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City hunts solution; car washers hunt earnings

Car occupying three parking spaces while being washed in Road Town this week

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Staff

The Office of the City Manger said it is seeking legal advice on how to address concerns about mobile car washes that have been taking up precious parking spaces in the Road Town area of Tortola.

Car washers have been known to hog both public and private parking spaces in the town and, in some cases, a single vehicle is used to occupy more than one spot while it is being cleaned.

Some motorists and workers who traverse the British Virgin Islands capital daily have described the issue as a nuisance.

While acknowledging the concerns, City Manager Janice Brathwaite-Edwards said an amicable resolution is being sought for all parties affected.

“The complaints are just genuine complaints especially when somebody comes to work and the car wash is in the location, and they can’t find a place to park… But, at the same time, we are well aware of the fact that that is people’s survival. So we are actually moving very cautiously with it,” she told BVI News Online.

Brathwaite-Edwards yesterday stated that the problem is compounded because there are multiple washers who would be impacted if they were to be ‘put out’.

“We don’t want it to be a situation where we put people out of their daily bread. So we are actually getting some legal advice as to how to move that process forward, because it wouldn’t be a one-person thing; it would be a number of persons. We need to make sure that, when we do it, we look at it in its full circumstance before we actually address the situation, because it would be very difficult in these tough economic times to stop people from making a daily bread.”

Asked about the possibility of relocating the car washers to a designated wash area, Brathwaite-Edwards told BVI News Online that such an option would be ideal.

She however noted one major concern. “Coming up with an area for them can be an option. What I don’t have is any available land within the confines of the city; that is my challenge,” the city manager said.

“We want to ensure that, at the end of the day when we make a decision, the decision is beneficial for all the parties involved, including us.”

Brathwaite-Edwards, in the meantime, noted that some persons have been sympathetic about the situation.

“Even though people may be a little put out because they can’t park, they understand that we still have a legal right to ensure that people can still make a living,” she added.

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  1. Excellent says:

    This is loooooooooooong overdue! They watch you like you doing something wrong when you try and park in an already limited parking location. Please find a solution quick!

  2. Business Owner/Operator says:

    As a business owner I have to find a suitable location to operate my business. I’m not saying that you should put people out of their livelihood, but there must be some assurance that the majority is not inconvenienced by a few.

    If they choose to operate, it is up to them to find a suitable location to operate in the best interest of themselves and their customers.

  3. Albion says:

    If you drive down Chalwell Street then there is a guy who washes cars on one side, taking up one spot. But there are four or five derelict cars parked on the other side, which have been taking up several parking spots for years.

    I am much about those than I am about a guy trying to make a living. We need to clean up our derelict cars problem.

  4. Mr. Green says:

    Come on! You are promoting this activity along with all the boats parking in additional auto spots.

    I have to pay for my business office and warehouse and need a Trade License, work permits. Is this a requirement for the sprout ups? If we have play by the rules and laws—they should also.

    • Colonal Mustard says:

      Do they pay taxes like the rest of us? Call me skeptical, but I doubt it.

    • Mr Green plz says:

      We just young ppl who wash cars for a living earning a honest dollar u would rather see us kill each other or rob the poor and needy or the fortunate ones huh we have families also u know how many of ua save our every dollar to build a car wash to buy pressure washers vaccum cleaner turtle wax tire shines ect have a little pity for us man help us a youth men rise sont try stomp us down

  5. I lie? says:

    Alyo worrying about them when there are cars that don’t even fr***ing more from the spots they are in

  6. smith says:

    You all sounds so stupid half you all if not all use the same guys to wash your cars . personally I think you all just bad mind people in the bvi needs to stop being so small’s a service the guys are giving where you can drop off your car and come back later and your car is there and clean just stop it

  7. Solution says:

    To Ms. City Manager. The Solution lies with our legislators.. simple. When you try to enforce the laws of the country they are the ones who say ‘leave the people’. As a result our islands are becoming a dump!

    Every other country enforces their rules but the BVI seem to be afraid to ensure that their rules are enforced because of a vote.

    The result, the BVI has become a free for all.

    Wash your cars where-ever, run your sewerage in the streets, park anywhere (even in no parking spaces), build your homes before you get permission and the list goes on. When the lawmakers of the BVI allow the persons that they have hired (City Manager, Public Works, Police) to do their jobs without interfering, only then will we have Solutions!!

  8. meow says:

    what ayu want them to do .go and thief ayu only study the bigger heads ayu low the youth them everyone want food and the tables. when ayu stop them what they must do .give the youth a chance low them .

  9. ringer says:

    So ayo who complaining does carry ayo car to them same man to wash.

  10. recall says:

    Well solution they all need join together to rent a space and turn it into a major car wash lot and split the profit

  11. Well says:

    It is simple at the end of the day the City Manager and her team should collect a day charge from them and see how fast they will move. Only 1 month you will have to do it for.

  12. truth says:

    there is an area next to burham electric I think it was owned by the wheatley them, look into it. cause if you shut them down, it has a ripple effect for us and them too. Make it so everyone wins.

  13. out a road says:

    take my food .. i eatin anybody

  14. ndp heckler says:

    “We want votes” that’s what the NDP is saying

  15. Mobile wash says:

    If they are legal and registered mobile car wash you should see to that they move at the end of the day and are not stationed… … hence the definition of mobile

  16. Stups says:

    Businesses parking fleet of cars on government property
    Boats taking up car lanes to park
    Derilect vehicles everywhere
    Stinkin duty Vendor city
    Food vans in public parking
    Car wash business
    Concrete remnants dumped on roadsides
    Dumping excavated dirt anywhere
    Tenant parking on roadside
    Pulling up public gardening for private use
    Oil in gutters
    Harrass small business about hand wash sinks but fruit food handlers can wipe hands in back pockets
    Marketing down island fruit as local
    And on and on
    ALL PERMANENT some even sublet
    People know BVI is just a shameful free for all, even those who just arrive get the jist

  17. Boaters As Well says:

    It’s about time this issue is addressed.

    Please look into boat owners who feel they have a right to purchase boats and park them on government property.

    Prime examples:
    Lower Estate opposite Dawson Superette
    West End Park (opposite the police station)
    Parking lot opposite the West End Community Centre

    These boat owners have no respect. They take up all the parking spots. Please address ASAP!

  18. Clean up says:

    The whole place needs cleaning, parking lots , sidewalks, you name it, including abandoned vehicles and boats. There is too much activity in those parking lots, people with multiple cars, abandon vehicles and boats and the list goes on.

    Those lots should be cleared at night and be ready for legitimate parking next day, at a cost. It’s a big job for the City Manager because people are so accustom to doing as they like. But that’s why she is called the city manager!

  19. Concerned says:

    My concern is that those guys can maintain the area in a better condition. The trash taken from vehicles ends up scattered about the parking lot.

    Also, if they are not paying their fair share of taxes and contributions then that needs to be looked into.

  20. Yolo says:

    I think we should address a bigger problem, parking on the Goverment road…….it have to many people parking there cars on blind concerns e.g. Carrot bay, Bellevue and a lot more…..Road Town don’t Let me get started long bush area my word!!!! Government set a rule because more and more cars are been bought everyday… for lil tortola …… get the police on bicycle …. to give out ticket and bad parking …… you want revenue……. hello wake up!!!!

  21. Hah says:

    This is a tricky situation because some of the people that resort to washing cars are the ones that are most likely to not have skills to command jobs in other fields. The spots were chosen to maximize potential customers.

    The biggest inconvenience to us right now is walking to our vehicles that have to be parked further away. The washers take up about 5 parking spots but on the flip side it’s keeping about 3 people employed who otherwise might have about been doing something criminal to support themselves.

    For example the one closest to V.C. is a guy who is no stranger to Court due to his drug habit. Since he has been employed he hasn’t been entering businesses and home of private citizens or amazingly hasn’t try to beg me for money during our last few encounters.

  22. Woman says:

    What about the taxis not using spots marked for them and taking up other spots?

  23. Deh Watcha says:

    Since we on an issue about parking….

    Is it legal for persons on main street to block portions of the road with planters, signs, concrete or rocks?

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