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Flow launches TV service

Manager of Flow Colin McDonald shows how Flow TV works

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Journalist

Adding to the phone and internet services it already offers in the British Virgin Islands, telecoms provider Flow yesterday launched its television service, which is being dubbed Flow TV.

The service gives television consumers access to more than 160 channels with the aid of the internet.

Speaking at the launch of the service at Flow’s flagship store in Road Town yesterday, Country Manager Colin McDonald said Flow TV has the ability to playback, pause, and rewind whenever the user wishes to do so.

McDonald also stated that Flow TV has recording capabilities – among other things.

“Everything you record is stored on a Cloud. Because it’s stored on a Cloud, it means that, say for example there is a problem with the flat box after a power outage or a lightening storm, all of your content is still there and available. You can watch it with your mobile phones; you can watch it with your laptop; your iPad,” he further said.

Limited area coverage

McDonald however noted that Flow TV is only now available to customers who have the company’s ‘Superfast’ internet service.

“We’re trying to upgrade the network around the island; so it’s not all completed yet. Unfortunately, when we do have customers that are in the areas that don’t have those Superfast speeds, we can’t deliver the television to you either. There are goals to get complete Superfast coverage – the quicker we can do that, the better. It is a challenge. There is a lot of work involved,” McDonald further said.

The company’s Superfast internet is currently available only in certain areas including Road Town, Baugher’s Bay, Nanny Cay, Havers, Chalwell, Nail Bay, and Virgin Gorda.

McDonald, in the meanwhile, said: “If you are in the Superfast areas, what we do is we actually bundle television with the Superfast plans to make sure we give you the best value for money if you take both of them… If anyone in your house is watching Netflix on their iPads, or playing games, or streaming YouTube or something, the television is completely safe. It does not interfere with it.”

‘Proof in the pudding’

McDonald added that the product has been tested and proven. “I’ve used the product for 18 months in the Cayman Islands, and it is fantastic. It is as good as any television product I’ve ever used anywhere in the world, whether I’ve been in the UK or the United States. So the proof is in the pudding.”

The new television service is run on a platform known as IPTV, which Flow describes as a ‘new digital service that delivers superior quality viewing experience of world-class, global, regional, and local content’. Flow TV has three base packages ranging between $25 and $60 per month.

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  1. @Cayman... says:

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    Its probably going to be as piss poor as their internet service.

    • LOL says:

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

      I totally agree. I can’t get nowhere close to the speeds I am paying for. I don’t want anything else SLOW… I mean FLOW has to offer !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ben says:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 21 Thumb down 0

    Flow can’t give you good internet now but yet they want to give you tv through the internet.
    Fix the bloody internet speed first before you talk about tv internet.
    You can’t watch a thing online right now since the internet always dropping.
    Good idea though. People want quality tv service which works.

  3. LOL says:

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    Instead them fix them internet problems.. Them jump to TV? #CCTNext

  4. Mick Mars says:

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    Wha! Flow doing big tings! Wait, let me sign up.
    *Boots it up.*
    *Waits for the intro page to load*
    “Welcome to Flow’s new streaming Televis..*Buffering*”
    *Slaps Modem*
    “sion service, where we will be proving you with CUTTING EDGE Serv…..*Buffering*


    I mean, for HALF of the money y’all used to set this thing up, y’all could have hired a fleet of technicians to dilligently work on the problems facing EACH district in terms of getting what “D, F” we paying for BUT AIN’T GETTING!

    Y’all still got old lines running to people’s houses. Lines filled with attenuation and static that won’t get changed. No matter how many new and shiny modems y’all roll out, it’s the same S**T poor service and y’all want people to PAY for a streaming service on that SAME crap network when we can’t even watch Netflix or Youtube properly?

    Come on, man. I does feel like to slather my modem in cement, let it harden and just send it spinning through one of them glass plated windows in frustration with y’all.

  5. * says:

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    Flow, please fix what you have before you start new ventures.

    We don’t want a lottery to win money. We don’t want Flow TV. We want a reliable, fast internet.

    Fix what you have, improve your customer service in all departments, and then we’ll talk about Flow TV.

  6. strupes says:

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    And when it fails we have to call jamaica and wait 2 weeks for repairs?

  7. Anegada. says:

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    Flow just need to flush down the toilet… just fix the darn internet..
    Sick and tired of their crap..
    Every time you getting massage on your phone from them.. But you never SEE the say the sorry for slobby internet services.

  8. truth says:

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    but paying more for internet TV?.. why cant it be part of my package that i already pay for?

  9. Legion of Doom says:

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    The net mediocre and you want to introduce TV??
    Give me a break flow

  10. OK THEN says:

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    I am willing to try anything other than Cable TV. Oh.,,,,,,, I am sorry. I should have said that in Spanish.

  11. Dee says:

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    So fed up with the s**ty service from Flow. How they propose to offer good service with Tv when they cant get the D** internet fixed. Wish we had other choices.

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