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Why gov’t just ‘taking licks’? Residents confront Premier

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith

Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie has levelled a number of accusations about corruption and bad governance against the Dr D Orlando Smith-led administration and residents have started to notice that government is not responding.

One of latest claims is that government is using recovery funds to finance their next election campaign. Fahie, therefore, demanded a breakdown of how government plans to spend the $65 million it recently borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank for recovery.

During a public consultation in the Eighth Electoral District yesterday, residents confronted Premier Smith on his silence and questioned whether it was an indication of guilt.

“The government just taking licks, licks, licks and I ain’t heard any reply… I want to know why the government is not answering back. Everything this man say they saying it is the gospel truth so I would like the government to answer back and make the island know what’s going on,” one resident said.

Premier Smith replied that government does not believe retaliation is the best way to get the truth out.

However, Dr Smith promised that his administration will make a comeback.

“It is true that you don’t hear the government as much as some people would like to, and probably the reason is that, quite frankly, ‘tit for tat’ isn’t necessarily the best way to get information out,” the Premier said.

“We’ve been putting information out in different ways and maybe its time to up the ante and I can assure that we will,” he added.

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  1. Govt go high says:

    “When they go low, we go high” um, which overseas politician said that????!!!!!

  2. I wish i could believe that says:

    Smith i supported you guys but that’s a crap sh*t. How can settling peoples mind be retaliation? The man asking questions everybody wants to know. It ain’t looking good man…it ain’t looking good.

  3. Please says:

    You all expect him to say that it is true? Oh please. This Government is not above board.

    • Truth Sayer says:

      I am so tired of all the negativity and the name calling. The Government is not perfect but they have done some good things for the country but anyone hardly speaks about it. Since Hurricane Irma and BVI the BVI has really bounced back in comparison to other countries who were affected by these Hurricanes. How quickly we forget the wasted monies on drag racing, the Judge from the USA, Bi-Water, Sea Cow’s Bay Harbour Development project, and many more. All Governments have skeletons in their closets. We are complaining about the loan, and maybe there is merit for it. Maybe the Premier should forget about it and all assistance and do nothing. For it seems that nothing he does is pleasing to some of us.

      • To truth sayer says:

        I agree the BVI people are resilient and did alot without the government to bounce back also. We thank the government for what they have done but we are tired of government doing a little good while taking alot of our goods. So save that sad story that you are saying. They must be held accountable for our monies.

  4. My take says:

    Fahie is not the issue here at all. They will try to make us think that he is a bad guy only up to mischief but remove Fahie from the equation for a minute. Where is our $7mill from the plane? Where is the $30mill extra on the Ports project and the audit that can’t ever finish? The list is long of questionable conduct by this government and it has nothing to do with Fahie or anyone else who is calling it out for what it is…lack of good governance.

  5. Eagle eye says:

    He done give away 7 million already so i’m not putting anything pass him

  6. NDP former supporter says:

    I am not a 100% Fahie fan but I have come to respect the man and admire him for his fearlessness and being a voice for us the voiceless. These guys have compromised the entire public service especially the senior level that wrong is now the new right.

  7. LOL says:

    They are waiting on a Glover park speech to come to launch an attack on Fahie. Nothing new here but they are failing to realize that this is larger than Fahie. Tell us what you doing with this loan fund down to the cents.

  8. Wait a minute says:

    This man own elected members on his side said in the public that he needs to give up the Ministry of Finance because he’s not getting it handled. It is clear that the issue here is not Miss P. It is not Mitch. It is not Fahie. It is not the people. It is not Bishop Cline. It is this poor leadership.

  9. Listen Doc says:

    I don’t want to hear anymore old stories and attacks on Fahie for political gains. As a matter of Fact ALL I want to hear from you is a full breakdown of how the $65 million dollars will be spent that we the people have to repay.

  10. Hold on says:

    I need answers not political rebuttals. If this $65 mill is part of the recovery and development process then why this wasn’t discussed with the people before so we all could have had an input in what it should be used for and how it would be repaid? Why was this loan rushed? Why so many few elected members voted for it?

  11. Hmmm says:

    Fahie needs to stop his politricking on the Government. I had enough of him. Pulling wool over peoples eyes and distracting us from the fact that he doesn’t have a team as yet. He going wait till election morning to bring a set of Jack in the Box to run the country? Where is the VIP? Is it a one-man gang? Where is his party? What are his plans to better our Country?

    • Voter says:

      EXACTLY! His mouth is loud but what is his solution? A one man party?

      • To voter says:

        So Miss P who said the same thing is the problem? Only 6 of 13 elected Members voted yes for this $65 mill so are those that didn’t vote for it the problem? Is Mitch speaking out against the poor financial leadership the problem? The problem is not Fahie nor any of the above. It is that the leadership is weak and not being accountable nor transparent. So stop wasting time trying to attack Fahie. Put your energies in trying to attack and solve the root of the problem which is Mr. Zzzz.

    • Albion says:

      Fahie is fighting a one-man battle to try and provide opposition in the House and hold Government to account. That is a laudable aim, and there is only one other MHA not in Government (Fraser), and he is silent.

      But I do wish Fahie think would think more before making outlandish accusations of corruption. We know it is all just politics, but overseas newspapers pick up all this stuff and print it as if it were gospel. Nothing good comes of the UK and the USA thinking that the BVI is a haven for corruption.

    • To Hmmm says:

      Whether Fahie has a team or not is besides the point at this stage. We the people demand accountability from the one with the side in power about a huge $65 million loan. It is as simple as that. Stop coming trying to side track us. If Fahie doesn’t have a team then someone else will but tell us about our money!!!!!!!

      • Neigh says:

        It dopres natter whether or not Fahie has a team as this would determine if Fahie hits pay dirt. With a snap election a real possibility can real change be considered with no opposition to challenge the current government?

      • Hmmm says:

        The fact that he is a one-man gang is the point! He needs a team. One hand can’t clap. Where will the accountability be if its only him at the helm? Who will check him because trust me, he needs checking. That’s the only way to ensure accountability. We need solutions. If its him alone the foolery will continue. You can’t run an entire Country alone. Where is the VIP?

    • Concerned says:

      If VIP is going to be the opposing party, they needto be up and running. Have a slate of candidates, introduced to the populace, and start healthy campaigning NOW. 2019 is here.
      We know that NDP is no longer wanted. Mitch, Marlon and Myron, you all mean well and should think about your political future. It should not be with your current party.
      If VIP is indecisive or dead, maybe it’s time for a New Party.

  12. I see says:

    Your poor parents ought to be ashame to know they raised such a sweet person who pick up with bad company and what they worked so hard for. You should be ashame of yourself. Lost all respect.

  13. Sam the man says:

    The silence speaks volumes when you ain’t got a credible answer and have presided over a disastrous term in office, no accountability, no vision, no strategy, no money, no integrity – refuse to pay utility bills and basically behave like a rabbit in head lights when the storm came! At least they have been found out; but there needs to be a viable alternative government as its desperately needed!

  14. Eagle and Buffalo says:

    The NDP is getting licks because it is underperforming. For example, the poor and silent response after Hurricane Irma; it was MIA after the storm. It looks like the government went in hibernation after the storm. One minister’s response for the slow as molasses response was because they were behind scene devising plans after the storm. They were trying to spin things like a wobbly top. The reality is that they were not ready for the crisis and they are still reeling from the hurricane decimation.

    There is no holistic approach to the recovery; it’s all being piece meal. What is worrisome is that hurricane season is just around the corner and the territory is struggling to grapple with the effects from the last season. In politics, the only response to deserved licks is spin; and you can only fool people some of the time, not all the time. Time is up; the day of reckoning is nigh

    . The Opposition is keeping the territory inform the best it can. But it needs to fix itself to be more competitive, providing a strong alternative for voters when they go to the polls. Both talk and action are needed.

    Let’s lead like eagles, not careen off the cliff like buffaloes.

  15. Maggie says:

    I have the answer to all of you all questions.

    Simply, the government of the day will continue to rob the citizens high and dry until voted out.

    Nuff said

  16. SIR whatever says:

    Extremely disappointed of Smith

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