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Looting not part of BVI culture – Christian

Junior Minister of Tourism Archibald Christian

Junior Minister of Tourism Archibald Christian has told the House of Assembly that persons have been trying to smuggle suspected looted items out of the British Virgin Islands (BVI), adding that looting is not part of the territory’s culture and heritage.

Following Hurricane Irma on September 6, both locals and expatriates, as well as persons from all social classes and races, were seen looting businesses across the BVI.

Christian, during the first post-hurricane sitting of the House, said: “This part (looting) angers us. This is not who we are as a BVI people. The looting is not in our culture; it is not in our heritage.”

Christian also joined the list of persons calling for residents to submit video and photo evidence of looting to the police.

“If you feel you want to provide it in confidence, provide it to your minister of gospel, Minister of Religion, member of the House of Assembly, Justice of the Peace – anybody that you have confidence in,” he said.

A number of persons already have been punished in court for looting, but several other offenders are still at large.
Christian said a 20-foot container of goods is among suspicious items persons have tried to smuggle through the territory’s ports.

“A 20-foot container [was] going to a particular destination full of appliances and all sorts of goods, and the person could not tell Customs how they acquired these items,” he said.

“You hear of stories of persons leaving the territory now, and they can’t account for the items that they have in their luggage.There is no receipt of how they acquired what they have — brand new items.”

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  1. GOOD says:

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    Good point but we still need you guys to resign because you have failed us.

  2. Student says:

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    Is looting a part of anyone’s culture. What a distasteful comment to make. Its a criminal act punishable if proven. Mind your words Mr. Minister

    • Really says:

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      • Ku says:

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        That behavior is not the norm anywhere. Wherever is occurs, it is view as a crime. That’s what student is saying.

        It seems that politicians just talking for talking sake.

        • Albion says:

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          Is that right? Looting certainly seems to be the norm in St Croix after every hurricane.

      • cut and paste says:

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        …..maybe because they never had this situation before….

      • vincyman says:

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        It never happen before cuz the situation never arise before, like lawlessness after a disaster, it just part of SOME human nature to act like that, so stop acting like BVIISLANDER IS PERFECT..

        • Bvilander says:

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          The original undiluted BVI lander was almost perfect when it came to morality and values.

          Now I know that no one is perfect but however I grew up in a time where if this had happened then neighbors would have been kind and sympathetic to neighbors. If a business was blown open smashed or otherwise damaged our people would have taken it upon themselves to secure the person’s lot if they had the ability to do so…
          I’m talking my neighbor would have boarded up the place for me if they noticed I wasn’t around and met me later and told me what they did. It is quite obvious that that time has long gone and those indigenous peeps have gone as well which has left our training up of our youths totally up to what is left where ppl are so easily. Influenced and our moral compasses have no bearings it is sad what we have become… I weep for our beloved BVI …

    • cut and paste says:

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      I agree! how silly. good and evil is part of everyone daily CHOICE including BVI. it’s up to the individual to choose good always. These people always talking pisss…. divisive words.

      If you want to call out the looters just do so .. no need to make one group more moral than the other.

    • Papoose says:

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      Aaaah leh mi guess the slave masters drop off good slaves on Tortola and bad slaves on the other Caribbean islands so looting is not in BVI culture? 🤔

    • Harold says:

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      perhaps he meant to say that whilst looting has not been part of the culture it can now be added to sitting in rum shops while foreignors clean up the mess, smoking ganja with a set of scooter boys that never appear to work, price gouging of citizens, homophobic-racist-nepotistic and prejudiced views.
      Did i miss any?

  3. FixIt says:

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    This is what happens when making money becomes more important than the value of your community. When you allow your community to change in away not reflective of your values.

    Any one who have lived in the VI before 2000 will tell you that we were a safe peaceful do the right thing society for the most part.

    This was a time when we were connected, if you weren’t friends or family with an individual, some one in your circle were friends or family with that person this is what made crime relatively low in the VI.

    To hear politician b*tch without providing a solution to me is a crime and they need to be voted out, put in people with solutions before crime become the norm!!!

  4. Being Human says:

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    Congratulations to customs for doing its job. However, honorable Minister, since obviously customs are doing what is required of them, other members of the society, including our politicians, need to do soul-searching as to whether we are doing what is expected of us. Humbly, I suggest that in the aftermath of a brutal and destructive hurricane that our politicians, like our clergymen need to be focusing on healing this nation. I repeat, customs are doing what customs should do. The disciplined forces are also doing their jobs of maintaining and affirming the law. Mr. Minister, I applaud your call for citizens to hand over evidence for law and order to do its job. However, looting is not part of any nation’s or people’s culture. It is a dirty habit linked to greed. I speak here to a form of ruthless capitalism. Some loot after hurricanes. Others use political and other offices to loot from poor people. However, we look at it, it is undesirable behaviour. Please do not imply that it is link to “culture”. I am also disappointed that you are inadvertently, suggesting that some cultures are superior to others. Looting, like sin, is universal and speaks to man’s sinful nature. No culture condones it. Congratulations again to our customs officers and law enforcement agencies. On a final note, may I share a positive heart-wrenching story of hope.Irma caused a house to collapse. The lone dweller struggled and miraculously got to the neighbour’s door. The neighbours grabbed the hands of the dweller. The wife of the neighbour screamed tears of joy to see the neighbour still alive. For every negative story…there are ten positive stories of faith and hope. By the way, the dweller was a foreigner and the neighbour a local. They still share the same dwelling in love. PLEASE LET US STOP THE NEGATIVE INSTANCING!!! There are more good among us than evil!!!

  5. Wake up, Archie- says:

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    Looting HAS become a part of our culture, man. Our generation was the last generation that grew up without cable television and the constant barrage telling us what we need to own; even if we have to break laws or take it from someone else.

    Guess what’s also a part of our culture?
    “What ain’t ya business, leave it alone.”

    The looting is only an extension of the burgeoning violence/ gun trafficking problem that was growing before Irma.

    Remind me again how many unsolved murders we have on the books? 32 is it? Can you tell me not one person in the VI knows who committed a single one of those murders?

    “What ain’t your business, leave it alone.”

  6. Sam says:

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    While they looking for looters, they need to arrest the Government officials for stealing all these years!

    I don’t understand this nonsense. They pressing people for looting, the Government steal our tax money and nothing is being done about that. I’m not defending looters but look at the bigger pictures!


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  8. I FROM HERE says:

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  9. Hard Truth says:

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    Thieving has been a part of the norm for years. Homes broken into for electronics and jewelry, car parts stolen from parked cars, landlords keeping security deposits because they can, price gauging, the list goes on.

    The culture displays itself to be based on the premise that the rich and powerful only care for the rich and powerful and everyone else only cares for themselves getting what they want by any means.

    Need new tires, “hey there’s a parked car of the same make I’ll just take theirs!” Don’t want to abide by the bosses rules just rob the hardworking people of their belongings and I don’t need a paying job!

    The fact that people were looting following Irma should not have been a shock to anyone, nor should the fact any other act of profiting from others and lack of empathy such as landlords demanding full rent for uninhabitable homes and keeping security deposits that they are not legally entitled to.

  10. Being Human says:

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    This is mindbogglingly: difficult to explain. The second politician within days to be politicking over the issue of looting. Indeed it is disgusting!!

    But is it the most important issue for a Nation in crisis to deal with? Is this discussion bringing a divided people any closer? This is totally disappointing.

    Congrats to Customs for addressing the problem of looting. Good job! We expect our politicians to do theirs. Unite the Nation! Address issues of housing, payment of public servants etc. Avoid the divisive rhetoric.

    The Nation has been patient so far.Sir, you cannot blame people for raising the issue of corrupt politicians You opened the gateway for it!!

  11. P.U says:

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    yes it is very much part of our culture. its called white collar crime, politics, tortola pier park project and the list goes on.

  12. W.T.F.?? says:

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    Repeat after me Hon. Christian….”character” not “culture”…you got your “c” words all mix-ed up…looting is part of nobody’s culture…it is however part of another “c” word called “crime”…now my question to you is…who has been looting BVI finances these past years…was it expats or BVIslanders?

  13. Hi says:

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    People though it was the end of tortola so they went scavaging…if the place is broken by the hurricane are you going to resell wet food to the people … if they brake in that’s a different story

  14. Sure says:

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    Was there looting after Hugo? This should be a wake up call! there is a growing underclass in the BVI and unfortunately there is worse to get if something is not done.

  15. Get it together says:

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    Get US together, Archie. You are one of the people- and there are others- who can get us past this ‘BVI Strong’ lip service and make it a reality. Time for leaders who can break from the lines and lies and actually Help us become strong.

    What have we got to loose?

  16. Political Observer (PO) says:

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    Looting is not a culture in any country. It is thiefing and a crime in every country. By the way, what is the BVI culture? Has not materialism and greed killed the BVI culture?

  17. Windy says:

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    Yu are totally Wrong ! The politicians have been looting the taxpayers monies for years

  18. Billfargo says:

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    The TRUTH always causes offence!

  19. What? says:

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    Such a prejudice statement to make! BVI people are just as capable of crime as any other nationality. We have politicians that commit crime everyday.

  20. Really? says:

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    Looting???!!!! Nooooo!!!! Omg!!! I thought it was the prisoners reeking havoc…….

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