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Western Union relocates, reopens in Road Town

New Western Union branch opens at the Cutlass Tower in Road Town.

The Western Union in Road Town has reopened at a new location in the territory’s capital.

The money transfer company was located inside One Stop Mall in Road Town but halted operations shortly after the hurricanes.

It reopened last week on the ground floor of the Cutlass Tower.

The post-hurricane closure of the former Road Town branch had put a strain on the few other money transfer agencies in the territory.

Residents were observed daily in long queues to utilise money transfer services, which has become somewhat of a commodity in the BVI.

The new Western Union branch will open from 8am to 4pm on weekdays and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

Another branch also in operation is located in Port Purcell.

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  1. Diplomat says:

    Clearly remittances are a booming business and and a win-win for BVI, WU (other money transfer companies) and home countries. The benefits are that 1) BVI needs imported labour to meet demands/shortages, 2) WU is making a tidy profit from the transfers and 3) home countries benefit from infusion of cash in their struggling economies.

    No doubt, inspite of the hurricane damages, there is a big demand for money wiring services. The only down side to remittances is that money is leaving the territory and the economic multiplier effect is lost. Does government tax remittances? Why is WU closing at 4:00 pm? Would it not serve its customers better if it were open when most of its customers are off work? Does not the convenience of the customer matter? Or the attitude is let them eat cake, per Marie Antoinette, former Queen of France.

    • Bolly says:

      Give persons citizenship and the money will stay in the Territory. You can’t have it both ways.

      • BOSANG says:

        B.S. talk.

      • Diplomat says:

        People remit money to their home countries to support their families. This is wonderful. If a magic wand is waived making all non-citizens citizens, people will not stop help their families in their home countries. Remittances for the most part is a win-win for BVI and other countries. Let’s compare sugar apple to sugar apple, not to oranges.

    • Bothways says:

      And what is the value of inbound remittances to the BVI?

      • Quiet Storm says:

        Good question. What is the value of outgoing remittances? How much is incoming remittances? Bet the outgoing exceeds invoming by a large amount?

        • CAPTAIN HOOK says:

          And so? Your point is?

        • LOL says:

          You guys serious? Why would people be sending money here to the BVI in droves? Western Union and Moneygram aren’t only used for people sending money to families, it’s a means of conducting business transactions as well. People ordering parts, equipment and other stuff use these methods to send money. Why would we be receiving tons of money in the BVI? For what?

  2. Ann says:

    I want to know if u guys are open and also why is Western Union exchange rate so low money gram is 2.67 or sometime 2.70 the bank is 2.60 or 2.67 or more and Western Union is 2.56 or 2.58 u guys are wayyyy below the exchange rate just asking cause even the Chinese stores where I live give u u 2.67 u all need to do better why Robb us from the little money we received from our families overseas and u all makes twice of wat some of are getting u all need to do better than that man

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