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Marine Association wants tax waiver extended

Chairperson of the BVI Marine Association, Sam Welch.

The BVI Marine Association is calling for an extension of the tax break that was granted for certain goods entering the territory, adding that many businesses have not been able to take advantage due to hardships still being faced.

The Association’s Chairperson, Sam Welch, told BVI News Online he would love to see the waiver extended for at least three additional months. It is expected to come to an end on December 31.

“At the moment we really aren’t [benefitting] because it’s very difficult to get stuff in. Another three months would be great and it would be very helpful. Once we get people in, there will be revenue coming in, and we are not going to get a lot of people in unless the boats moving,” Welch remarked.

“There are boats going out there as we speak on charter and they are bringing revenue in, and to sort of scotch that revenue, to include tariffs and duties, are hard, to say the least.”

While continuing to lament the hardship being faced by many, he noted that the sign is there to show that many persons are still struggling to get their lives back together since the hurricane.

“For duties to be waived beyond December 31st would be very, very, helpful. Because as you know, three months post-hurricane Irma, do you see any tin on the roofs yet? Do you see important bits coming in? Getting it out of shipment areas has been incredibly slow,” said Welch.

Premier Smith

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith recently hinted at a possible extension of the tax waiver while speaking on a radio program recently.

During the program, he said that because many persons are still awaiting payout from their insurance companies they are unable to take advantage of the waiver. He said extending the deadline would put many in a better position to take advantage.

He said a review is now being conducted.

The tax break applies to items such as food, water, building materials, electrical fixtures and materials, plumbing fixtures and materials, household furniture and appliances, pharmaceuticals and cleaning supplies.

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  1. 5% says:

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    Should be put at 5% across the board, zero is ridiculous…

  2. Real talk says:

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    considere it done. whit mwn asking now.

  3. Les says:

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    • Thoughtful Sailor says:

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      What a stupid, ignorant comment! The marine sector is the largest employer in the Territory. How can you say everyone benefits except Virgin Islanders? Do Virgin Islanders not work??? Of course they do, and they benefit, whether directly or indirectly. Meanwhile the sector is really strapped as income is very limited, while rebuilding expenses soar. Insurance companies have just started to pay so people are only now starting to order goods to repair the sector.

    • Outsider says:

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      You sound so ignorant and illiterate!!

  4. M Smith says:

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    Various of my family members have chartered boats from Tortola. My husband and I had made our booking months before Irma but the family run charter company couldn’t honour the booking because most of the boats were rendered unseaworthy. Most of their staff were laid off. We could have gone aywhere else but felt we wanted to return to the BVIs as the tourist dollars are desperately needed and we felt such fondnes for the BVI people. We found a boat at more expense but we plan to bring extra suitcases full of goods donated by co-workers, and I hope to have those items distributed to families of those laid off at our usual smaller charter company. We are travelling with 4 other couples to do the same. The marine community wants to help and has been doing fundraising as well. We hope to be able to eat ashore as much as possible, even if small restaurants can only manage a one item “hurricane menu”. But the boats have to be able to get back on the water and that requires reasonably priced imported good to fix them.

  5. Watcher says:

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    It is not only boats. Peoples homes and tourists areas like hotels and restaurants are also affected. It has also been very difficult to obtain supplies of roofing materials because the hurricanes have affected so many areas including the US mainland. Extend it until March please Doc.

  6. eyes on says:

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    we really needed the are doing as much to help with refunds ,while some people have to go over claims to collect a good pay off.

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