Merged – CCT touts better service with BVI Cable

Local telecom company CCT today announced that it has signed an agreement to consolidate its ownership and management with that of BVI Cable TV, subject to Government approval.

CCT further said it is looking forward to combining forces with BVI Cable TV to bring the British Virgin Islands better telecom services including wireless, internet, and television.

It did not given further details of the agreement.

“We are excited for this opportunity to combine CCT BVI technology and BVI Cable TV infrastructure in order to provide best in class telecommunications services in the BVI,” said Chief Executive Officer at CCT Averad Penn.

CCT further stated that it appreciates it customers’ support, and continually strives to provide excellent service to the British Virgin Islands.

It is one of three telecom companies operating in the territory. The others are Digicel and Lime.

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  1. Binky says:

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    This is HUGE because of all the cable infrastructure that’s already in place. Better internet is on the horizon hopefully.

    • Albion says:

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      Let us hope so. That would certainly be a fine thing.

      • Running Out Of Time says:

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        It would be a “Game Changer”. I certainly hope the combination is for real and tat thee necessary approval will be granted; and with haste

    • Great move says:

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      This is something that CCT had the opportunity to do at least 15 years ago.

      Finally seen the light.

    • Finally says:

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      If the access underwater cables to the BVI are slow it will still be slow.

      Let’s hope that they have the ability to get that done because even Cable Internet (a decade old technology) is faster than LIME.

      Good business decision CCT you’ll now have competitive access to every household in the BVI with CableTV service and can offer an alternative internet product and bundles. This would be great for consumers.

      There shouldn’t be an anti-trust issue here because CableTV was already a monopoly. The BVI would now have a competitor in wired home internet.

  2. Johnny............ says:

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    Good Move……Smart

  3. About damn time they sold out to the white man. Congrats to the investment club for selling out local pride says:

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    I’m sooooo waiting for you Virgin Islanders to rant and rave about locally owned businesses!


  4. Fiber optics in place? says:

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    BVI CTV have coaxial, so now CCT would offer cable tv; yet when there is cloud cover my CCT net runs slower than molasses!

    Factor in cable tv and what kinda speeds are we really going to get? Btw – Netflix has surpassed cable users in the USA to over 50 million subscribers!

    So who will really want cable tv when there are no HD/4k capabilities locally?

  5. inquiring mind says:

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    This shows vision, Good move guys prove them all wrong moving in the right direction, go local

  6. resident says:

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    all i want to know is if this will mean that we are going to get cheaper prices

    • Think! says:

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      And more English channels

    • Concern says:

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      Haha…doubt it – only because this is the BVI. But to get more customers they will over bundles like they do in the US – cable, phone and internet.

  7. Island Man says:

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    Can someone tell me why almost 10 channels on cable speaks spanish and are included in my monthly package when I can speak only english?

  8. Youth says:

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    More jobs available???

  9. Peter says:

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    CCT cable tv. It will work everyone already has a box and cable it’s a no brainier. All u would need to do is ionrhe speed. However hi would still need cable and wireless as they control the fibre cable laying off anegada.

  10. Political Observer (PO) says:

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    Typically, when companies merge, workforce and other areas are decreased. Decreases typically occur in Human Resources, Legal, admin spaces……….etc. Will the merger of CCT and Cable TV include workforce changes?

  11. Whoa! says:

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    Jeffery Prosser is coming back for his cable company.
    See page 9 of the vifreepress.com an article entitled “federal indictments forthcoming…” Besides, CCT needs to spend that money plugging into the world renowned fiber optics cable running from St. Croix across the globe.

  12. 2 Grand says:

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    I have a streaming box I get 1080p/4K on my HDR 4K TV if you don’t come with good and fast speed and cable that handle hd signals.

    It’s insult to my home theater with top of the line tv amp and speakers to settle for nothing less than quality sight and sound. Come good or leave it alone .

    We tired paying the most and getting the less no promises read my lips DELIVER!!!

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