says:

    You know what offends me the most? You all live here so long and can’t spell the names of our places properly.

    It’s – BELLEVUE, not Bell View nor Bel View.
    It’s – ROAD TOWN, not Roadtown. Two words!
    It’s – TOLIAN, not Tolan.
    It’s – BVIslander or VIRGIN ISLANDER, not BVI Ilander.

    You all annoy the crap out of me.

    • ghutty says:

      its should be bvi landers bit bvi slander…you need to speak english not your own language. w for v etc…ppl wake up and learn.

  4. LOL says:

    130 Comments… WOW !! You did it Delores.

    • she hit the nail on the head...long overdue but better late than never says:

      Well said, Honourable Christopher,
      Don’t mind the hoopla, you’re right on the money.

  5. ghutty says:

    what have the expats done to you bvi landers? all we do here is live in your place and pay your mortgage, work for you like slaves…we cant do nothing here but work, eat, sh*t and sleep. we do all the work here because your very own are to lazy to work but just love to rob and most time its their own they do so. if all of the expats too pack up and leave, what will become of here? look so much businesses close shop and left already?Locals wake up and see whats going on. its millionaire who buy lands here. the little man cant. This womannever sold lands?. … but dont worry. more hurricane season is coming and plenty rains to drown this land. we will see what will remain of here when another hurricane hit these shores. irma was just the smoke….the fire is yet to blaze.

  6. We Need says:

    Our very own Mr Dart! or they better go ask him to come and help us. lol

  7. Lordee says:

    You cannot change this world madam….God will decide who get what…mic drops

  8. disappointed says:

    that’s right! if ever people with status want to take land back, there are scores of properties being dumped on the market that people couldn’t get rid of for years. Finally with a little insurance, people are moving their investments somewhere more sensible and welcoming. This is not good for BVI because we don’t have the market for them, long-term residents remain on one year permits and see the potential investment as a likely loss-maker and difficult to get out of as it has proved for so many. there aren’t enough BVI nationals to absorb the supply.

    We too could become more sensible and welcoming is what the Hon Prem is saying. He is not saying lets have open season and have market chaos and mass immigration, he is saying let’s be sensible about the very small numbers who are already here and have already committed their economic lives to the BVI. And sending a little bit home to family for those on lower wages doesn’t change that, they still need somewhere to eat, stay, things to do. Cayman is booming and other places too. Not everything there is right for us but we can learn from the best bits and take the bits that make sense for us and tweak them for BVI. Then we will prosper.

    we can renew our offering to a select number of UNHW individuals and get better to provide a second/retirement/vacation home and amenities to them which we as a whole will also benefit from.

    we can make the BVI more attractive and permanent for those we need to come here and evolve our financial services, including the opportunities and huge financial contribution we get from that. We also benefit from all of that.

    take the little 30 thousand we have here and add another 5-10 thousand by careful organic growth of our businesses over ten years and our economy will be healthy and our youth will have better education and career choices.

    as for these policies being discussed, we are probably looking at a few hundred people having earned the right to be permanently resident here. this is good for BVI.

    a population is an organic thing but something the government as a whole over time has control of. Our Belongers and BVIslanders have all sorts of heritage from immediate generations to those from long ago. If we attract people who live and breathe BVI and love the place and want the best for it, that is what will take us forward.

    the alternative will be very damaging for the BVI and that damage may take generations to reverse.

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