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Hurricane results in prison break; security on alert

Members of the UK Armed Forces patrolling Road Town yesterday, September 11.

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Journalist

Local and international security forces in the British Virgin Islands have confirmed reports that a number of prisoners are now at large after escaping from Her Majesty’s Prison when Hurricane Irma struck the territory and damaged sections of the Tortola-based lock-up last week.

Lieutenant Nicholas Foster of the Royal Marines told BVI News Online yesterday that, coupled with its hurricane relief efforts, the military is scouring the territory in search of escapees.

“The general game plan basically; we are here to support the British Virgin Islands police. So we are helping them, first of all, in providing security – trying to stop the looting and trying to secure the escaped prisoners,” Foster said.

The army man added: “On top of that we are then working alongside DFID (Department of International Development) who are providing all the aid. We are going to distribute a lot of food and water to get you guys back up and running as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, a number of other security forces from the United Kingdom and the wider Caribbean have rallied to the aid of the BVI which was rocked by the aforementioned Category 5 hurricane.

They include the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force, the Royal Marines, the Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force, among others.

Members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force in Road Town.

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  1. Elizabeth Mylan says:

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    I am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. A sincere thanks to Trinidad for helping us.

  2. Ken Dreger says:

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    Nice way to deflect the actual facts, WHO Excaped? How many? What are the crimes they were in for? Tell the public so they can assist in getting these idiots…

  3. ANDERSON says:

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    It is disgusting and disgraceful that locals would see fit to loot businesses. These things happens when people who are opportunist.

  4. Fyah Rasta says:

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    Love the unity of the caribbean and the U.K. Respect.

  5. Kim says:

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    It is unfortunate that due to a prison break we do not have plans in place to evacuate citizens of other Caribbean countries back to their homes. Because of a security breach an airport is locked down so that law abiding hard working persons cannot exit the country via airplanes.. how ridiculous can this be.. are we not sensitive to other people’s welfare? What about people that require treatment and evacuation? Get with it BVI Governor, there has to be a balance..dont make ordinary law abiding citizens who came to your country to work suffer for more than a week in a devastated place because you won’t open the airport?
    If it is damaged then at least let the world know of the
    Alternative plans that are in place so That families can assist their loved ones who Kim want to leave your country!!!

  6. Please local what!!!!!! says:

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    I don’t blogged but reading this got me upset.

    Looking from afar a lot of picture seen on Facebook and the other medias I haven’t seen one local in those pictures looting. It’s not because you are living in Virgin Islands means you are a local. Hurricane Irma came to clean out the wickedness and greed that was brought to our country. We just let in any and anybody to our shores. Don’t get me wrong, there are some outsiders who came with good intentions and characteristics who embraced the love for our country and also appreciates being there and are very helpful but they are some who the immigration and Labour department didn’t assess thoroughly. Yes, some of our citizens has adopted the bad behavior and became selfish but majority of us are still God fearing and humble people. I hardly saw any local in lines receiving aide. There will be a set who will be receiving all the time and forget there are other people to receive. Virgin Islanders are a people who know how to do without if we don’t have and make do with what we have. We know how to make our BVI beautiful again, please people who don’t care about the Virgin Islands stop releasing negative energy into our atmosphere. Z5NE studying in Atlanta

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