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Incentive Scrapped – Gov’t agrees with Walwyn


Government has accepted a recommendation education minister Myron Walwyn recently made for operators of charter boats to lose a special incentive they usually enjoy during the typically slow tourism business period each year – May to November.

As a result, both local and foreign charter boat operators will have to pay more annually than the government initially intended to charge them.

Government is now stating that, throughout the year, charter boats based in the territory will be charged $6 per person per day. Before the Walwyn suggestion, Government was seeking to charge those operators $6 per person from December to April, and a lower fee ($2.25) in the slow season from May to November.

Under the incoming Cruising Permit (Amendment) Act, locally based charter boats (formally known as Home Based Charter Boats) are those generally maintained in the British Virgin Islands. They also are managed by any company or legal entity incorporated, registered or licensed in the British Virgin Islands for a period of at least five months in any 12-month period.

Boats that don’t fit that description are known formally as Foreign Based Charter Boats.

Operators of Foreign Based Charter Boats will be required to pay a cruising permit fee of $16 per person per day throughout the year. Prior to the Walwyn suggestion, Government had intended to charge foreign boats $16 per person from December to April, and a lower fee ($8) in the slow season from May to November.

Effectively, under the incoming law, there is no longer a ‘slow season’ rate or incentive.

Governor John Duncan, on June 13, approved the proposed changes to the cruising permit fees.

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  1. twoodrock says:

    I have been traveling to and sailing around the B.V.I. since 1983. I would caution the legislators about raising taxes and fees on people on charter boats.

    The cost to visit and charter in the B.V.I. has increased dramatically in the last decade. Ferry boat tickets(increased tax) ,mooring balls, alcohol (new tax) ,Departure tax. The charter people support your economy by purchasing provisions, food and drinks at restaurants, souvenirs,taxis ,hotels, all the support jobs keeping up the boats .

    You have the best sailing waters in the world along with your best resource, your people. Despite this ,if costs keep going up, charter people will find other options (Cuba) and it will be too late for all the lost jobs. Then there will be a lot of finger pointing by the elected officials!

    I pray that all my friends will have a safe and healthy summer.

    • Won't happen says:

      Unfortunately they have been raising taxes and fees for years and the sailing crowd keeps getting bigger and bigger.
      Cuba is not a player in the charter business and most likely won’t be for quite sometime.
      Pay up or stay home.

  2. Fact says:

    Anything that moves is being taxed by this unethical ndp government.

  3. clearly says:

    More of our hard earn money going to make them richer while we the poor people suffer. What a government!

  4. Chosen One says:

    The reason why this Government is taxing so much is because many financial businesses are not registering with us no more. They’re trying to cover up the losses. The financial industry is tanking.

    • )( says:

      LOL! Stop talking what you have no clue about. In any other country the government would be off loading the dead weight from the civil service and instead of being thankful you all are being ungrateful.

      • yes i says:

        they need to layoff atleast 250 people , they are not doing it because it will hinder them for next election and thats the only reason why they wont do it

    • yes i says:

      its dead

  5. Concerned says:

    I’m normally very concerned about the government trying to tax the hell out of everything, trying to fill the holes in their own mismanaged budget.

    However, this is a logical step to get further grip and implement structure on the national cruising industry and get it in line of how its done internationally.

    The solution of operators using foreign flagged yachts is very simple: have the boats registered in the BVI’s.

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