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We will need bigger prison if anger not tackled – FSN

Dr Simmons

The Family Support Network (FSN) said it is planning to aggressively tackle anger and relationship issues for 2018, adding that the territory will need a bigger prison if the issues are not promptly addressed.

The issue has been one of the shortfalls in the territory, especially last year when at least one woman was maimed by her lover and another allegedly slaughtered with a knife by her husband.

FSN Director, Dr Sylvia Simmons said the rising anger management issues and domestic violence cases could only worsen if the cycle of abuse is made to continue.

“We would like to do more programmes for women where we have groups, where no more than 10 women can sit and share information on how to cope with situations, how to budget, how to deal with their emotions, how to look at their relationship in a different perspective and what is a healthy relationship versus what’s not a healthy relationship,” she said.

Dr Simmons said the FSN also plans to teach women to discern “how to stop the repeated pattern of picking the same kind of person over and over and to find out ‘why am I keep doing this to myself’. We would like to work with children, both male, and female at six or eight-week intervals where we have up to eight to ten males and females in separate groups where they also deal with anger.”

Dr Simmons told BVI News yesterday, that with help from donors, FSN will be able to properly tackle issues of domestic violence and abuse.

Young people follow patterns from home

She explained that the young people tend to copy what they see from home.

“The young people that we are seeing very often – it’s because they are seeing it and because they feel it; mommy beat up daddy, daddy beat up mommy. I learn that this is what I do when I am angry because mom and dad do it. So, you’re teaching me how to do the same thing when I have issues. ‘When I have issues I fight because this is what I am learning’ as opposed to how can we discuss this and react differently.”

The FSN Director pointed out that requisite tools are crucial to addressing those issues.

“You have to give them the tools to do that and until we are able to give youngsters that information and learn the skills so they can apply them, they have no clue how to move forward with so they can cope. So, these are the things that we would love to do.”

Build a bigger prison

She continued: “If we don’t make changes going forward, we have a next generation coming after us which is our children who are going to repeat the same behaviour and the dynamics are going to be even worse because we would have to build a bigger prison since they don’t have an outlet to express their anger and how to express their feelings.”

Dr Simmons said the cries for help by local families is growing by the day.

“We have a major problem in this country, there has to be some way of dealing with that pressure. Whether it is the government or the private sector, we have to come to the table to discuss what do we do going forward.”

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  1. On Looker says:

    Black children drown in depression and cannot talk to their families about it and to cope they drink and smoke wayyyyyyyyyyyy beyond their limits. Nobody knows what some people be going through, Nobody knows and nobody cares, everybody just trying to get their dollar and go home to watch MF’n “Game of Thrones” or whatever show is trending.

    We dont have enough solid families through the place showing love so these young girls seek it elsewhere and getting pregnant for these older guys who have no interest in taking care of them or the baby when it comes and the cycle just continues.

    Being a young black male I grew up without a father and I could count numerous birthdays where I waited for at a text and I couldnt get it and thinking “What did I do to not even get get a “Happy birthday” text”. That makes me angry but I cant let my emotions get the best of me and do something stupid to go jail because I have to take care of my mother.

    Black women are the only ones that care about black men and all we do is disregard them.

    We gotta take care of the black women.

  2. Resident says:

    Many of us grew up in dysfunctional homes. We didn’t go out there and slept with Tom dick Harry and their friends too. We studied our lesson and got a job to maintain ourselves. Too many young girls are dependent on older men who not only use them but control them with violence. Young ladies need to be young Ladies. Not skettles around the place. Learn your school work go to college get a job and mind yourself. Stop getting into relationships that are toxic. Find a decent young man who don’t want to lie with anything in a short skirt!!!

  3. one says:

    One has not read a statement so poignant and true as:

    Black women are the only ones that care about black men and all we do is disregard them.Black women are the only ones that care about black men and all we do is disregard them,” since first reading of “Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey.”

  4. Just Reward says:

    We always needed a bigger prison as soon as the import of labour commenced. A bigger prison was built but soon became full to capacity and let us be honest, a bigger prison will never be big enough. The dominant source of the societal disruptive labour pool was and continues to be sourced from Crime capital countries. The new generation of BVIslanders are products of the Caribbean Crime Capitals of the Caribbean so please stop the bovine feces rhetoric. BVI gone and if Harvey, Irma and Maria with their cleansing attempts do not shift immigration policies, a tsunami will be the final solution.

    • Hm says:

      Lol only if you are washed away and your body into that void created to house all of mankind until the end.

      • @Hm says:

        Sooner or later according to legend we will all be stored in a place of no return until the end. Until then do u or could u dispute the blogger’s candid assertion that the previously and historically crime free BVI is now a dominant residential population originating from CAribbean Islands with a historically high crime rate ? Truth can be daunting but facing it is the only way to recognize mistakes make changes and move forward.

  5. @ Just Reward says:

    Your analysis are shared by thousands you will never meet or know in your life time, but you wrote truth just now.

    Facts are, Ray Charles might see them, but it takes a brilliant and analytic mind to decipher the social tsunamis bombarding our shores since 1960.

    We have already lost the battle and the war, only the causalities we are treading of daily now.

    Sociologist are you?

  6. Well Boo says:

    “We must jealously guard our lands form expats”

    A few days ago this was the headline utterance made by one of our elected officials and it echoes my thoughts upon reading “We will need bigger prisons….

    Yours truly guarding my lands from expats who will need more prisons,police,criminal courts low income housing,juvenile detention centers, bigger hospital,more burial grounds etc.

    Yep. I am on guard against my land being in the hands of expats whose societal and cultural practices will reduce land value in the BVI to the level of or below the level of their despised homeland.

    Only expats with the desire,cash and the know how of creating a better place need apply for my land..and even then…

    • :D says:

      Well boo boo..I pray that none of your ancestors originated in any other lands..I pray they came up out of the dirt on Tortola as Adam did when he was created..If not you are ignorant..You are making everyone look bad..You sound like a bitter woman or gay guy ( well boo lol)…Don’t worry the right amount of money will get you to sell. Even you :D…Its all good though boo boo bunny lol.

  7. My Dear says:

    You are vexed because the author has expressed a preference for buyers who can afford and who have the know how of creating a better place? And such angst has caused you to volunteer your disdain for gay guys? Oh my!

  8. Socrates says:

    Children are like sponges and tend to mimic the behaviour they observe at home and in the community. Both parents/guardians and the community have a responsibility for depicting positive behaviour and attitudes worthy of emulation. Uncontrolled anger is destructive and can lead to property damages, abuse of family/relationships, personnel injuries and murder, and adverse interaction with the judicial system, loss of employment and fines.

    Nonetheless, it is a major leap to a new jail as the solution. Again, no doubt uncontrolled anger is destructive and problematic. However, effective problem solving entails finding the cause(s) and rooting them out, not just treating the symptoms. Furthermore, uncontrolled anger is a pervasive community problem and the community must be engaged in solving it.

    Moreover, anger management is one tool in the tool box for addressing the problem. It takes a village to raise a child is still applicable in the BVI society; the village was once a vital part of BVI communities but seemed to be abandoned to the detriment of the community with growth and development. Bring it back.

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