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Full electricity restoration could take 6 months

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It will probably take two months before electricity is fully returned to the city of Road Town and a whole six months for the rest of the territory.

This is according to Minister of Communications and Works, Mark Vanterpool.

“Electricity, I don’t know the timeline yet, but I will guess that the city should be back up with power fully in the next two months or so, and the [rest of the] country could take a while longer to get it up; six months probably,” Vanterpool told BVI News Online.

The minister noted that currently there are over a hundred electricity workers in the territory working to restore power.

“We brought a hundred electricity workers from other Caribbean Islands who are helping us right now to get back up, and we have helped them in the past when they have disasters. They have jumped quickly and come in to help us.”

“But, I believe they will keep working city-out and get it going,” said Vanterpool.

He added that, right now, much focus is also being placed on cleaning up the roadways.

“The first thing you try to do is clean up, the second thing we going to start tackling, getting some of the buildings back and operating. The electricity is going to take a while longer than anyone else.”

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  1. Big Phil says:

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    Need more than 100 electrical workers. Need lots of road builders and equipment. Roads and electric need to function so the work to rebuild can happen.
    Come on Great Britain. Show how great you can be and provide a few hundred road builders and a few hundred linemen. And a few thousand utility poles. And a few thousand miles of wire. It’s a drop in the bucket for a country such as yours.
    Come on Minister Vanterpool, make this happen. Aim high. Follow through.

  2. Caramel says:

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    The second thing should be water, that’s life. Without it you can’t function.

  3. oh yeah says:

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    Put Hon Ronnie Skelton in charge of the electricity restoration project. He did a great job after Hurricane Hugo. He is the most qualified person to head this project. No offence to anyone else but you need a person who has a lot of experience in this area and he is the right man. I have seen the minister and his PS in action and this is way over their heads. Forget pride do the right thing put the right people to handle this. The country will thank you.

  4. ivan says:

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    This is now my 2nd cat 5. After Ivan in Cayman a team come in from Canada to erect new utility poles. They were quick and efficient and had power restored in 3 months.

  5. Concerned says:

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    Are these people wanting U.K. to help the same ones that are pushing for us to be independent? We cannot have it both ways. Let the politicians that want independence and are lining their pockets while avoiding the rules the U.K. want passed, turn on the p[ower, clear the roads & stop the looting. Cannot believe how these bold boasters of wrong doing cry like a baby for help when mother nature whips them!!

  6. joe ricknauth says:

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    Someone needs to lobby the Ontario government to send staff from Hydro 1 to restore electricity in the BVI.
    Currently we have a hundred and fifty Hydro 1 staff assisting in Florida.

  7. John Packi says:

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    Ronni Skelton and Rajmangal should be the point men for the restoration of Electricity .

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